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  • Jesuitica (top)
  • J-**Full text Jesuitica

    Searching for some full (partial) text editions of books under authorship of 'Société des Bollandistes' and 'Society of Jesus' can be speeded up by going through this section "Sf-Sz".

  • J-**Jesuit building plans (colleges etc.)

    Building plans for Jesuit colleges, novitiates, residences and churches from different parts of Europe (ongoing digitization at Bibliothèque nationale de Paris / via Gallica)

    Click "980 dessins".

  • J-**Jesuit family album (Fairfield, MacDonnell)

    site developed by the late Jesuit Joseph F. MacDonnell (Fairfield Univ.) (1929-2005); including "Names of Jesuit Explorers, Scholars, Artists and Saints", Jesuit portraits and a subpage dedicated to the Clavius Mathematical Research Group.

    Beware: not all internal links work properly. This is an archived site.

  • J-**Monumenta

    Subsite holds a number of fully (elsewhere) digitized books once published by IHSI: Monumenta etc. listed according to series of publication.

  • J-**Spain, Expulsion of Jesuits (portal)
  • J-*Alegambe, Bibliotheca Scriptorum Societatis Jesu (1643)

    Philippe de Alegambe, Bibliotheca scriptorum Societatis Jesu. Antwerp: Meursius, 1643 [Mannheim, Mateo]

  • J-*Andrés-Gallego, Por qué los jesuitas

    José Andrés-Gallego, Por qué los jesuitas. Razón y  sinrazón  de una decisión capital.  [pdf] 2000 [Fundación Ignacio Larramendi]

  • J-*ARSI, Jesuit Glossary

    Wiktor Gramatowski SJ, Jesuit Glossary: Guide to understanding the documents [English version: Camilla Russell]

    Guide for researchers at the ARSI in Rome.

  • J-*Austria, Historia provinciae Austriae Societatis Jesu (1740)

    Anton Socher, Historia provinciae Austriae Societatis Jesu pars prima. Ab exordio Societatis ejusdem ad annum Christi M.D.XC. Wien: Kurtzböck, 1740 [Google.books]

    This is the only volume published (Sommervogel 7,1342,4)

  • J-*Austria, Scriptores Provinciae austriacae, t. 1

    J.N. Stöger, Scriptores provinciae austriacae Societas Iesu'. Vol 1 (Vienna: Mechitarists, 1855)

  • J-*Belgium, Antwerp, Jesuit buildings and prints

    Enter "jezuieten" as search term, and find digitized items from the University of Antwerp.

    The University of Antwerp has a modest collection of ca. 1400 objects, the bulk of which were gathered in the early 20th century by the Jesuit and art historian Ferdinand Peeters (+1942), whose primary goal was to collect representations of Antwerp (from portrayals of its buildings to maps of the city and its surroundings) from the 16th through the 20th centuries. Initially the objects were used to decorate the corridors of what was then the Handelshogeschool, or College of Commerce, but they are now stored and managed by the University Library’s department of Special Collections, which is responsible for valuable and fragile items.

  • J-*Belgium, Catalogue colleges Brussels, Malines (1778)

    Catalogues de livres des bibliothèques des collèges des ci-devant Jésuites de Bruxelles et de Malines: dont la vente se fera au Collège ... le 5 Oct. 1778 et jours suivans ... (Bruxelles: Vanden Berghen, 1778- [Google books, BSB)

  • J-*Belgium, Catalogue Jesuit college Ipres (1778)

    Catalogue de livres de la bibliotheque du college des ci-devant Jesuites d'Ipres, (Bruxelles: J. Vanden Berghen, 1778) (Google.books)

  • J-*Belgium, Catalogue Jesuit college Tournai, v. 1, 3 (1778)

    Catalogues de livres des biblioteques du college et du seminaire des ci-devant Jesuites à Tournay, dont la vente se fera [...], Volume 3, (Bruxelles: 't Serstevens,1778) [Google books - Oxford Univ.]

    vol 1:

  • J-*Belgium, Catalogue of portraits (18th c.) previously owned by the Jesuits

    The catalogue lists the sales of portraits, which followed the suppression of the Jesuit order and the secularization of art in 1773; The three sales were held in Ghent on May 5, May 12 in Brussels and Antwerp 20 May 1777. The sale in Brussels concerned the Jesuits of Brussels, Leuven, Namur, Nivelles, Mechelen, Aalst and Mons; that of Antwerp concerned the Antwerp colleges, home of the Professed, the convict and the College of Lier. The sale of Ghent concerned the colleges Ghent, Ipres, Courtray, Tournay and Bruges.

  • J-*Belgium, Geraardsbergen/Grammont

    Pdf-version of full-text of 1844 book on Jesuits : Une page des mystères de Grammont, pendant la mission des Jésuites (3d ed.), Bruxelles: J.-B. De Wallens, 1844

    Via KBR, Brussels

  • J-*Belgium, Leuven (1773)

    Wekelijks nieuws uit Loven ... vol. 1-2 (1773) (time of suppression)

    for news about Jesuits in Leuven, see p. 141, 308, 353-364, 406, 415-422, 532, 451-457, 468, 481, 499, 520, 554, 570-572 

    PDF downloadable [Google.books]

  • J-*Belgium, Liège, Recueil de chants sacrés ... collège Saint Servais (1877)

    Recueil de chants sacrés a l'usage des élèves du collège Saint Servais à Liège (Liège, Veuve Leopold Muraille: 1877) [DONum, digital storage Université de Liège]

  • J-*Belgium, Liège, Sur l'université ... et les pères Jésuites

    Hilarion Noël de Villanfagne d'Ingihoul, Sur l'Université de Liège, et les Frères de la vie commune, et les Pères jésuites qui tinrent des écoles dans cette ville, lesquelles furent très-fréquentées (s.d) (post-suppresssion of the Jesuits) [DONum, digital repository Ulg]

  • J-*Bidembach, Ad jesuitarum assertiones, 1566

    Bidembach, Wilhelm, Ad Jesuitarum assertiones ... pia responsio. (Tubingen, 1566) [BSB digital collection]

  • J-*Boston College Jesuit Bibliography

    Boston College Jesuit Bibliography

    A comprehensive and searchable database, the Boston College Jesuit Bibliography:  The New Sommervogel includes citations of books, book chapters, journal articles, and book reviews encompassing the growing field of Jesuit Studies.  Entries also include abstracts, detailed subject headings, direct links to items available in electronic format where available, and links to WorldCat entries which display where specific items may be located. The Institute's support for Open Access makes the bibliographyhosted and maintained by Brillavailable as a free resource beginning in June 2015.


  • J-*Brasil, Corographia historica ... t. III, 1839

    A. J. Mello Moraes, Corographia historica, chronographica, genealogica, nobiliaria, e politica, t. III: Rio de Janeiro: do Patrocinio, 1839

    pp. 32ff: list of Jesuit missionaries

  • J-*Brasil, Historia dos Jesuitas... Vol II (de Mello Moraes, 1872)

    A. J. de Mello Moraes, Historia dos Jesuitas e suas missões na America do Sul. Volume II. Rio de Janeiro: Livraria da casa imperial de e. Dupont, 1872)


  • J-*Canada, de Rochemonteix, V. 1 (1906)

    Camille de Rochemonteix, Les Jésuites et la Nouvelle-France au XVIIIe siècle (tome 1-2), Paris: Picard, 1906

    Vol. 2

    Seachable PDF files, via Bibliothèque Saint- Libère [Liberius.net]

  • J-*Canada, Jesuit history

    Jesuit relations and allied documents, full text, translated in English [COMPUTERIZED TRANSCRIPTION] [Creighton University]

    Hathi Trust digital library : searchable collection [ed.Rueben Gold Thwaites]

    Other set of texts, with introduction and context [The Jesuit Relations and the History of New France via Library and Archives of Canada]



  • J-*Canada, Jesuit missions (1916)

    Thomas G. Marquis, The Jesuit Missions : A chronicle of the cross in the wilderness (Toronto : [s.n.], 1916) [e-text via Gutenberg.org]

  • J-*Canada, Jesuits in history

    24 full text articles in Digital Archives Initiative (Memorial University), retrieved via search term 'jesuit'. Pertain to Jesuits in Canadian history.

  • J-*Canada, Quebec, historical Jesuit Library

    Pdf file of article by Antonio Drolet, "La bibliothèque des Jésuites", Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française, 14/ 4, (1961) 487-544.

  • J-*Carayon, Bibliographie historique (1864)

    A. Carayon, Bibliographie historique de la Compagnie de Jésus ou catalogue des ouvrages relatifs à l'histoire des Jésuites (Paris: Durand, 1864)

  • J-*Carayon, Bibliographie historique (1864)

    A. Carayon, Bibliographie de la Compagnie de Jésus, ou Catalogue des ouvrages relatifs à l'histoire des Jésuites depuis leur origine jusqu'à nos jours [Leipzig: Franck, 1864]

  • J-*Carayon, Document inédits, 1813-1886 (many volumes)

    Auguste Carayon, Documents inédits concernant la Compagnie de Jésus [many volumes via Hathi Trust]

    volumes 1-23 (except v. 16) (so far, limited viewability)

  • J-*Cartwright, Jesuit constitution (1876)

    W.C. Cartwright, The Jesuits: their constitution and teaching. In historical sketch. London: Murray, 1876

  • J-*Chile, La expulsión de los jesuitas en 1767 (1869)

    Importante documento sobre la expulsión de los jesuitas en 1767  (Imprenta "Nacional", 1869) [Memoria chilena]

  • J-*China, Kiang-Nan mission (1914), 2 v.

    J. De La Servière, Histoire de la mission de Kiang-Nan (Jesuites de la province de France, 1840-1899). Zi-ka-wei, 1914. Vol 1 [Archive.org]

    Vol 2

  • J-*Conimbricenses

    In the History of Philosophy we use the term 'conimbricenses' to designate the authors of the Curso Conimbricense published at the end of the 16th Century under the general title Commentarii Collegii Conimbricensis Societatis Iesu … whose volumes, which came out between 1592 and 1606 were destined to serve as support in the Philosophy course offered by the Coimbra College of Arts and at the University of Évora.

    • Full text of all volumes available (click COMMENTARII COLLEGII CONIMBRICENSIS in upper right corner)
    • Introductory note by António Manuel Martins (24 p.)
    • Bibliography (7 p.)
  • J-*Crétineau-Joly, Clément XIV et les jésuites (1848)

    J. Crétineau-Joly, Clément XIV et les jésuites où histoire de la destruction des Jésuites. Troisième édition. (Paris: Mellier; Lyon: Guyot, 1848) [Google.books]

  • J-*Crétineau-Joly, Histoire de la C. de J., Vol. 1 (1845)

    Jacques, Crétineau-Joly, Histoire religieuse, politique et littéraire de la Compagnie de Jésus (tomes 1-6), Paris: Société des Bonnes lectures, 1845-1846.

    Vol. 2      [searchable PDF files  via Bibliothèque Saint-Libère, Liberius.net]


    Vol. 4

    Vol. 5

    Vol. 6

  • J-*Cushner, Jesuits in colonial America

    Nicolas P. Cushner, The Jesuits in colonial América. 1565-1767, [Pdf] 2000 [Fundación Ignacio Larramendi]

  • J-*Czech Rep., History Bohemian Jesuits (1747-59) v. 1-4

    Joannes Schmidl, Historiae societatis Jesu provinciae bohemiae pars prima - III, Volume 1 (Prague: 1747-1759)

    vol. 2 (1749)

    vol. 3 (1754)

    vol 4 / v. 1 (1759)

  • J-*Czech Rep., Olomouc, Catalogus S.J. library (1704)

    Full text old catalogue

  • J-*Daurignac, History of the Society of Jesus (1865) v. 1-2

    J. M. S. Daurignac (tr. Clements), History of the Society of Jesus: from its foundation to the present time, Volume 1 (Cincinnati: Walsh, 1865) [Google.books]

    vol. 2 [Google.books]

  • J-*De Backer, Bibliothèque des écrivains de la C. de J., 2d ed.(1869-1878) 3 v.

    Reference work

    Augustin De Backer, Bibliothèque des écrivains de la Compagnie de Jésus ou Notices bibliographiques ... , vol. 1 (Liège - Paris, 1869) Nouvelle édition refondue et considérablement augmentée [Google.Books]

    vol. 2 (Liège - Lyon, 1872) [Gallica]

    vol. 3 (Louvain - Lyon, 1876) [Gallica] 

    Second edition comprises 3 volumes.

  • J-*De Backer, Bibliothèque des évrivains de la C. de J., 1st ed. (1853-1861) 7 v.

    Reference work

    `Augustin and Alois De Backer, Bibliothèque des écrivains de la Compagnie de Jésus, Liège, 1853.  Tome/Part 1 (Première série) [Google.books]

    Tome 2 (Liège: Grandmont-Donders, 1854) [Google.books]

    Tome 3 (Liège: Grandmont-Donders, 1856) [Google.books]

    Tome 4 (Liège: Grandmont-Donders, 1858) [Google.books]

    Tome 5 (Liège: Grandmont-Donders, 1859) [Google.books]

    Tome 6 (Liège: Grandmont-Donders, 1861) [Google.books]

    Tome 7 (Liège: Grandmont-Donders, 1861) [Google.books]

    (First ed. comprised 7 volumes/séries)

  • J-*Delplace, Synopsis actorum (1895)

    Louis Delplace, Synopsis actorum S. Sedis in causa Societatis Iesu 1605-1773 (Lovanii: typographia Istas, 1895) [archive.org]

  • J-*Documents inédits

    Documents inédits concernant la Compagnie de Jésus: Rétablissement de la Compagnie de Jésus en Portugal : lettres du P. Joseph Delvaux (1829 - 1834) ; document S, Volume 19 

    vol 19 [Google.books]

    vol 2  [Bayerische Staatsbibliothek]

    vol 3 [Bayerische Staatsbibliothek]

    vol 4-7 [Google.books]

    vol 7 [Bayerische Staatsbibliothek]

    vol 8 [Google.books]

    vol 10 [Google.books]

    vol 11 [Bayerische Staatsbibliothek]

    vol 23 [archive.org]

  • J-*Döllinger, Geschichte der Moralstreitigkeiten (1889)

    Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger, Geschichte der Moralstreitigkeiten in der römisch-katholischen Kirche seit dem sechzehnten Jahrhundert : mit Beiträgen zur Geschichte und Charakteristik des Jesuitenordens (Nördlingen: C. H. Beck, 1889) [Archive.org]

  • J-*Ecuador, Jouanen, Antigua Provincia de Quito (1941)

    José Jouanen, Historia de la Compañía de Jesús en la Antigua Provincia de Quito: 1570-1774. Tomo I

    [History of the Society of Jesus and the Old Province of Quito: 1570-1774. Volume 1]

  • J-*England/Ireland, Crétineau (1863)

    Jacques Crétineau-Joly, The Poor Gentlemen of Liége: Being the History of the Jesuits in England and Ireland, for the ... (London: Shaw, 1863) [Google.books]

  • J-*England/Ireland/USA/Canada, Menology of the Society of Jesus (1902)

    Menology of the Society of Jesus. English-speaking assistancy: comprising the provinces of England, Ireland, Maryland and Missouri, together with the missions of Canada and New Orleans.

