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The Jesuits of the Low Countries: Identity and Impact (1540-1773). Proceedings of the International Congress at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven (3-5 December 2009)

By Faesen, Rob; Kenis, Leo (eds.)

Publication details

Pages: 295
Date: 2012
Publisher: Peeters
Place of publication: Leuven


Issue no 251 of Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium

Book chapters :

- Rob Faesen, Jesuit Spirituality in the Low Countries in Dialogue with the Older Mystical Tradition (3-16)
- Wim Decock, Towards a Jesuit Science of Law (17-42)
- Harro Höpfl, The Political Thought of the Jesuits in the Low Countries until 1630 (43-63)
- Ralph Deconinck, The Society of the Spectacle: The Jesuits and the Visual Arts in the Low Countries (65-82)
- Luce Giard, Les collèges jésuites des anciens Pays-Bas et l'élaboration de la Ratio Studiorum (83-108)
- Geert Vanpaemel, Jesuit Mathematicians, Military Architecture and the Transmission of Technical Knowledge (109-128)
- Paul Begheyn, The Jesuits in the Low Countries 1540-1733: Apostles of the Printing Press (129-138)
- Gerrit Vanden Bosch, Saving Souls in the Dutch Vineyard: The Missio Hollandica of the Jesuits (1592-1708) (139-151)
- Jan Roegiers, Awkward Neighbours: The Leuven Faculty of Theology and the Jesuits College (1542-1773) (153-175)
- Joep van Gennip, Cornelius Hazart S.J. and the Jansenist Controversies, 1682-1690 (177-196)
- Maurice Whitehead, The Jesuit Collegium Sancti Francisci Xaverii in South Wales and the South-West of England and Its Links with the Low Countries, ca. 1600-1679 (197-211)
- Noël Golvers, Reconstructing Western Book Collections in the Jesuit Mission in China (ca. 1650-1750): The Evidence of Book Inscriptions and Testimonia (213-234)
- Eddy Put, Opening Up Jesuit Archives (237-239)
- Jo Luyten, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: The Archives of the Flemish Jesuits (241-244)
- Michel Hermans, Archives de la Province belge méridionale et du Luxembourg (ABML): Aperçu des fonds historiques (245-153)
- Paul Begheyn, The Archives of the Dutch Jesuit Province (255-259)
- Paul Begheyn, A New Inventory for the Archives of the Old Society of the Dutch Jesuit Province (261-268)
- Noël Golvers, The Pre-1773 Bollandist Archives and Their Evidence for the Relation between Antwerp and the Jesuit Mission in China (269-282)

ISBN: 978-90-429-2698-1






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