    Two volumes written by a number of Jesuits in English. Published in 1902 in London by Manresa Press. [Boston College Library]

  • J-*Epistolae mixtae, v.1-5 (1898)

    Epistolae mixtae, ex variis Europae locis ab anno 1537 ad 1556 scriptae [t. 1. 1537-1548] (Madriti: Aurial 1898) vol. 1 [Archive.org / Boston college]

    vol 2 [t. 2. 1549-1552 ]

    vol 3 [t. 3. 1553 ]

    vol 4 [t. 4. 1554-1555]

    vol 5 [t. 5. 1555-1556 (1611)]

  • J-*Epistolae, v. 4 (1908)

    Epistolae ad praepositorum generalium ad patres et fratres Societatis Iesu, v. 4 (Brussels: SJ, 1908) [archive.org]

  • J-*Ferrer Benimeli, De la expulsion, v. 1

    José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli, De la expulsión de los jesuitas a la extinción de la Compañía de Jesús : Parte I. 1766-1770  [Pdf] [Fundación Ignacio Larramendi]

  • J-*France, Histoire de la Comp. de Jésus, v. 1-5

    Henri Fouqueray, Histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus en France, v. 1-5 (1910-25) [us.archive.org]

    Volume 2 (1913)

    Volume 3 (1922)

    Volume 4 (1925)

    Volume 5 (1925)

  • J-*France, Aix-en-Provence, History of Jesuits' library

    Sheza Moledina, La Bibliothèque du Centre culturel et spirituel de la Baume à Aix-en-Provence

    Dissertation on the history of the library of the 'Centre culturel et spirituel de la Baume'  in Aix-en-Provence (until 2001). Pdf, downloadable

  • J-*France, Aix-en-Provence, Jansenism vs. SJ

    French page

  • J-*France, Criminal lawsuits (1762)

    France, full text regarding Jesuits (1762) in serie: CRIMES ET PROCÈS CÉLÈBRES

    ARRÊTS CONCERNANT L’ORDRE DES JÉSUITES, son obédience à un souverain étranger et sa doctrine du tyrannicide Parlement de Paris 6 août 1761 et 6 août 1762 (Source : Recueil Isambert )

  • J-*France, Jesuit mss in Gallica

    Link to follow to find manuscripts kept in French libraries, and now available full text via Gallica. Ms of a.o. Jesuits Amiot, Le Pers, Moyriac de Mailla, De Prémaré, Vignier etc.

  • J-*France, Jesuits Lyons province (1754)

    Catalogus personarum et officiorum provinciae Lugdunensis Societatis Jesu. Exeunte anno 1754 (Lyon: Typis Amati Delaroche, 1754)[Google.books - Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon]

  • J-*France, La Compagnie de Jésus ... (1914-1922), 4 vol.

    Joseph Burnichon, La Compagnie de Jésus en France: Histoire d'un Siècle (1814- 1914 ), Paris: Beauchesne, 1914 (Tome premier)

    Tome deuxième: 1830-1845 (1916)

    Tome troisième : 1845-1860 (1919)

    Tome quatrième: 1860- 1880 (1922)

  • J-*France, list SJ (1830)

    Jules Mareschal, Manuscrits authentiques trouvés aux Tuileries: et dans les ministères, Volume 1 (Paris: Moutardier,1830)

    • Pages 271-312: Liste des Jésuites résident en France (1830)
  • J-*France, Montpellier, Faucillon (1857)

    J.-M.-F. Faucillon, Le collège des jésuites de Montpellier (1629-1762). (Montpellier: Martel, 1857) [Google.books]

  • J-*France, Paris, Coll. de Clermont, library catalogue (1764)

    Full text of Catalogue des livres de la bibliothèque des ... jésuites du Collège de Clermont. Paris: Sangrain-Leclerc, 1764. (Google.books)

  • J-*France, Paris, Hist. du collège Louis-le-Grand (1845)

    Emond Gustave, Histoire du college Louis-le-Grand, ancien collège des Jésuites à Paris, depuis sa fondation jusqu'en 1830 (Paris: Durand-Loisel, 1845) [Google.books]

  • J-*Full text Jesuitica in archive.org [Boston Coll.]

    The University Libraries'Jesuitica Collection is comprised of books and manuscripts by and about the Jesuits, including anti-Jesuit writings, from the founding of the Society of Jesus in 1540 to the present. The collection focuses on works published prior to the suppression of the Jesuit order in 1773, and is the largest, most comprehensive collection of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. In addition to works on history, theology and philosophy, the collection includes major holdings in the fields of science, mathematics, exploration, archaeology, language, travels, the arts and culture. While the bulk of works in the collection are European-focused, the collection also includes rare and significant holdings on the Americas, Asia, and Africa. The Society of Jesus, whose members are called Jesuits, was founded by Ignatius of Loyola. It is a male religious organization of the Catholic Church. Jesuits are noted for their work in education, research, and scholarly pursuits. Boston College is a Jesuit University.

  • J-*Garraghan, The Jesuits of the Middle United States (1938)

    Gilbert J. Garraghan, The Jesuits of the Middle United States. 3 v. (New York: America Press, 1938) [via Jesuitarchives.org]

  • J-*Germany, Enthuellungen (1852)

    Enthuellungen der neuesten Umtriebe der Jesuiten in Deutschland, Leipzig, 1852

  • J-*Germany, Augsburg Jesuits (Braun, 1822)

    Braun, Placidus, Geschichte des Kollegiums der Jesuiten in Augsburg, München, 1822. [Full text online provided by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek]

  • J-*Germany, Bavaria, von Lang (1819)

    Karl Heinrich von Lang, Geschichte der Jesuiten in Baiern. Nürnberg: Riegel und Wießner, 1819 [Bavarica]

  • J-*Germany, Braunsberg

    Hermann Gruchot, Zur Geschichte des Jesuiten-Kollegiums zu Braunsberg. Verzeichnis der Braunsberger drucke. (Braunsberg: Heyne, 1887)

  • J-*Germany, Düsseldorf

    Heinrich Thoelen, Die vier letzten Jesuiten Düsseldorfs : vier Lebensbilder ; eine historische Studie. Düsseldorf : Deiters, 1891 [ULB Düsseldorf]

    • Michael Dienhardt
    • Heinrich Wüsten
    • Philipp Schulten
    • Michael Granderath
  • J-*Germany, Düsseldorf (1879)

    Die fürstlichen Mausoleen Düsseldorf's St. Lambertuskirche der kreuzbrüder- und Hof (St. Andreas) Kirche (Düsseldorf, 1879) [ULB Düsseldorf-Digitale Sammlungen]
    Jesuits: p. 23 onwards

  • J-*Germany, Geschichte der Jesuiten (Duhr)

    Bernhard Duhr, Geschichte der Jesuiten in den ländern deutscher Zunge. Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder, 1907. (vol. 1)

    Limited search in different volumes [Hathitrust]

  • J-*Germany, Geschichte der SJ in Baiern (von Lang, 1819)

    K.H. von Lang, Geschichte der Jesuiten in Baiern, vol. 1 (Nürnberg: Riegel und Wießner, 1819) [Google.books]

  • J-*Germany, Geschichte der SJ in Baiern, v. 2 (Lipowski, 1816)

    Lipowski, Geschichte der Jesuiten in Baiern, vol. 2 (München: Giel,1816) [Google.books]

  • J-*Germany, Hamburg (1867)

    Lebrecht Dreves, Annuae missionis Hamburgensis a 1589 ad 17814 quas ex manuscriptis [...] nunc primum edidit  [...]. Freiburg: Herder, 1867 [Google.books]

  • J-*Germany, History German Jesuits (1727-54)

    Ignaz Agricola, Adam Flott, Franz Xaver Kropf, Historia Provinciae Societatis Iesu Germaniae Superioris: Ab Anno ..., Volume 1 (Augsburg: Schlüter-Happach, 1727)

    vol. 2 (Agricola, 1731)

    vol. 3 (Flott, 1734)

    vol. 4 (Kropf, München: Vötter, 1746)

    vol. 5 (Kropf, Augsburg: Gruber, 1754)

  • J-*Germany, Jesuits in Schwaben (1819)

    Felix Joseph Lipowsky, Geschichte der Jesuiten in Schwaben. (München: Lentner, 1819) [Google.books/Bayerische Staatsbibliothek]

    vol 2

  • J-*Germany, Koblenz SJ Gymnasium

    Al Dominicus, Geschichte des Coblenzer gymnasiums, Coblenz 1862 [Google.books]

  • J-*Germany, Meppen (1838)

    J. B. Diepenbrock, Geschichte des vormaligen münsterschen amtes Meppen oder des jetzigen hannoverschen Herzogthums Arenberg-Meppen mit besonderer Berücksichtigung [...] der Leistungen der Jesuiten [...], Münster:  Coppenrathschen, 1838 [Google.books]


  • J-*Germany, Munstereifel

    Thomas P. Becker, "Kein geringeres Verdienst vor Gott als in den weit entfernten Heidenländern". Die Geschichte der Jesuiten in Münstereifel (html)

    (formerly published in: Johannes Mötsch/Martin Schoebel (Hg.), Eiflia Sacra. Studien zu einer Klosterlandschaft, Mainz 1994, p. 407-428)

  • J-*Germany, Neuburg and Jesuits (1895)

    August Sperl, Pfalzgraf Philipp Ludwig von Neuburg, sein Sohn Wolfgang Wilhelm und die Jesuiten : ein Bild aus dem Zeitalter der Gegenreformation (Halle : Verein für Reformationsgeschichte, 1895) [Dusseldorf Univ. full text]

  • J-*Germany, Reiffenberg (1764)

    Friedrich Reiffenberg,  Historia Societatis  ad Rhenum Inferiorem ex mss. codicibus ... vol 1, (Cologne: Metternich, 1764)

  • J-*Germany, SJ in Düren

    Wilhelm Bruell, Chronik der Stadt Düren. Düren : Vetter, [1895] [Düsseldorf UB]

    see chapter V (pp. 117-180) about Jesuits a.o. religious orders

  • J-*Germany, Trier (1860)

    Jacob Marx, Geschichte des Erzstifts Trier ... bis zum 1816. Trier, 1860 [Google.books]

    Jesuits: pages 500-538

  • J-*Germany, von Bucher, Sämtliche Werke (1835)

    von Bucher, Sämmtliche Werke (München: Fleishmann, 1835) Vol. 1: Die Jesuiten in Bayern [Google.books]

    allows searching for Jesuit authors

  • J-*Germany, Würzburg SJ professors

    Würzburg SJ theology professors - lives and histories

    A. Ruland, Series et vitae professorum ss. theologiae, qui Wiceburgi a fundata ... (Würzburg: Becker, 1835).  [Google.books]

    Look for "e Societate Jesu" via browser

  • J-*Griesinger, The Jesuits, 1903

    Full text via Google.books

  • J-*Grosley, Mémoires (1757)

    Pierre Jean Grosley, Mémoires pour servir a l'histoire des [...] jésuites (s.l.: s.n., 1757)

  • J-*Guettée W., Histoire des Jésuites, tom. 1, 1858

    Via Google.books

    tom. 2 (1858)

    tom. 3 (1859)

  • J-*Guidée A., Notices historiques, t. 1 (1860)

    Paris, Douniol, 1860 Via google.books

  • J-*Guthrie Marquis, The Jesuit missions, 1916

    Full text via etext

  • J-*Hamy, Documents (1892)

    Alfred Hamy, Documents pour servir à l'histoire des domiciles de la Compagnie de Jésus dans le monde entier de 1540 à 1773. Paris: Picard, 1892

    [US Archive.org / Boston College]
  • J-*Harenberg, Pragmatische Geschichte, v. 1 (1760)

    J.C. Harenberg, Pragmatische Geschichte des Ordens der Jesuiten (Halle-Helmstadt: Hemmerle, 1760) [Google.books]


  • J-*Historia jesuitici ordinis (1648)

    Hasenmuller a.o., Historia jesuitici ordinis ofte ware beschrijvinge... 1648

  • J-*Historiae Societatis Jesu (1615-1859), T1-6

    Work by Orlandini, Zacchini, de Jouvancy... Part 6 not available here. [Camena, Mannheim]

    Part 6 / Tom. 2: Julio Caesare Cordara, Historiae Societatis Jesu pars sexta, tomus secundus (Romae: ex typographia Antonii de Rubeis, 1859) [Gallica]

  • J-*Huonder, Deutsche Jesuitenmissionäre (17-18 c.)
    Anton Huonder, Deutsche Jesuitenmissionäre des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts: Ein Beitrag zur Missionsgeschichte und zur detutschen Biografie (Freiburg: Herder, 1899) [via archive.org - Stanford Univ.]
  • J-*India, Jesuit missionaries (1907)

    A. Hosten, Jesuit missionaries in northern India and inscriptions on their tombs, Agra (1580-1803)(Calcutta: Cath. Orphan Press, 1907)

  • J-*India, Županov, Disputed Mission (2001)

    Ines G. Županov, Disputed Mission. Jesuit Experiments and Brahmanical Knowledge in Seventeenth-century India. New Delhi: Oxford University press, 2001 (Oxford India Paperbacks)

    ISBN: 0 19 565882 5 (296 p.)

  • J-*Institutum Societatis Jesu (ed. Prague, 1690)

    Curtius Sesti, Epitome Instituti Societatis Jesu. Pragae, Typis Universitatis Carolo-Ferdinandae,1690

  • J-*Institutum Societatis Jesu (ed. Prague, 1757)

    Institutum Societatis Jesu, auctoritate congregationis generalis XVIII. meliorem in ordinem digestum, auctum et recusum, Volume 2, Pragae, Typis Universitatis Carolo-Ferdinandae, 1757

  • J-*Istruzioni secrete (1860)

    Istruzioni secrete della Compagnia di Gesù con importanti aggiunte (Roma, 1860) [Google.books / Université de Lausanne]

  • J-*Italy, Jesuits Naples province (1759)

    Catalogus brevis Provinciae Neapolitanae Societatis Jesu anno MDCCLIX (1759) [Google.books -  Universidad Complutense de Madrid] 

  • J-*Italy, Naples, Paolucci (1651)

    S. Paolucci, Missioni de padri della Compagnia di Giesu nel regno di Napoli (Napoli: Roncagliono, 1651)

  • J-*Italy, Siena, Tolomei College (1852)

    Tommaso Pendola, Il collegio Tolomei di Siena e serie de convittori dalla sua fondazione a tutto Giugno 1852: Cenni storici  (Siena: Lazerri, 1852) [Google.Books - Bayerische Staatsbibliothek]

  • J-*Jesuiter-Histori (Lucius, L.) 1626

    Lucius, Ludovicus, Jesuiter-Histori : Von des Jesuiter-Ordens Ursprung, Namen, Regulen, Beampten, Gelübden, Freyheiten, Regiment, Lehr, Fortpflantzung, Thaaten und Verrichtungen, so wol ins gemein, alß insonderheit ; In vier Theil abgetheilet, und gemeinem Vatterland der Teutschen Nation zu guter nachrichtung also an den tag gegeben, Basel: Genath, 1626 [Echo Mpiwg-Berlin]

  • J-*Jesuits in Japan (Cieslik, 1954)

    Hubert Cieslik, Early Jesuit Missionaries in Japan 1_St Francis Xavier (1954/dig. 2004)

  • J-*Jesuits in Northern America (1867)

    Parkman, The Jesuits in North America in the seventeenth century (Boston,1867) [Pittsburg, Darlington Digital Library]

  • J-*Jesuits in the Philippines, India, China and America (1714)

    The travels of several learned missioners of the Society of Jesus into divers parts of the archipelago, India, China, and America. (London: for Gosling, 1714) [Translated from the French, author: Diéreville??; most probably a  translation of parts of the Lettres édifiantes et curieuses of 1713)

  • J-*Jouvancy, Epitome histori (1853) v. 1

    Jouvancy, Epitome histori Societatis Jesu (Gent: Poelman-De Pape, 1853) [www.archive.org]

    Vol. 2

    Vol. 3

    Vol. 4

  • J-*Lamache, Histoire de la chute (1845)

    Paul Lamache, Histoire de la chutes des jésuites au XVIIIe siècle (Paris: Waille, 1845)

  • J-*Liège college

    Dissertatio Juris Pro Academia Lovaniensi Contra Patres Societatis Jesu uti occupantes regimen Seminarii Leodiensis , [ca. 1699]
    [BSB full text]

  • J-*Lithuania, History of Jesuits (1877)

    Stanislao Rostowski, Lituanicarum Societatis Jesu historiarum libri decem. (Bruxellis: Vromant, 1877)  [www.archive.org]

  • J-*Lithuania, Jesuit College of Kražiai

    Historia collegii Crosensis Societatis Iesu -  Annuae literae collegii Crosensis  [KRAŽIŲ JĖZUITŲ KOLEGIJOS ISTORIJOS ŠALTINIAI ir METINIAI LAIŠKAI] (2015)

    Translation into Lithuanian of Latin texts from ARSI, regarding College of Kražiai (68 p.)

    3D Jesuit College in Kražiai

  • J-*Lithuania, Jesuit history (1877)

    Rostowski (aut), Martynov (edt), Lituanicarum Societas Jesu historiarum libri decem. Paris: Palm, 1877 [Internet.archive]

  • J-*Luxemburg, Drama magna acclamatione

    Full text of unpublished art. by Joseph Reisdorfer on Jesuit theatre in Luxemburg.

  • J-*Luxemburg, Magnas ac multiplices

    Art. by J. Reisdorfer Magnas ac multiplices esse Graecae linguae utilitates ..., published in 1996 (Etudes classiques VIII, 213-243). Note in Polgár, AHSI 68 (1999), 360 (#542).

  • J-*Maynard, ... enseignement des Jésuites, 1853

    Via Google.books, Full text of

    Maynard, Des études et de l'enseignement de Jésuites ..., Paris, Poussielgue-Rusand, 1853

  • J-*Mémoires du père Rapin, 3 v. (1865)

    Leon Aubineau, Les Mémoires du père Rapin ... sur l'église et la société ...  (1644-1669)  (Paris: Gaume frères et J. Duprey, 1865) Vol. 3 [Google.books]

    Vol. 1 [Google.books]  Vol. 1 [Gallica.fr]

    Vol. 2 [Europeana]


    Vol 1-3 [Hathi Trust]

  • J-*Mexico, Defensa de la Comp., IV (1842)

    José Mariano Dávila y Arrillaga, Defensa de la Compañia de Jesus , v. IV (Mexico: Abadiano, 1842) [Google.books]

  • J-*MHSI, Documenta Indica

    Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu (MHSI)

    Documenta Indica, ed. Joseph Wicki S.J. vol I (1948) through vol XII (1972), available fully digitized (c/o Serviço Integrado de Bibliotecas da Universidade de Coimbra). Portuguese copyright laws apply.

  • J-*Netherlands, Brouwer, Verhaal ... jezuieten in Friesland (1842)

     J.W. Brouwer, Verhaal van de jezuïeten in Friesland, 1842 [Google.books]

  • J-*Netherlands, Den Haag, De St. Teresiakerk (1866)

    P. G. Bongaerts, De St. Teresia-kerk, weleer de koninklijke kapel van Spanje. Hare geschiedenis, in verband ... met de werkzaamheden der societeit van Jesus, in en om 's Gravenhage, ('s Gravenhage: Ten Hagen, 1866) [Google.books)

  • J-*Nicolini, History of the Jesuits (1854)

    J.B. Nicolini, History of the Jesuits: their origin, progress, doctrines, and designs (London: Bohn, 1854) [via Google.books]

  • J-*Pallas, Misión a las Indias (1620)

    Gerónimo Pallas SJ, “Misión a las Indias …” (1620). Ms at ARSI, unedited so far, annotated full text by Paulina Neunheuser [www.archivodelafrontera.com]

  • J-*Paraguay, Demersay, t. 1 (1860)

    Demersay, Histoire ... du Paraguay et des établissements des jésuites, (tomi 1-2), Paris: Hachette, 1860 [Google.books]

    Tome 2

  • J-*Paraguay, Historica relatio (1733)

     Juan Patricio Fernandez,  Historica relatio, de apostolicis missionibus patrum Societatis Jesu apud Chiquitos [...]. Augsburg: Wolff, 1733

  • J-*Paraguay, Jesuits in ..., etext 1998

    Html etext of R.B. Cunninghame Graham, A vanished arcadia, being some account of the Jesuits in Paraguay, 1607 to 1767,  1998

    via Gutenberg etext

  • J-*Parkman, The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century (1867)

    Francis Parkman, The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century  (1867)


    The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century (ISBN 0-8032-8746-1) is the second volume in Francis Parkman's seven-volume history, France and England in North America, originally published in 1867. It tells the story of the French Jesuit missionaries in Canada, then New France, starting from their arrival in 1632.

    The book was re-published in 1912 by Little, Brown and Company, Boston. It was republished in 1983, along with the other six volumes, in a two-volume unabridged version with notes by David Levin (Library of America). The Little, Brown edition was reprinted by Bison Books, Lincoln, Nebraska in 1997 with a new introduction by Conrad Heidenriech and José António Brandão.

  • J-*Pasquinelli, Istruzioni secrete (1860)

    Pasquinelli, Istruzioni secrete della Compagnia di Gesú con importanti aggiunte (Roma, 1860 ) [Google.books /  Université de Lausanne]

  • J-*Philippines, Colin, Labor evangelica (1663)

    Franciscus Colin, Labor evangelica, v. 1 (Madrid, Fernandez de Buendia, 1663) [Google.books]

    on Jesuit missions in the  Philippines

  • J-*Philippines, Historia del Observatorio (1915)

    Miguel Saderra Masó, Historia del Observatorio de Manila : fundado y dirigido por los padres de la Misión de la Compañia de Jesús de Filipinas, 1865-1915 [Manila : E. C. McCullough & Co, 1915] [via Archive.org]

  • J-*Philippines, Murillo Velarde map commentary (1898)

    Gabriel Marcel, La carte des Philippines du père Murillo Velarde. Paris: Imprimerie nationale, 1898 [google.books]

  • J-*Polanco, Vita Ignatii (1894-1896)

    J. de Polanco, Vita Ignatii Loiolae et rerum Societatis Jesu historia (Madrid: A. Aurial, 1894-1896) vol 1 [Biblioteca Digital de Castilla y León]

    6 volumes, downloadable per book and full text searchable - click the icons of the different  volumes

  • J-*Portugal, Franco, Synopsis annalium (1726)

    Antonio Franco, Synopsis annalium Societatis Jesu in Lusitania ab annis 1540 usque ad annum 1725 (1726)  [via Google.Books]

  • J-*Portugal/India, Goa (von Murr, 1780)

    Christoph Gottlieb von Murr, Journal Zur Kunstgeschichte Und Zur Allgemeinen Litteratur, Volume 8 (Nürnberg: Zeh, 1780)

    contains letters from SJ mission in India (Provincia Malabarica, sub Portuguese literature), and history of Portuguese Jesuits after the expulsion (p. 59 onwards)

  • J-*Ratio studiorum, 1599 (English, annot.)

    Translated and annotated by Allen P. Farrell S.J. (1970). See other links for Ratio studiorum.

  • J-*Rationale jesuiticorum (1595)

    Rationale Iesuiticorum : Quo Christi Fideles, rationes affectus in Societatem, quam vocant Iesu, docentur. Per septem Dialogos Iesuitae et Canonici a Rhemingino Nauntelio (Paris, 1595) [Dolnośląska Biblioteka Cyfrowa]

  • J-*Rivet, State-mysteries of Iesuites, 1623

    André Rivet, The state-mysteries of the Iesuites, by way of questions and answers , London 1623 (translated from French)

    via EEBO

  • J-*Rule, Celebrated Jesuits (v. I-II; 1852-53)

    William H. Rule, Celebrated Jesuits. A cardinal, a mandarin and a refugee , v. 2 (London: Mason, 1853)

    deals with Bellarmine, Schall von Bell, and Gruber.


    William H. Rule, Celebrated Jesuits. A saint, a Doctor and a Regicide , v. 1 (London: Mason, 1852)

    deals with Xavier, Laynez, and Garnet.

  • J-*Saint-Victor J.B., Documents historiques ..., 3 v. (1830)

    Documents historiques, critiques, apologétiques concernant la Compagnie de Jésus. (Paris: Prunier, 1830) [Google.books]

    Vol. 1-3 [Hathi Trust]

    Tome 1 [Archive.org]

  • J-*Scaduto, L'epoca di Giacomo Laínez (1964)

    Mario Scaduto, L'epoca di Giacomo Laínez (Roma: Civiltà cattolica, 1964) [Via archive org/Princeton Theological Seminary Library]

  • J-*Secret instructions (1857)

    W. C. Brownlee, Secret instructions of the Jesuits, faithfully translated [...] with an historical sketch. New York: American and Foreign Christian Union, 1857 [archive.org / Boston College library]

  • J-*Siéges deTroyes (1756?)

    s.n., Siéges de Troyes par les Jésuites (s.l., s.d.) [Google.books]

  • J-*Sommervogel, Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus, 12 v. (1890-1960)

    Reference work

    Carlos Sommervogel, Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus. Nouvelle édition. (12 volumes; 1890-1960) Scans of the anastatic reimpression (Leuven, 1960) [Internet Archive, via Boston College Library]

    All volumes are 'more or less' searchable.

  • J-*Spain, Montilla (Córdoba)

    Manuscript, Papeles tocantes al Colegio de Jesuitas de Montilla (18th c.) [Patrimonio digital iberoamerica]

  • J-*Spanish SJ mission in Virgina, 1953

    Full text of C.M. Lewis & A.J. Loomie, The Spanish Jesuit Mission in Virginia 1570-1572, 1953.

    Via archive.org

  • J-*Spurgin, The pinciples of the Jesuits, ca 1848

    Full text via archive.org

  • J-*Steinmetz, History of the Jesuits, 3 v. (1848)

    Andrew Steinmetz, History of the Jesuits from the foundation of their society tot its suppression [...] , vol. 1 (London: Bentley, 1848)

    vol. 2

    vol. 3

  • J-*Stöger, Historiographi Soc. Jesu (1851)

    Johann Nepomuk Stöger, Historiographi Societatis Iesu, ab eius origine ad nostra usque tempora  (Regensburg: Manz, 1851)

  • J-*Strada L., Osservationi (1762)

    Luigi Strada, Osservationi sopra l'istituto della società de' Gesuiti (Fossombrone, 1762)

  • J-*Switzerland, Porrentruy (1866)

    Louis Vautrey, L'histoire du collège de Porrentruy (1590-1865). Porrentruy, 1866 [Google.books]

  • J-*Synopsis historiae Societatis Jesu (1914)

    Wernz, Synopsis historiae Societatis Jesu: pro nostrum tantum (Ratisbonae: Typis Friderici Pustet, 1914) [archive.org]

  • J-*Table méthodique des mémoires de Trévoux (1701-1775)

    Carlos Sommervogel, Table méthodique ... (Paris: 1865) [Gallica]

  • J-*The Jesuits, 1534-1921. (Campbell, 1921)

    Thomas Joseph Campbell, The Jesuits, 1534-1921; a history of the Society of Jesus from its foundation to the present time. New York: the Encyclopedea press, 1921

  • J-*Turkey, Istanbul, archives former SJ college

    Pdf file of :

    • ARCHIVES de St-Benoît d'Istanbul (1583 – 1895)

    Inventory of the archives of St-Benoît (including the Jesuit fund below) realized by M. GORLIN cm (1895 / 403 pp.)
    Major part of this fund has been brought to the Paris Archives where it can be consulted.

    • ARCHIVES des JÉSUITES de St-Benoît de Constantinople de 1583 – 1895.

    Documents left behind at the Collège St-Benoît by the Jesuits at the time of their suppression in 1776 ; inventory drawn up in 1980 by Fr.  Henri Jalabert sj.

    Archives to be consulted at the Vincentians (Archives de la Congrégation de la Mission [CM]). Paris, 95 rue de Sèvres, after appointment. Email: lautissier@cmparis.com 

  • J-*UK, Biographies of Scotch, English and Irish Jesuits (1838)

    Full text via www.archive.org

    George Oliver, Collections towards illustrating the biography of the Scotch, English, and Irish members of the Society of Jesus. Exeter: Printed by W.C. Featherstone, 1838.

    Other dowload possible via Google.books

  • J-*UK, Jersey Jesuits' library

    Dissertation by Sheza Moledina, on library of the Jesuits in Jersey (1880-1940). Pdf, downloadable

  • J-*UK, Records of English Jesuits, 1877 (v. 1)

    Via Archive.org

    Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus : historic facts illustrative of the labours and sufferings of its members in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (1875-1883) [v. 1]) (London: Burns & Oates, 1877)

  • J-*USA, Americans warned of Jesuitism (1855)

    John Claudius Pitrat, Americans warned of Jesuitism, or the Jesuits unveiled. Boston: Hinks, 1855 (3d ed.) [Yumpu.com]

  • J-*USA, Boston College, Jesuit manuscripts

    Digitized letters by Francis Xavier, Borgia and Bellarmino.

  • J-*USA, History of the Jesuits (Hughes) v. 2

    Thomas Hughes, History of the Society of Jesus in North America, Volume 2 (Applewood, 1917)

    other volumes by Hughes

  • J-*USA, New England Jesuit Chronology

    Vincent A. Lapomarda, S. J. (2011), A Chronology Relating to the 400th Anniversary (1611-2011) of the Arrival of the Jesuits in New England

  • J-*USA-Canada, History (1917)

    Thomas Hughes, History of the Society of Jesus in North America, v. 2 (Bedforth: Applewood books,1917) [Google.books]

    vol 1 (Longmans, Green and Co, 1907) [Archive.org]

    vol 2 (Longmans, Green and Co, 1908) [Archive.org]

  • J-*USA/Canada, History of the S.J. in N-America, 1907

    Thomas Hughes, History of the Society of Jesus in North America : colonial and federal, [archive.org]

  • J-*Wolf, Allgemeine Geschichte der Jesuiten, 1803 (v. 1)

    Peter Philipp Wolf, Allgemeine Geschichte der Jesuiten. (Leipzig, 1803) [Google.books]

    vol 2

    vol 3

    vol 4

  • J-*Zaccone, Histoire de l'Inquisition, des jésuites

    Pierre Zaccone, Histoire de l'Inquisition, des jésuites et des franc-maçons., Tom . 1 (Paris, Krabbe, 1852) [Google.books]

    Tom 2 (1852)

    Tom 4 (1852)

    Tom. 5 (1852)


  • J-Argentina, Cordoba (Univ. Nac.), Coleccion jesuitica

    Jesuitica collection in main library (Bibliotheca Mayor) of the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina with on-line access to catalogue. Enter "Jesuítica" in subject field.

     History of collection

  • J-Argentina, Cordoba, Old library

    La colección de la antigua librería jesuítica de la Compañía de Jesús de Córdoba actualmente en la Biblioteca Nacional de la Republica Argentina
    Report by  Prof. Roberto Casazza (Sept 2000)

    Work in progress (PDF file, Spanish)

  • J-Argentina, Jesuitica collection

    The "Fondo Antiguo de la Compañía de Jesús en Argentina" is a collection of more than 15.000 manuscripts and old prints produced between the 15th and the 18th century. Included are Latin and Greek classics, scientific works, devotional texts, philosophical and humanist literature, published by well-known European printing houses. One of the more important collections in Latin America, going back to the Jesuit libraries in the colleges San Ignacio in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe and other residences.

    Article in Spanish by Martin Morales S.J.: http://www.bcn.gov.ar/libraria/libraria5.htm


  • J-Argentina, Patrimonio Jesuítico

    A description of various 'reducciones' in the 'Province de Misiones' in Argentina (Spanish).

  • J-Belgium, KADOC - Jesuit archives

    Lists content of Jesuit archives (Dutch speaking North-Belgian Province), managed by Kadoc (Leuven, Belgium)

  • J-Belgium, Namur, Jesuit Church

    Site dedicated to the history of the former St Ignatius church in Namur (now: Saint Loup). [ French only]

  • J-Bolivia, Mission stations

    Article by Geoffrey Groesbeck, working in Chiquitania, Bolivia

  • J-Bolivia, SJ missions

    Geoffrey A. P. Groesbeck, A Brief History of the Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos

    Unesco heritage

  • J-Chile, Jesuit archives

    Description (in Spanish) of the contents of this archive, and of the photo archives. No digitalized items available yet.

  • J-Chile, Jesuit time line
  • J-Chile, National archives, Fondo jesuiticas

    PowerPoint presentation (Spanish) by M.E. Barrientos Harbin of the Archivo Nacional de Chile, regarding the application to be considered world heritage. Sums up the contents of the archives relative to different Jesuit provinces.

  • J-Claude Chauchetière (1667-1685)
    Transcript of a manuscript about the missionary activities of Claude Chauchetière, S.J. in Canada (1667-1685), together with background information (French).
  • J-Czech Republic, Bohemian Jesuits

    A paper by Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr. on "Czech pioneers in Colonial America", with a chapter on Bohemian Jesuits.

  • J-famous former Jesuits

    Wikipedia page listing a number of former Jesuits, who are known to a wider public, from different countries.

  • J-France, Nevers

    In Jean Bugarel, Histoire du Lycée de Nevers. Recherches, études, documents :
    "De 1577 à 1762 : le collège des Jésuites" (web article)

  • J-France, Paris, Collège Louis-le-Grand (history)

    Site tracing a.o. the history of the Jesuit college in Paris (French/English).

  • J-France, texts legal procedures against SJ, 1761-62

    full text of suppression documents (French)

    ARRÊTS CONCERNANT L’ORDRE DES JÉSUITES, son obédience à un souverain étranger et sa doctrine du tyrannicide

    Parlement de Paris 6 août 1761 et 6 août 1762

  • J-France, Valenciennes, Jesuits

    In the municipal library of Valenciennes, housed in the former Jesuit college, a series of 36 paintings of Jesuits can be seen, ordered by triads according to their disciplines. Going back on the site, some historical data on the college and the library is available [in French].

    New site

  • J-Germany, Coesfeld

    Text from Internet Portal "Westfälische Geschichte" referring to removal of Jesuits in 1633

  • J-Germany, Düren (archives)
  • J-Germany, History East-German Province

    Alfred Rothe, Geschichte der Ostdeutschen Provinz der Gesellschaft Jesu seit ihren Anfängen bis zum Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges

    with link to part 2 : Vom Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges bis zum Beginn der 31. Generalkongregation im Mai 1965

  • J-Germany, Jesuitica e.V.

    Verein zur Erforschung der Geschichte des Jesuitenordens. (German)

  • J-Germany, Würzburg (Matrikel Univ.)

    Sebastian Merkle, Die Matrikel der Universität Würzburg (1922) [Franconia-online]

    No search function, many Jesuits (Societas Jesu)

  • J-Hungary, Jesuits in Budapest

    Bikfalvi Géza: Jesuits in Budapest (Pdf file, with bibliography, 56 p.) [Hungarian]

  • J-Italy, Gorizia

    Info on site describes history of town of Gorizia/Nova Gorica and the Jesuit college up to 1773 (Italian only)

  • J-Jesuits of Jewish ancestry

    The text and images of Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry. A Biographical Dictionary are for the personal use of scholars, students, and other members of the public. Scholars using materials provided by this Dictionary are asked to acknowledge this in bibliographic citations. Any commercial use or publication of these materials is strictly prohibited.
    Site by Robert A. Maryks

  • J-Lithuania, History of Jesuits

    short historical outline of Jesuit presence in Lithuania

  • J-Luxemburg, Jesuitica Luxemburgensia
    Includes bibliography on Jesuit theater in general, and at the Collegium Luxemburgense in particular (French).
  • J-Malta, History of Jesuits
  • J-Mexico, San Luis de la Paz-Jesuit history
  • J-Netherlands, 's-Hertogenbosch, archives SJ college 1609-29

    Leading to the summaries of the archives of the former SJ College in Den Bosch ('s-Hertogenbosch), the Netherlands for the full duration of its existence.

  • J-Netherlands, Maastricht, Jesuit collection

    Describes Jesuit holdings (265.000 volumes), mainly coming from the former Canisianum theological college in Maastricht, the former philosophical college Berchmanianum in Nijmegen and the seminary in Warmond. (in Dutch).

    Since the Fall of 2013, these holdings have been transfered to the Maurits Sabbe Library, KU Leuven, Belgium

  • J-Netherlands, Nijmegen

    History of Canisius college at Nijmegen (Dutch)

  • J-Netherlands, Sittard

    History of buildings of former Jesuit boarding school Sint-Aloysiuscollege  at Sittard (Dutch)

  • J-Netherlands, Van Miert entries in DBNL

    Entries in datase by Fr. Ludovicus van Miert S.J. (1858-1927) in Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren (Digital Library of Dutch Literature) concerning Dutch Jesuits (in Dutch).

    Jesuits in DBNL


  • J-Philippines, Manila Observatory archives

    The Manila Observatory Archives aims to preserve, for further use and dissemination, any recorded information that embodies the work of the institution. Our archival collection includes textual records, photographs, and other data records that are historical and scientific in nature. Majority of the materials were produced by the Manila Observatory and its staff (Jesuits) in conducting research work since its inception. Despite the destruction of the original Observatory in Manila during World War II, we are fortunate to have acquired and maintained this current collection which chronicles this institution’s rich scientific history.

  • J-Poland, Encyclopedia on Jesuits in Poland-Lithuania (1564-1995)
    Search functions in Polish.
  • J-Polgàr, Bibliographie (v. 2-3)

    László Polgár, Bibliographie sur l'histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus (1901-1980) vol. 1 - Toute la compagnie. IHSI, Rome 1981 (waiting to be digitized)

    László Polgár, Bibliographie sur l'histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus (1901-1980) vol. 2 - Les pays. Europe [via Archive.org]

    László Polgár. Bibliographie sur l'histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus (1901-1980) vol. 2 - Les pays. Europe. IHSI, Rome 1983. [via site ARSI, Rome]

    László Polgár. Bibliographie sur l'histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus (1901-1980) vol. 2 - Les pays. Amérique, Asie, Afrique, Océanie. IHSI, Rome 1986. [via site ARSI, Rome]

    László Polgár. Bibliographie sur l'histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus (1901-1980) vol. 3. Les Personnes A - F. IHSI, Rome 1990. [via site ARSI, Rome]

    László Polgár. Bibliographie sur l'histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus (1901-1980) vol. 3. Les Personnes G - Q. IHSI, Rome 1990. [via site ARSI, Rome]

    László Polgár. Bibliographie sur l'histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus (1901-1980) vol. 3. Les Personnes R - Z. IHSI, Rome 1990. [via site ARSI, Rome]

  • J-Thailand, History of the Jesuits
  • J-USA, Boston College, Jesuitana

    Search via 'subject heading: jesuit' - The Jesuitana Collection contains more than 2,500 volumes published by or about the Jesuits prior to the order's suppression in 1773. In addition to printed books, the collection also includes original letters of St. Francis Xavier, St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Francis Borgia. A printed catalogue of this collection was published in 1986. A description of the collection also is to be found in this 2006 exhibit catalogue (Pdf-version): Pages 7-8, Jill G. Thomas

    Fully digitized books from Burns Library -  Jesuitica (in process)

    Link via Archive.org/Boston College Library/Jesuitica

    Beyond Ricci: Rare Books from the Jesuitana Collection at Boston College

    A searchable website that provides scholars and researchers access to books containing historical narratives, maps, correspondence and musical compositions in five languages that depict life in China in early modern history and the East-West exchanges initiated by the early Jesuit missionaries.
    Among the many notable digitized items from the rare book collection are a 1735 translation of a French encyclopedia of China; an extensively detailed 18th century atlas; melody lines from the Chinese Imperial Court that were transcribed by Jesuits in the mid-18th century; and a translation of Confucian texts by the Jesuit missionaries that represented the first introduction of Confucius to the Western world.
    The website focuses on books from the Jesuitica Collection by or about Jesuit missionaries including Matteo Ricci, Philippe Couplet and Alvaro Semedo, as well as Roman-based Jesuits Christopher Clavius and Athanasius Kircher, who made use of the information sent back by the missionaries in China. It was written by Jeremy Clarke, who selected the books and images from the library’s collection of 2,500 volumes, all of which were published prior to the order’s suppression in 1773.

    Exhibition booklet

  • J-USA, Chicago, Loyola Univ.

    Loyola University Chicago Digital Special Collections, searching for 'jesuit'

  • J-USA, Cleveland, Jesuitica at John Carroll University
    This online display is an electronic version of a display of certain Jesuit items in Special Collections at the Grasselli Library & Breen Learning Center, John Carroll University. The original display was exhibited in October, 1999.
  • J-USA, De Smetiana maps

    Peter J. De Smet (1801-1873) was a Belgian Jesuit who came to Missouri in 1823. Beginning in 1838, De Smet began to travel across the western United States, then considered the wilderness of the expanding country. He journeyed the territories of the future states of Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and South Dakota and visited Native American settlements. As he traveled, he created an extensive collection of maps, some officially for the United States government, some for the use of Jesuit missionaries who would preach to the settlements he encountered, and some for himself or close friends.

  • J-USA, Jesuit online resources

    jesuitresource.org, providing resources in Jesuit education and Ignatian spirituality [maintained at Xavier University, Cincinnati]

  • J-USA, Midwest Jesuit Archives

    Gives online access to a.o.: - Garraghan, Gilbert J. The Jesuits of the Middle United States. 1938; Reprint, Chicago, IL: Loyola University Press, 1983. - The Catalogus defunctorum (1840-1970). - Woodstock Letters. Woodstock, MD: Woodstock College Press, 1872-1969 and much more

    Microfilm collection mainly on S.J. missions in US and Canada.

  • J-USA, Old Milford Novitiate (Jesuit Cemetery)

    Pictures of the graves of Jesuits buried in this cemetery of the old Chicago province novitiate (Milford, Miami, Ohio, USA)

  • J-USA, Philadelphia, Drexel Library

    Jesuitica and Jesuitana at the Drexel library, Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia

  • Libraries (top)
  • L-***, USA, Jesuit portal Boston College
    A free service provided by the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, the Portal offers informed direction to some of the richest materials associated with the Society of Jesus located at a variety of websites. The Portal grants online access to a curated and fully searchable collection of important primary sources and some of the latest secondary scholarship related to the history, spirituality, educational heritage, and pedagogy approach of the Society of Jesus. The Portal also hosts online resources, such as key documents in Jesuit history and a forthcoming lexicon of Jesuit terminology–both of which will receive regular updating. The Portal collaborates with partner institutions to include the contents of additional online resources in a single search. The Portal’s search feature aggregates the content and, often, full texts from a variety of sources.
  • L-***19th century, NINES

    NINES (Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship) is a scholarly organization devoted to forging links between the material archive of the nineteenth century and the digital research environment of the twenty-first.

    Searches for jesuitica possible: enter "jesuit" in the search window, and you'll be directed to holdings all over the US

  • L-***Andean region, IFEAnet

    Bibliographic database of the French Institute for Andean Studies.

    The French Institute for Andean Studies (IFEA) was inaugurated in Lima on the 14th May 1948 and originally known as the French Centre for Andean Studies. IFEA is an Integrated Unit of the French Institutes Abroad and its activities are under the direction of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE). It is a multidisciplinary institute, which aims at developing and disseminating scientific knowledge about the Andean world at large: its past and present societies, as well as its environment. The Institute hosts French, European and Andean researchers and has collaborative activities within the Andean countries: Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador.

  • L-***Archive.org

    Searching for full text jesuitica items via archive.org

  • L-***Asia, CrossAsia resources

    CrossAsia: a service of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Germany. Try searching through different languages (German, English)

  • L-***Australia, Informit

    Searches databases on Australian journals and resources

  • L-***Australia, Pandora

    PANDORA, Australia's Web Archive, is a growing collection of Australian online publications, established initially by the National Library of Australia in 1996, and now built in collaboration with nine other Australian libraries and cultural collecting organisations. The name, PANDORA, is an acronym that encapsulates our mission: Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia.

    Searches books but also archived websites of relevance to jesuitica ...

  • L-***Austria, dissertation database

    Searches all dissertations made in Austria. Search possible in title, full text, topic...

  • L-***Belgium, Cageweb Gent

    Portal for 15 scientific libraries in Gent, Belgium.

  • L-***Belgium, Flandrica.be

    Flandrica -- Flemish Heritage Library online [Dutch]

    The website offers a selection of specifically chosen pieces from the six partners of the Flemish Heritage Library (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheek). The selected pieces are from now on available in a digital high resolution version. Several jesuitica items, for the most part from the Maurits Sabbe Library and the KU Leuven university library, are also included :

    Ciermans, Joannes, Disciplinae mathematicae traditae anno institutae Societatis Jesu seculari, Leuven, Everaerdt De Witte, 1640.

    Verbiest, Ferdinand, Typus eclipsis lunae, Beijing, 1671.

    Boelmans, Willem; Groll, Johannes, Theses mathematicae, Leuven, Henrick van Hastens (weduwe), 1634.

    Lessius, Leonardus, De iustitia et iure, ed. 5, Antwerpen, Balthasar I Moretus, 1621.

    de Ribadeneyra, Pedro, Vita Sancti Patris Ignatii Loyolae, Antwerpen, Galle, Joannes, 16??.

    de Gryze, Michael, Honor S. Ignatio, Antwerpen, Balthasar I Moretus, 1622.

    Rosweydus, Heribertus, Leven van Maria, Leuven, Pieter Jacobsz Paets & François Fabri, 1629.

    Canisius, Petrus, Cathechismus oft die somme, Leuven, Merten Verhasselt, 1558.

    De Pretere, Guilielmus, Catechismus oft christelijke leeringe, Antwerpen, Jan II van Keerberghen, 1623.

    Van Torre, Antonius, Dialogi familiares litterarum tironibus, Antwerpen, Jan Cnobbaert (weduwe en erfgenaam), 1657.

    Couplet, Philippus, Historie van ... mevr. Candida Hiu, Antwerpen, Michiel Cnobbaert (erfgenaam) & Franciscus Muller, 1694.

    Gymnasium Mechliniense Societatis Jesu, SJ Mechelen, Alsace ... gratulatur, Mechelen, 1716.

    Kuniyoshi, Utagawa, Portret van Chitasei Goyo, met instrumenten van Ferdinand Verbiest, Japan, 182?-1830.

    Ignatius de Loyola, Geestelycke Oeffeninghen, Antwerpen, Michiel Cnobbaert, 1673.

    Tacquet, Andreas, Opera mathematica, [2d ed.], Antwerpen, Verdussen, 1669.


    FURTHERMORE (from other participating libraries)

    Makeblyde, Ludovicus, Den schat der christelicker leeringhe tot verklaringhe van den catechismus, Antwerpen, Joachim Trognesius, 1610.

    de Pretere, Guilielmus, Handtboexken der sodaliteyt oft broederschap vande H. Maeghet Maria inghestelt inde Soci. Jesu, Antwerpen, Hendrik I Aertssens, 1620.

    Moerman, Jacobus Franciscus, Lessen van den Mechelschen catechismus op verscheide aengenaeme liedekens gesteld, Ieper, s.n, 17??.

    Verbiest, Ferdinand, Compendium latinum proponens xii posteriores figuras libri observationum nec non priores vii figuras libri organici, 1600.

    Makeblyde, Ludovicus, Troost der siecken ende overleden, Antwerpen, Laureis van Diest, 1636.

    David, Joannes, Lot van vviisheyd ende goed geluck op drije hondert ghemeyne sprek-woorden, Antwerpen, Jan I Moretus, 1606.

    Costerus, Franciscus, Catechismus, dat is, de christelijcke leeringhe in maniere van t'samen-sprekinghe, tusschen den meester ende den discipel, Brussel, Velpius, 1603.

    Poirters, Adriaan, Het heyligh herte ver-eert aen alle godt-vrughtighe herten voor eenen nieu-jaer, Antwerpen, Cornelius Woons, 1659.

    Makeblyde, Ludovicus, Den lust-hof der gheestelicke oeffeninghen, Antwerpen, Hieronymus I Verdussen, 1609

    Poirters, Adriaan, Het masker vande wereldt afgetrocken, Antwperen, Johannes I Stichter, 1688.

    Devotieprent: Suffragia, type Van Papenbroeck, Nederlandse tekst, Antwerpen, [s.d.]

    Strada, Famiano, De bello Belgico decas prima, Antwerpen, Jan Cnobbaert, 1635.

    Engelgrave, Henricus, Lux evangelica sub velum sacrorum emblematum, Antwerpen, Jan Cnobbaert (widow and heirs), 1648.

    Lessius, Leonardus, [static image]


  • L-***Belgium, Union catalogue
    UniCat is a union catalogue of Belgian libraries. It currently holds some 14 million records from the main Belgian university libraries and the Royal Library. Also included are the catalogues from 3 library networks, namely ANET, LIBISnet and Boréal. Other libraries and library networks can join and are expected to do so once the UniCat service is in full production. UniCat targets both end users and library professionals.
    Partners (Anet - Universiteit Antwerpen - Erasmushogeschool Brussel (EhB) - Ghent University (UGent) - LIBISnet - K.U.Leuven-Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) - Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) - Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) - University of Liège (ULg) - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) - FUNDP - Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix (Namur) - FUSL - Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis (Brussels) - KU Leuven - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - UHasselt - Universiteit Hasselt and other schools of higher education in Belgium, as well as heritage libraries, museum libraries, religious libraries, government libraries and other libraries.
    Features: Multilingual interface (coming soon)

    Should help researchers finding jesuitica in all of the largest Belgian libraries at once.

    Press release

  • L-***Caribbean region, Manioc
    Bibliothèque numérique Caraibe Amazonie Plateau des Guyanes

    Manioc = Cassava --  Cassava is a specialized digital library on the Caribbean, the Amazon, the Guiana Shield and the regions or areas of interest related to these territories.  You will find textual, audio, pictures and references to the cultural, social, economic or political turmoil.
    Manioc offers research possibilities for jesuitica, by entering "jesuit*" in the search window and using one of the available filters (livres, images, audio etc.)

  • L-***Eastern Europe, ViFaOst

    ViFaOst = Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Osteuropa [virtual library specialised in East-Eropean studies]

  • L-***EMTO

    Early Modern Thought Online

    links to digitized jesuitica books through database for books, journals etc. (sign in as 'guest') [FernUniversität, Hagen, Germany]

  • L-***Europe, Archives Portal Europe (APEx)

    The Archives Portal Europe (APEx) provides access to information on archival material from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent. Use various queries to search for Jesuitica.

  • L-***Europe, DART

    DART-Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortia who are working together to improve global access to European research theses. Seach: Jesuit

  • L-***Europe, OpenAIRE

    Driver - (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research) became Open AIRE

    very flexible search engine with lots of filters

  • L-***Europe, OpenSIGLE (Grey lit.)

    OpenSIGLE (System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe)

    SIGLE is a multidisciplinary database, covering fundamental and applied sciences, technologies, humanities and social sciences. The records are in English. They include bibliographical data, the SIGLE classification codes (cf. Full Subject Category List) with their wording, and possibly an English summary.
    The user is informed of the availability of the document and the conditions of access from each supply centre. The database SIGLE has been taken from all hosts proposing the base online.
    That is why INIST - Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique, launches the OpenSIGLE project : transfer the SIGLE database to online open access, on a DSpace platform.

  • L-***Europeana (Jesuitica)

    Jesuitica in Europeana's collections, on a timetable

    Jesuit-related books in Europeana

  • L-***France, ANRT

    Atelier National de Reproduction de thèses (National center for the reproduction of PhD theses) [maintained by Université Lille 3]

  • L-***France, Edilivre

    Edilivre. Livres du patrimoine. (Jesuit related) Books on French heritage site

  • L-***France, Isidore

    Portal for French research results in Human and social sciences

  • L-***France, OpenEdition

    Three platforms for electronic resources in the humanities and social sciences: Revues.org, Hypotheses.org, Calenda

  • L-***France, Refdoc

    If you want to purchase an article, this is the place to be: RefDoc -- La référence en fourniture de Documents Scientifiques (Delivery of scientific documents)

  • L-***France, Versailles (images)

    Chateau de Versailles. Centre de recherche. Banque d'images

  • L-***Germany, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

    searches for Jesuit prints, portraits, full text books in Germany's digital library, whatever library in Germany may be holding these items.

  • L-***Germany, DTA

    Deutsches Text Archiv (DTA) wants to publish online a core corpus of German texts, issued between ca. 1650 and 1900, which are of interest to multiple scientific disciplines. The texts are edited on the basis of their first editions. Texts will be searchable in full-text mode.

  • L-***Germany, German books 16th c. on web

    Kind of portal for 16th c. German books that have appeared on the web.

  • L-***Germany, Kalliope

    Kalliope. Verbundkatalog Nachlässe und Autographen.

    More than 1 million references to catalogues with files from over a 100 libraries, archives, musea and research institutes in Germany are traceable.

    Enter Jesuit in 'Beruf', in "Sucheinstieg Personen" and find all possible references to Jesuits contained in the database

  • L-***Germany, Munich, BSB : digital jesuitica & provenances

    Portal to all 16th century digitalized books, printed in German-speaking territories, with 'jesuit?' in the title,  from the Munich Bayrische Staatsbibliothek.

    All jesuit (theological) books digitized in BSB, Munich

    BSB Incunables and their provenances (some from former Jesuit libraries of colleges and residences, and individual Jesuits) (annotated PDF file)


  • L-***Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate : dilibri

    Jesuit-related fully digitized books in German regional library system of Rheinland-Pfalz (dilibri). 

    Dilibri is the digitized collection of regional studies literature related to Rhineland-Palatinate and of imprints preserved at Rhineland-Palatine libraries.The participants of dilibri are the Landesbibliothekszentrum Rheinland-Pfalz (State Library Centre of Rhineland-Palatinate) with the Rheinische Landesbibliothek Koblenz, the Pfälzische Landesbibliothek Speyer and the Bibliotheca Bipontina Zweibrücken as well as the Trier University Library, the city libraries of KoblenzMainzTrier and Worms and the library of the priest seminary of Trier.With financial support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Germany's largest research funding organisation) 16th- and 17th-century German imprints are scanned and presented in dilibri.

  • L-***Germany, VD17

    Verzeichnis der im deutschen Sprachraum erschienenen Drucke des 17. Jahrhunderts (VD17) - 17th century full text Jesuit editions from German-speaking countries

    Jesuitica items in VD17

  • L-***Germany, VD18

    Search for 'jesuit' in this database of works printed in Germany in the 18th century.

  • L-***Historicum.net

    historicum.net - geschichtswissenschaftliche Informationsangebote im Internet [only in German], searching for "jesuit"

  • L-***History, recension Journal Sehepunkte

    Journal publishing reviews. Interesting to find reviews of published books.

  • L-***INASP

    International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

    leads to several national journal databases, searchable for jesuitica

  • L-***Infomine

    Metasite that might set you on the road

  • L-***Italy, Libraweb

    The Online Integrated Platform of

    Fabrizio Serra editore, Pisa · Roma
    An Authoritative International Academic Press since 1928 and Italy's Foremost Publisher of Scholarly Journals

    Accademia editoriale, Pisa · Roma / Edizioni dell'Ateneo, Roma / Giardini editori e stampatori in Pisa
    Gruppo editoriale internazionale, Pisa · Roma / Istituti editoriali e poligrafici internazionali, Pisa · Roma

  • L-***Italy, ManusOnline: Jesuit manuscripts

    ManusOnline, is a database with descriptions and digitized images of manuscripts kept in Italian public, ecclesiastical and private libraries. The Historical Archive of the Gregorian University has added a set of authority records for the Jesuit names that appear in the database.

    Choose ‘simple search’ , enter ‘gesuita’ and see lots of manuscripts, held in Italian libraries, that are related to the Jesuits as Society (in a particular location) or to a particular Jesuit.

  • L-***Italy, SBN catalogue

    Opac of Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (Union catalogue of Italy)

    Choose: libri antico/ancient books - Keyword: "gesuiti"
    Filtering possible per year, e.g: 1760

  • L-***L'encyclopédie de l'Agora

    Searching for "jésuite" in this on-line encyclopedia (Quebec, Canada)

  • L-***LibSearch
  • L-***London Review of Books

    Search the LRB database with either 'advanced search' or 'bibliographic search' (date range setting is possible) to find reviews of books dealing with 'jesuits' in any sense ...

  • L-***Netherlands, EDBO

    Early Dutch Books Online, searching for 'societas Jesu' ...

    Early Dutch Books Online gives full-text access to more than 2 million pages in 10,000 books from the Dutch-speaking region from the period 1781-1800. The project is a collaboration between the Royal Library of the Netherlands and the university libraries of Amsterdam and Leiden. Books from the Special Collections of these libraries have been digitized and made available on word level via this website

  • L-***OAIster (search engine)

    OAIster - Find the pearls

    Search engine

    OAISTER was originally developed at the University of Michigan Libraries with the support of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. OAIster records are fully accessible through WorldCat.org, and will be included in WorldCat.org search results along with records from thousands of libraries worldwide.

  • L-***Online Books Page

    We list some of the major sources and indexes of free online texts, in all languages, both general and specialized; a service from the University of Pennsylvania, edited by John Mark Ockerbloom.

    Search function

  • L-***OpenDoar

    searching the repositories via OpenDoar [Directory of Open Access Repositories]

  • L-***PhilPapers

    PhilPapers. Online research in philosophy

    searches anything jesuit... related to the philosophical discipline

  • L-***PRDL

    Post-Reformation Digital Library (PRDL) The Post-Reformation Digital Library (PRDL) is a select database that organizes the vast array of publicly available digital sources on the development of theology and philosophy during the early modern era (late 15th-18th c.). The PRDL spans collections from major research libraries, independent scholarly initiatives, and corporate documentation projects. The PRDL does not directly host digital copies of sources, but rather assembles links to publicly available sources from permanent collections. The core of the PRDL project involves the organization of thousands of documents available in digital form from select digital libraries from Europe and North America, which are making digitized forms of their holdings available to the public. The project covers the work of thousands of authors from a wide variety of theological, philosophical, and ecclesiastical traditions. The PRDL is an independent scholarly initiative currently affiliated with the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies of Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary.

    ... interesting for context of work of many jesuit authors, reference works, secondary sources and links page

    Some examples:

    Louis Richeome, S.J. (1544-1625)

    and several other Jesuit authors, like ...


  • L-***Q-Sensei

    Q-Sensei Scholar (scholar.qsensei.com) is a free web-based service to easily find information and drill-down details on over 40 million books and scholarly articles from the Library of Congress, the National Library of Medicine, arXiv, IngentaConnect, and Research Papers in Economics (RePEC).

  • L-***Sciencegate

    The aim of Sciencegate is to make scientific literature from the open access segment available free of charge on the internet. Sciencegate is an initiative of the company Point Software AG. (Zurich, Switzerland). In order to achieve this goal, scientific data from over 3,000 universities and open access journals are collected, categorised and refined in the Sciencegate internal database, which currently contains over 60 million data records relating to scientific articles. 

    Also access to full text books, published elsewhere.

    Filtering according to topics available. Multilingual interface.

  • L-***Slavistik-Portal

    Metasearch engine, useful for jesuitica in Eastern Europe and Russia... hosted by Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

  • L-***Spain a.o. (Fund. I. Larramendi)

    Portal to spanish-portuguese-brasilian-hispanoamerican digitized books.

  • L-***Spain, 360 grados, digital platform

    360° La ciencia, cultura y la sociedad a través de nuestras revistas. Aggregator of Spanish journals (academic, cultural).

  • L-***Spain, Biblioteca virtual

    Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliográfico

    enter 'jesuit*' in "General", in "Búsqueda sencilla"

  • L-***Spain, Digital.CSIC

    Welcome to Digital.CSIC, the Institutional Repository of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

    Digital.CSIC is a repository of digital documents, designed for organising, archiving, preserving and disseminating via open access the intellectual output generated as a product of the CSIC research activities.

    Allows for multiple search interfaces. Very handy.

  • L-***Spanish-speaking, Hypotheses

    Scholarly blogs consultable for jesuit related research and research results

  • L-***SUDOC

    French collective catalogue created by Higher Educational and Research libraries and resource centres. Searchable for all kinds of jesuitica items: books, dissertations etc.

  • L-***Switzerland, E-rara

    searching for jesuitica in the E-rara, the platform for digitized rare books from Swiss libraries.

  • L-***Switzerland, Ethorama

    The new platform ETHorama makes it easy to browse through historical and contemporary articles, images, rare books and maps related to Switzerland. The digitalised documents from ETH-Bibliothek’s holdings are constantly being added to. Moreover, ETHorama will be supplemented with additional functionalities for optimum use by mid-2015.

  • L-***UK, Core

    CORE is a large aggregator of content (several million publications from hundreds of Open Access repositories) on top of which value added services are provided.

  • L-***UK, EthOS

    EthOS (Electronic theses online service), a service of the British Library : online access to UK dissertations

  • L-***USA, CCRA

    Welcome to the Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA)

    The CRRA is a collaborative effort initiated by eight Catholic colleges and universities to share their resources electronically with librarians, archivists, researchers, scholars, and the general public, all who are interested in the Catholic experience. The mission of the CRRA is to provide enduring global access to Catholic research resources. Our immediate focus is creating access to those rare, unique and uncommon research materials relating to every aspect of the Catholic experience, which are held by college, university, and seminary libraries and archives in North America.


  • L-***USA, Getty search gateway

    Searches "jesuitica" via the Getty Search Gateway across several of the Getty repositories, including collections databases, library catalogs, collection inventories, and archival finding aids.

    This tool is designed to help researchers, scholars, and educators discover the variety of resources available across the Getty's collections, which include collections in each the four programs: the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation, and the Getty Research Institute.

  • L-***USA, PQDT Open dissertations

    Searching "jesuit" (2000-2015) in dissertations, published in open access by PQDT Open (ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Open).
    PQDT Open is a repository of entire PDF full text open access dissertations and theses submitted to UMI ProQuest.

  • L-***USTC

    Universal short title catalogue (St.Andrews Univ., Scotland, UK)

  • L-***Vifaost

    Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Osteuropa

    interesting for jesuit materials regarding Eastern Europe

  • L-***WorldWide Science

    searching for 'jesuit*' ...

  • L-***worldwide, Familysearch

    Searching 'jesuit' via www.familysearch

  • L-**-Spain, Basque culture

    Sancho el Sabio - Vital Fundación: catalogue and digital holdings pertaining to Basque culture (Spain).

  • L-**18th century studies, resources

    Lists selected readings in the field of Eighteenth century studies. Going via the search engine (Jesuit, names) provides a lot of hits of secondary literature ...

  • L-**Academia.eu (Jesuit history)

    Finds all jesuit related articles once uploaded in the section 'Jesuit History' on Academia.eu

  • L-**ALEX

    ALEX catalogue of electronic texts, created by Eric Lease Morgan. Going by 'jesuit' takes one to "strange" texts ...

  • L-**Archivenet

    Guide to archives in the Netherlands and Flanders, and far beyond in Europe and the world.

  • L-**Australia, Dictionary of Biography

    All entries related to the Jesuits, the first 20 dealing with biographies of Jesuits once at work in Australia

  • L-**Austria, Archives Upper-Austria

    Jesuit related resources in the archives of Oberösterreichisches Landesarchiv

  • L-**Austria, Vienna, Bibliotheca Sinica

    Jesuit missionaries in the bibliographic database "Bibliotheca Sinica", on Sino-Western Cultural relations, compiled in Vienna (Austria) .

  • L-**Austria-Slovakia, univ. libraries

    Jesuitica in the library catalogues of the universities of Graz, Linz, Bratislava und Innsbruck

  • L-**Belgium, Antwerp, Felixarchief

    Archives Antwerp city, holds some documents regarding Jesuits.

    enter 'jesuit' in search field [zoektermen]



    16. Huurceel

    (14/12/1684 - 14/12/1684)

      2      12 # 4604   Blad 11. Wilrijk, Jezuietenkasteel, kasteel Den Brandt, kasteel Middelheim   (01/01/1809 - 31/12/1809)
      3      12 # 3203   Blad 8. Vogelzang (1/2500)   (15/03/1812 - 15/03/1812)
      4      186 # 462 54162 Brand van de Carolus Borromeuskerk in 1718 (p. 200)   (01/01/1888 - 31/12/1888)
      5      186 # 476   Het Jezuïetenhuis (p. 225)   (01/01/1888 - 31/12/1888)
      6      12 # 9327   Lessius, Leonardus (1554-1623); jezuïet en theoloog   (01/01/1760 - 31/12/1775 : ca. 1760-1775)

    results search on Aug 9, 2015

  • L-**Belgium, Archiefbank Vlaanderen

    Since 2005, Archiefbank Vlaanderen has been assembling information on Flemish private archives in an online database. In these "Golden Pages", the public will find information about archives of individuals, families and organisations. Where are they kept? What are their contents? Are they consultable? Does an inventory exist? Archiefbank Vlaanderen does not show the archival documents themselves, but it does indicate how to get to them. Searching for "jezuieten" yields some leads...

  • L-**Belgium, Jesuit-related archives in state archives

    Jesuits as depositors of archives in State archives of Belgium.

  • L-**Belgium, K.U.Leuven Dissertations about Jesuits

    Find all KU Leuven (Catholic University at Leuven, Belgium) doctoral dissertations and projects about Jesuits., in the repository LIRIAS.

  • L-**Belgium, Mechelen, Beeldbank

    Regionale beeldbank (Mechelen and environment): Images database. Upon entering 'jezuiet' in the "Snel zoeken" (fast search) box, a series of photographs of the former Jesuit church (Sint Peter and Paul) at Mechelen appear.

  • L-**Belgium, musea Oost-Vlaanderen

    Database of the holdings of the different provincial musea in the province of Oost-Vlaanderen (capital: Gent), featuring some items related to Jesuits or Jesuit houses.

  • L-**Belgium, Namur, CDDR

    Digitalized bibliographic cards of the former Jesuit Library "Centre de Documentation et de Recherche Religieuse" at the "Bibliothèque universitaire Moretus Plantin", Namur.

  • L-**Belgium, Namur, Neptun
    Neptun : NumÉrisation du PaTrimoine de l'Université de Namur
    finds several jesuitica, o.o. Flora Sinensis (Boym)
  • L-**Belgium, Samarcande

    Belgian portal of Francophone libraries, searching for "jésuites"

  • L-**BETH
    BETH is an ecumenical association of the national theological library associations in Europe.
  • L-**Bibliography of Asia Studies

    Searches for all items relative to the Jesuits (missions, persons, establishments, works, science etc.) in Asia.

    Refined search by facets possible (chapters, articles, time periods, journals...)

    This on-line version of the Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) contains 869,901 records on all subjects (especially in the humanities and the social sciences) pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide from 1971 to the present. In addition to entries compiled since 1997, the online BAS includes the full data of all of the printed volumes of the BAS issued from the 1971 up to the 1991 volumes (published in 1997). 

    Hosted by the University of Michigan University Library. It is available via library subscription. For how to subscribe, and other information, please go to the the Association for Asian Studies.

  • L-**Bibliography Stauros

    Specialized bibliography on Christ's passion and human suffering, maintained by Stauros (Passionist Congregation) since 1975. Volumes since 1992 are available on-line...

  • L-**Bibliography, Univ. of Birmingham

    Bibliography of neolatin texts as a starting point for full texts and other resources...

    Search section per section via browser search function: "jesuit"

  • L-**Biobibdata (Belgium, Hanselaer)

    Online database related biographical and bibliographical data pertaining to Belgian prints before 1801 updated by Johan Hanselaer. Very handy when looking to buy e.g. an old Jesuit edition.

  • L-**Biodiversity Heritage Library

    The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) is a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries that cooperate to digitize and make accessible the legacy literature of biodiversity held in their collections and to make that literature available for open access and responsible use as a part of a global “biodiversity commons.” The published literature on biological diversity has limited global distribution; much of it is available in only a few select libraries in the developed world. These collections are of exceptional value because the domain of systematic biology depends, more than any other science, upon historic literature. Yet, this wealth of knowledge is available only to those few who can gain direct access to significant library collections. Literature about the biota existing in developing countries is often not available within their own borders. Biologists have long considered that access to the published literature is one of the chief impediments to the efficiency of research in the field. Free global access to digital literature repatriates information about the earth’s species to all parts of the world.

    Results of a search for “Jesuit


  • L-**Brasil, Sumários (scientific journals)

    Sumários de Revistas Brasileiras (Sumários.org) is an indexed database of Brasilian scientific journals.

    Enter "jesuita' in "

  • L-**Brasil, Sumários (scientific journals)

    Sumários de Revistas Brasileiras (Sumários.org) is an indexed database of Brasilian scientific journals.

  • L-**Brazil, Rede memória

    Rede da memória virtual brasileira [Digital repository: web of Brazilian virtual memory]

  • L-**Brittanica, "Jesuitica"

    A search for Jesuit-related items in the Encyclopedia Brittanica (online version)

  • L-**CAMENA (Historica-Politica)

    University of Heidelberg, + Univ. Mannheim,

    CAMENA - Corpus Automatum Multiplex Electorum Neolatinitatis Auctorum - Abteilung HISTORICA & POLITICA

    Includes Jesuitica: Historia Societatis Jesu (vol. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5/1 - 5/2) ; Bisselius

  • L-**CAMENA (Poemata)

    Heidelberg University, digitization project

    CAMENA - Corpus Automatum Multiplex Electorum Neolatinitatis Auctorum - Section POEMATA

    includes Jesuits: Avancini N., Balde, Bidermann, Bisselius, Pontanus, von Weitenauer

  • L-**Canada, Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

    Searching "jesuit" in Keywords yielded more than 700 items ..

  • L-**Canada-France, Archives

    searching for Jesuit-related items (mainly letters)

    site dedicated to: Histoire d'une terre française en Amerique

  • L-**CERL

    Site of Consortium of European Research Libraries.

    Interesting for provenance research and printers' data (CERL Thesaurus).

  • L-**Chile, National Library Catalogue

    National Library in Santiago, Chile has well-organized catalogues, yielded a good number of Jesuit-related items (jesuita, jesuitas, jesuitica, jesuiticas de america)

  • L-**China and the West (Zurich)

    Search for the Jesuit presence in this database: Cultural relations between China and the West (1245-2000): a biographic & bibliographic database. The Ostasiatisches Seminar (OAS) of the University of Zurich, Switzerland has started a free-access database project, dedicated to cultural relations between China and the West, that links systematically collected and scientifically validated biographical and bibliographical information. The main items are chronology and names, which are indexed and searchable, and the subject fields are: history, religion, history of missions, travel and legation accounts, history of media, geography, history of universities, sinology, literature, philosophy, art, and science.

  • L-**China, Perspectives

    The website of Perspectives on Artistic and Cultural Exchanges between Europe and East Asia, 1600-1800 has a bibliografic section, in which lots of jesuit-related entries appear. This two-year project ended in July 2012, but the site continues to operate. 

    Wang Cheng-hua (Organizer, Multi-Perspectival Contemplation) (Taiwan)


  • L-**Chinese Christian Texts Database

    The Chinese Christian Texts Database (CCT-Database) is a research database of primary and secondary sources concerning the cultural contacts between China and Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (from 1582 to ca. 1840). The cultural contacts comprise documents in the various fields of cultural interaction: religion, philosophy, science, art, etc.

    Searching jesuitica can e.g. by entering 'jesuit' in the search field... or by looking for a particular name

    Notice the following (update 2014):

    • Before entering the database, you will find on the left sidebar “Categories”: if you enter through this way, you will find a systematic overview of the categories used in the database
    • At present there are already more than 10.000 records in the database. Recently efforts have been made to increase European primary sources. However notice that this is merely a referential database: due to copyright regulations, the original items are not provided, except if there is an internet link
    • Finally, it is always appreciated to make reference to the database in your publications if you have used it: this increases the academic community that may also take benefit from it.
  • L-**Czech Rep., Knihopis

    Czech incunabula and old prints (1476-1800) on-line.

     Search database

  • L-**Czech Rep., Olomouc libr.

    History of research library of Olomouc (once SJ) with full text books available (some jesuit related)

  • L-**Czech Republic, BIBLIO database

    The database BIBLIO is a working database of the Bibliographical department of the Library of the Historical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. It contains monographs and articles in periodicals and collections of historical orientation published after the year 1990, with the bohemical character (Czech author, Czech topic, published in the Czech Republic). The database serves as a groundwork for the publishing of the yearbook Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands.

    Enter "jesuit" and the year of publication...

  • L-**Czech Republic, Bio-Bibliographical Database of Members of the Religious Order Living in the Czech Lands in the Early Modern Age

    Bio-Bibliographical Database of Members of the Religious Order Living in the Czech Lands in the Early Modern Age, database created in 2010. History of project

    Search results for 'jesuit'

  • L-**Czech Republic, Czech Academy of Sciences

    Searching for 'jesuit' at the catalogue of the The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic . Finds all of the cognates of "jesuit..."

  • L-**Czech Republic, dissertations

    Theses.cz is a system developed and administered by Masaryk University.

    Can be used to find Jesuit-related dissertations (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral dissertations).

  • L-**Czech Republic, Provenio provenance database

    Provenio database (main page also in English, remainder so far only in Czech).

    Seach 'jesuit' and find an ex-libris of the Chomutov college.

  • L-**Digital Library of Catholic Reformation

    Jesuit authors in the Digital Library of Catholic Reformation

  • L-**Digmap

    DIGMAP is a service for resource discovery and access to old maps and related resources, with a focus on their geographic information. Search done for maps related to the Jesuits.

  • L-**Drama, Univ. of Warwick

    University of Warwick collection concerning 'drama'  [Ancien Régime drama - Revolutionary drama - Empire Period drama - Restoration drama]. Advanced search allows to look for words like 'jesuit', or 'jésuite' in the different texts.

  • L-**e-corpus

    Searching for 'jesuit' and 'jésuite' in e-corpus

    e-corpus is a collective digital library that catalogs and disseminates numerous documents: manuscripts, archives, books, journals, prints, audio recordings, video, etc.

    This diverse platform presents cultural diversity worldwide and specifically in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

    e-corpus proposes a variety of themes and a large quantity of digital documents presented by numerous organizations and countries.

  • L-**Early Modern Architecture

    Early Modern Architecture: Design, Theory, History Redrawn. Early Modern Architecture explores global, interdisciplinary frameworks for the architecture (design, theory, and practice) of Europe and its colonies, c.1400-c.1800. This site particularly disseminates and fosters international scholarly exchange of innovative research and education.  We seek to showcase new methodologies that link areas of architectural history, art history, and the humanities.

    Searching for jesuitica.

  • L-**Eastern Europe-Herder Institut

    Jesuits in the database of the HERDER Institut für historische Ostmitteleuropaforschung – Institut der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft. Research on Eastern Europe (Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kaliningrad region)

  • L-**EBSEES

    European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (articles from 1991-2007), pertinent for searching articles on Jesuits in Eastern Europe and Russia

  • L-**EEBO

    Early English Books On-line (EEBO)

    A website with more than 600 jesuitica items full text on-line, available to subscribing institutions. Search via keyword 'jesuit' and find ...

    Searchable via imprint/country

  • L-**Electronic Enlightenment

    searches for letters where Jesuits are mentioned in database (subscription only) of Electronic Enlightenment ... a leading scholarly resource for correspondence in the early modern period, supported by the Centre for the Study of the Book, a centre for fostering research into books across academic and professional specialisms. Both groups are scholarly departments of the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford.

    Electronic Enlightenment is a wholly non-commercial, not-for-profit academic research and publishing project — a project of the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. The team who bring you this great resource is small but dedicated to pushing forward EE's scholarly technology for the benefit of all — an act of "electronic enlightenment". Your subscriptions underwrite the continued availability and growth of this unique undertaking.

  • L-**ERIC

    ERIC, Education Resources Information Center provides unlimited access to more than 1.3 million bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials, with hundreds of new records added multiple times per week. If available, links to full text are included. Finds all (English?) materials regarding Jesuit educational matters. Search options allow for differentiation according to educational levels, enter 'Jesuit' as keyword / title word.

  • L-**Europe (Eastern), Litdok

    searching for items related to Jesuit schools in Eastern Europe... via Litdok [Literaturdokumentation zur Geschichte Ostmitteleuropas - LitDok Ostmitteleuropa], maintained via the Herder Institut, Marburg.

  • L-**Europe, EROMM (microfilms a.o.)

    European Register of Microform and Digital Masters (EROMM) 

    EROMM Search is the new main retrieval service of EROMM. It combines the well-established EROMM Classic with its detailed bibliographic descriptions of digital and microfilm master with a new database called “EROMM Web Search”, which is reaching out to resources in the webEROMM Search gives you more results than ever before.

    EROMM is a consortium of libraries and library networks. The founding agreement dates back to 1994. The first group of four libraries, which had cooperated since 1990 in the second only of European Union library projects, resolved to run the register of preservation surrogates as a permanent service. Since then, EROMM has evolved from a register recording microform masters into a database recording any printed or hand-written item available in surrogate, be it on microfilm or in digital form.

  • L-**European Library

    Searching for 'jesuit*' in the digital collection, or the national libraries ....

  • L-**Festival books (Japanese Jesuits)

    Ito Mancio (1570-1612), Japanese Jesuit
    Chijiwa, Miguel (b. 1569), Japanese Jesuit
    Nakaura, Julian (Julião) (1569-1632), Japanese Jesuit priest
    Hara Martinho (1568-1628), Japanese Jesuit

  • L-**Forbidden books (17th c.)

    Livres interdits et censure au XVIIe siècle [CRH17 - Centre de recherches sur l'histoire du livre au XVIIe siècle, Switzerland]

    Jesuitica in the database

    Index of titles

  • L-**France (Heritage)

    Architecture et Patrimoine: French heritage site, searchable for works of art held at French Jesuit establishments...

  • L-**France, 18th c., Dictionaries of classical press

    Formerly published dictionaries, like the Dictionnaire des journalistes. 1600-1789 (PUG, 1976), the Dictionnaire des journaux. 1600-1789 (Universitas et Voltaire Foundation, 1991) and the second Dictionnaire des journalistes.1600-1789 (Voltaire Foundation, 1999) have now been integrated and put online. Interesting for studying the 18th c. French context of e.g. the 'Mémoires de Trévoux' 

  • L-**France, AGON database

    Database AGON: La dispute: cas, querelles, controverses & création à l'époque moderne

    Database with the objective to produce an inventary of all disputes and controversies that made up the intellectual space during the modern era (16-18th c.), both in France and Great Britain, in the creative disciplines (letters and arts, philosophy, science, religion and politics). 

    Search for 'jesuit' produced some results.

  • L-**France, Alsatica

    Seaches database "Portail des Savoirs en Alsace": jesuiten, jesuit, jésuite, jesuitarum etc.

  • L-**France, ancient local press articles

    Based on the  Bibliographie de la presse française politique et d'information générale  (BIPFPIG) .

    Search for Jesuit-related news items according to localities (département) in France.

  • L-**France, Archives Comp. des Indes

    Allows e.g. for checking whether any given person ever travelled to the East with their vessels... Work in progress, based on documents at the Archives in Lorient, France.

  • L-**France, Archives MEP

    Archives of the MEP (Missions étrangeres de Paris). Interesting sources regarding Chinese Rites question. Use 'recherche' window to search for 'jésuite' or a particular name.

  • L-**France, authority records

    Very handy tool to establish history of a given jesuit entity in France. Enter "Jésuite" or "Compagnie de Jésus" or any given name of a Jesuit.

  • L-**France, BDIC

    Bibliothèque de documentation internationale contemporaine: items since 1970 already available

  • L-**France, Bibliothèque Numérique Patrimoine Astronomique Provençal

    Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers, Institut PYTHEAS

  • L-**France, BnF

    Seaching for digitized jesuit prints at the Bibliothèque nationale de France

    go to the Catalogue, and then choose

    Recherches spécialisées  -->  documents numérisés --> choose as 'critère': "sujet": then enter: either 'jésuite" or 'jésuites" or "jesuit"

  • L-**France, c18.net

    The site c18.net is dedicated to projects and publications of the Centre international d'étude du XVIIIe siècle of Ferney-Voltaire.

    Memoires de Trévoux

  • L-**France, Calames

    Calames, or online Catalogue of archives and manuscripts in French university and research libraries

  • L-**France, Cat.Inist

    Cat.inist or about 15 million bibliographic records (back to 1973) of documents held in the INIST/CNRS collections and covering all fields of worldwide research in Science, Technology, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences.

    Freely accessible, Cat.inist provides a direct link to our document copy ordering service.

    A good guide to a lot of Jesuitica secondary sources...

  • L-**France, Catalogue Collectif de France

    enter 'jesuite' and have all references in French libraries and archives, relative to Jesuits...

  • L-**France, Data BnF

    The data.bnf.fr project endeavours to make the data produced by Bibliothèque nationale de France (French National Library) more useful on the Web. It gathers various BnF resources and external resources on pages devoted to an author, a work, or a subject. These pages organize the Web contents, links, and services provided by BnF. Available online since July 2011, data.bnf.fr is still evolving and expanding.

    Selection of data pertaining to Jesuits.

  • L-**France, Dictionary of Paris printers

    Index to the Dictionnaire des Imprimeurs, libraires et gens du livre à Paris 1701-1789. Full access to the dictionary not (yet) available. [Institut d'Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine-CNRS]

  • L-**France, dissertations about SJ topics

    This French site lists theses according to topics. Jesuits and all matters Jesuit are some of them... One can also try some specific names of Jesuits, like e.g. Gaubil, Teilhard. Dissertations already defended and dissertations on the way can be found.

  • L-**France, Dominican libraries

    Opac of Dominican libraries of Grimal, Montpellier, Toulouse. Plenty of search possibilities.

  • L-**France, HAL

    HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research papers, whether they are published or not, and for PhD dissertation. The documents may come from teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or private research centers.

  • L-**France, HAL-SHS

    The open archives HAL-SHS (Hyper Article en Ligne - Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société) is meant to be a digital library for the intellectual output related to the human sciences. [articles published or not, dissertations etc;]
    Use the 'recherche simple' : "jésuit" to retrieve any jesuit related article.

    Other scientific fields can be accessed through the more general pages

  • L-**France, Jesuit education

    Interesting site for searching articles and books about Jesuit education (in France): search for "jésuite" or "Jesu" in the title field of the browser window.

  • L-**France, La Joconde

    La Joconde. Portail des collections des musées de France [Portal for collections in the musea of France]

    Search via "accès au catalogue" for  'Jésuite", art objects that are in one way or another connected to (a) Jesuit(s).

    Or find art objects that formerly belonged to the Jesuits, in France and elsewhere, but are now housed in French musea, via 'jesuites' in one the variable search windows [catalogue / recherche avancée / anciennes provenances].

  • L-**France, Lectura

    Lectura: common catalogue of cities of Rhône-Alpes region; searching for 'jésuite' also renders former jesuit provenances of books kept in their holdings.

  • L-**France, Library Centre Sèvres

    On-line catalogue (cataloguing still  ongoing) of the Bibliothèque du Centre Sèvres (Facultés jésuites de Paris) [French interface]. Holds since 1999 a.o. the 'jesuitica' collection of the former 'Bibliothèque des Fontaines'.

    The sections on jesuit spirituality, the history of the Society, the missions, biographies and polemics around the old Society are complete.  An older article published in Archivum Historicum Societatis Jesu (vol. LXIX, 2000, p. 197) gives an update on the actual holdings, anno 2000.

    List of jesuitica (French only)

    List of Jesuit manuscripts (short description, in French)

  • L-**France, Lille, Virtual library (jesuitica)

    Site of Bibliothèque Patrimoniale Virtuelle Pôle Universitaire Européen Lille Nord-Pas de Calais, offering some full text versions of rare books, among them some jesuitica. See "Liste thématique", choose "Histoire de l'église chrétienne", "Physique" and "Civilisation chinoise". To access the different pages of the books, click on the heads in the top menu bar.

  • L-**France, Lyon, Bibliothèque municipale

    Jesuit related digitized items at the Bibliothèque municipale digital library [Numelyo] of Lyon (France).

  • L-**France, Lyon, Jesuit Slavic collection

    This collection goes back to the Jesuit library at Meudon, which was transfered to Lyon in the Summer of 2002. It is the result of a fusion of the "Bibliothèque Slave de Paris (Gagarine collection)" and the "Bibliothèque du Centre d'Etudes Russes (collection Saint Georges)".
    Two complementary institutions in Lyon are partners in hosting the 80,000 volumes for a deposit of fifty years :

    • The "Ecole normale supérieure Lettres et Sciences humaines" (ENS) holds the collections dealing with the humanities, as well as the works and periodicals dealing with emigration,  the "Fonds slave des jésuites"
    • The "Bibliothèque municipale de la Ville de Lyon" (Lyon municipal library), already hosting the former Jesuit library at Fontaines, accepted the volumes dealing with literature and the arts.

    Catalogue (choose ENSL Fonds slave)

    Digitalization (project underway)

  • L-**France, Lyon, Provenance research

    jesuit provenances for books held in the 'fonds ancien' at the Municipal library of Lyon: enter "jesuite" in "advanced research" / "transcription"

  • L-**France, Musea (pictures)

    Agence photo de la Réunion des musées

    This site created by the 'agence photographique de la Réunion des musées nationaux et du Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées' offers everyone, professionnal or not, access to a fabulous catalogue of art images on-line.

    Search-Keyword - "Jesuit" and you'll find a host of images of Jesuits.
  • L-**France, Parisian auction catalogues database

    Project at the ELEC (Éditions en ligne de l'École de Chartes), allowing research into auction catalogues contained in Parisian libraries. (only French interface)

  • L-**France, Provenance database (Lyon)

    The "Provenance database" features images of these marks of ownership identifying their owners. It intends to provide elements to establish the intellectual and geographical itinerary of the books through the institutions or people who owned and read them.

    Search window

  • L-**France, provenances (bibliothèque Institut de France)

    Jesuit provenances

  • L-**France, RefDoc

    Scientific article search and order service. A service provided by the Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique (INIST) of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

    Tremendous resource for secondary literature... Opac in French, English, Spanish, Italian

    Formerly: ArticleSciences 

  • L-**France, Retronews

    Three centuries of French newspaper articles online, searchable and sortable.

  • L-**France, Sainte-Genevieve libr.

    Looking for old Jesuit items at the Parisian Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève

  • L-**France, SIEFAR

    Société Internationale pour l'Etude des Femmes de l'Ancien Régime, hosting the interesting database about women in the Ancien Regime: Dictionnaire des femmes de l'Ancien Régime, in which Jesuits figure from time to time in the descriptions given (e.g. E. Binet and Anne de Caumont).

    Researching 'Jésuite' in the dictionary

  • L-**France, Toulouse

    Jesuitica in the digital library of the Université de Toulouse "Tolosana": la bibliothèque virtuelle des fonds anciens

  • L-**Germania Sacra

    Database operated at the University of Göttingen.

    Search for  Suchbegriff 'jesuit' in 'Institution' (first field), or Suchbegriff 'sj' in 'Orden' (first field)

  • L-**Germany, b2i

    Handbuch der historischen Buchbestände in Deutschland, Österreich und Europa.

    Ed. Bernhard Fabian. Digitalized by Günter Kükenshöner.
    Hildesheim: Olms Neue Medien 2003.

    Portal at the University of Göttingen: gets one to the libraries in Europe with a large section of German books (only in German)

  • L-**Germany, BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

    University of Bielefeld, academic search engine

  • L-**Germany, Bavaria, Historical Encyclopaedia

    Results for 'jesuit' search in the Historical Encyclopaedia of Bavaria

  • L-**Germany, Bibliotheca Hertziana

    Max Planck Institute for art history - search for jesuitica via 'jesuit' in 'subject window'

  • L-**Germany, Bildindex

    Bildindex der Kunst und Architektur : Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte - Bildarchiv Foto Marburg
    Database of this index has about 2 million images of art and architecture, from 13 different countries. Some 80 partners are involved in the image delivery.

    Just enter 'jesuit*' in the 'Gesamtindex' window. Searching a particular name is also possible.

  • L-**Germany, Bundesarchiv

    National Archives of Germany, contains links to various archival holdings. E.g. search 'Jesuit' via Kalliope.... [some interfaces are German only]

  • L-**Germany, Deutsche Biographie

    Jesuits in the German online biography: Deutsche Biographie

  • L-**Germany, DigiBib

    Search portal for German (and other) catalogues of all kinds, maintained by the Hochschulbibliothekszentrum des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.

  • L-**Germany, DigiZeitschriften

    Digitized journals (mainly historical, also recent) from Germany. Access not completely free.

    Search 'jesuit' or any of the preset lemmata

  • L-**Germany, DMGLib

    Digital Mechanism and Gear Library (maintained by Technische Universität Ilmenau)

    Enter "jesuit" in search window and see...

  • L-**Germany, Electronic journals Library

    searches which journals are freely accessible, and which are to be paid for

  • L-**Germany, German National Library

    Deutsche Nationalbibliothek

    Seach Jesuits and find all their pseudonyms etc.



  • L-**Germany, GVK: union catalogue
  • L-**Germany, Incunabula

    Gesamtkatolog der Wiegendrucke / Union Catalogue of Incunabula Database

    Helpful if one wants to find out in which ([former] Jesuit) libraries certain incunables are to be found.

  • L-**Germany, Kalliope

    Database of autographs, held in different libraries and institutions in Germany, maintained by the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin.

    Search for jesuitica: enter "jesuit" in Sucheinsteig Personen  (Beruf) or Sucheinsteig Autographen (Titel)

  • L-**Germany, Leibniz and the Jesuits

    Site of the Akademie-Ausgabe of the Leibniz volumes

    • Bände der Akademie-Ausgabe:  go for the Druckausgabe, and make search via 'Ctr-F': 'jesuit'.  In the summary one will find a hint to the presence of any Jesuit in that part.
    • Kumuliertes Korrespondenzverzeichnis: look for individual names, in all of the volumes (e.g. Bouvet)
  • L-**Germany, Personendaten (database)

    Enter "Jesuit" in 'Aspecten' search window and discover two hundred plus links to Jesuit-related items, entered in this persons' database (Personendaten-Repositorium), authored and maintained by the Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Berlin).

  • L-**Germany, PubMan

    PubMan is the publication repository of the Max Planck Society. It contains bibliographic data and numerous fulltexts of the publications of its researchers.
    The repository is based on eSciDoc.PubMan, a publication repository software developed by the Max Planck Digital Library.

  • L-**Germany, Theology and Church search engine

    Münster search engine, with special attention to personal bibliographies of researchers, and professors (including Jesuits!).

  • L-**Germany, UrMEL

    Universal Electronic Multimedia Library, Thüringen and beyond (Jena, Erfurt); database searchable for journals, historical volumes (Lutheran theology e.g.)

  • L-**Germany, ZVDD

    Zentrales Verzeichnis Digitalisierter Drucke (ZVDD) portal searches for jesuitica items (that were digitized in Germany). Finds books, articles in journals, encyclopedia... Try different entries, such as ... jesu; jesu/; jesuit; jesuite; jesuiten; jesuits; jesuiten-bibliothek; jesuiten-kollegien, jésuite etc.

  • L-**Gutenberg Project

    Portal for digitized texts ...

  • L-**Hungary, Eötvös Loránd University Libr.

    The University Library of Eötvös Loránd University is one of the oldest and even now recently active public library in Hungary. The genesis of the University's library is traceable to a jesuit college's library which was founded in 1561. The University was founded by Pázmány Péter, the Primate of Hungary in 1635, in Nagyszombat (now Trnava, Slovakia.) The university and the library - with more than 15 000 volumes - moved to Buda in 1777, and in 1784 to Pest.

  • L-**Iberoamerica, Digital library

    Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamerica (Spain, Portugal, Chile, Colombia, Brazil...)

    searches jesuit digitized items in all those national collections (different results for 'jesuit', 'jesuita', 'gesuita'...)

  • L-**Iberoamerica, REDIB

    REDIB - Red Iberoamerica de Innovación y Conocimiento Científico

    Allows for extensive searches of jesuitica

  • L-**IMLS

    Searching for jesuitica items via the metasite of  the Institute of Museum and Library Services

  • L-**India, Jesuits in India (bibl.)

    A short bibliography via Open Library search, on Jesuits and/in India

  • L-**Internet Archive

    Find full-text jesuitica by searching for 'jesuit' in four possible connections (Americana, Canadian libraries, Open Source, Gutenberg project ....)

  • L-**Ireland, Jesuit archives

    Collection of photographs of archival value

    and blog by archivist Vera Orschel

  • L-**Italy, Biblioteca Alessandrina

    Biblioteca Universitaria Alessandrina, Rome has periodicals and old ms catalogues digitized (digitALE)

  • L-**Italy, Dizionario Biografico

    entries result of enquiry : "gesuita"

  • L-**Italy, Gregoriana libr.

    Finds all items related to jesuitica in the library catalogue of the Pontifical Gregorian University.

  • L-**Italy, Ibis web

    Comprehensive Italian site leading to lots of library holdings.

  • L-**Italy, Internet culturale

    searching jesuit-related items (full text or not) in holdings of Italian catalogues and digital collections

  • L-**Italy, manuscripts online

    Manus online allows for searching the manuscript holdings of the participating (mainly) Italian institutions.

     Enter 'gesuita' in field marked 'titolo', in the Ricerca catalografica avanzata and see the resulting jesuit related items in the Italian holdings OR "gesuita" in simple search.

  • L-**Italy, Roma, URBS

    URBS (Unione Romane Biblioteche Scientifiche). A Network for the Humanities

    URBS library consortium is a non-profit cultural association with members from various academic and research institutions present in Rome, Italy and active in the field of the humanities. Our mission is to facilitate the sharing of members’ bibliographic resources and bibliographic search tools by providing, maintaining and developing a cooperative catalogue, to encourage and promote cooperative endeavors among member institutions. and with other similar research institutions which have missions analogous to our own.

    Searches the catalogs of 12 libraries in Rome for anything (jesuit*)


  • L-**Italy, Rome, ARSI-Bibliotheca Storica

    ARSI also houses the Biblioteca Storica, a collection of about 100,000 books on the history of the Society of Jesus (originally the Biblioteca dell’Istituto Storico della Compagnia di Gesù).

    From 1 March 2011 the Biblioteca Storica has affiliated to the Polo Biblioteche Ecclesiastiche (PBE).  Entries for books catalogued after that date may be consulted online.

  • L-**Italy, Rome, scientific books (1527-1720)

    Interface only in French. Has some annotations on Clavius books. [ [ENRS-Laurent Pinon]

  • L-**Italy, union catalogue
  • L-**Italy, Univ. Bergamo, Bibliotheca emblematica

    Site featuring full text emblem books. Only accessible to scholars for research purposes. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium of the site's contents is prohibited. A personal password needs to be requested to gain access: emblematica@unibg.it

    Jesuit authors featured: P. de Bivero, D. Bouhours, J. De Tollenaer, H. Engelgrave, H. Hugo,  j. Masen, C-F Menestrier, P. le Moyne, F. Nerrincq, O. Pallavicino, S. Pietrasanta, A. Poirters, C. de la Rue,  A. Sucquet,

  • L-**Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK)
    Meta-catalogue to selected library holdings of German-speaking countries, as well as most European national libraries, and those of Australia, Canada and the US Library of Congress (English, German, French, Spanish). Entering 'Jesuit', 'Jésuite', 'Jesuiten' etc. in the free text field yields many entries.
  • L-**Korea, DBpia

    Database Korean scientific resources, searching for ‘jesuit’ [most items in Korean only, some with English titles]

  • L-**Latindex

    Latindex is an information system about scientific journals, technical-professional journals and journals dealing with scientific and cultural vulgarisation, stemming from Countries of Latin America, the Caribbean region, Spain and Portugal. Interesting to find information about journals, no direct search options of the content of these.

  • L-**Lithuania, Lituanistika database

    The "Lituanistika" database is developed by the Lithuanian Science Council in cooperation with the Lithuanian research institutions and libraries since 2006.
    The database aims to collect and preserve the best of humanities and social sciences production about the Lithuania, society, nations and languages past and present and ensure global spread of lituanistika. [English interface]

  • L-**Lithuania, Virtual library

    English interface

  • L-**Luminarium

    Luminarium (Anthology of English literature) - search 'jesuit' and find a.o. Robert Southwell...

  • L-**Luxemburg, digital files

    eluxemburgensia allows to search full text in Luxemburg journals and the like.... Try advanced search, enter 'jésuit*'... [Bilbiothèque nationale de Luxembourg/Nationalbibliothéik)

  • L-**Luxemburg, Forum.online

    Article search for published articles in Luxemburg, since 1976 ...

  • L-**Luxemburg, National Bibliography

    Search engine

  • L-**Maguelone

    Database of typographical ornaments.

  • L-**MDSZ

    Mitteldeutsche Selbstzeugnisse der Zeit des Dreißigjährigen Krieges: database and research into four autobiographical texts relevant to the time of the 30 years war [Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Jena].

    Finds data about some jesuits in central Germany.

  • L-**Mediaevum

    Although mainly dealing with the Middle Ages, this particular subsite has a lot of links to and addresses of libraries, archives and antiquarian bookstores  in Germany and Europe

  • L-**Mexico, Baja California-Archives

    Documentos sobre Los jesuitas en Baja California 1686-1793. 1 roll of microfilms

    C.P. 023060 - Zona Centro
    Teléfono 01 (612) 125 02 94

    La Paz, Baja California Sur

  • L-**Mexico, digital links (jesuitica)

    Portal with digital links (ebiblioteca.org) from Mexico, with the possibility to find Jesuit items (fully digitized). [enter Jesuit in the search window : "buscar" ]

  • L-**Moliere 21

    Intertextual database devoted to the works of Molière, linking passages in the oeuvre of the playwright with other texts that possibly could shed light on the Molière text passages (sources,  imitations by other authors, etc.) Search done on 'jésuite'...

  • L-**Monasterium.net

    MOM, Collaborative archive: a common effort to give access to the archives of many monasteries and cloisters in Europe (mainly central Europe).

  • L-**National bibliographies

    subpage at the Bibliographie de l'histoire de France (not yet on-line), listing several European national bibliographies (on-line) and specialised databases (e.g. Litdok). Going to any of these, and searching for 'jesuit' and other related terms is very rewarding.

  • L-**NDLTD (dissertations worldwide)

    Searches dissertations and derived products from a variety of dissertation depositories.

    Refinement possible, according to source, language, publication year(s), subjects.

  • L-**Netherlandish art. Delineavit et sculpsit

    Delineavit et sculpsit ... the internet site for Dutch & Flemish Old Master prints and drawings 

  • L-**Netherlands, archives

    Searching the Netherlands archives for term 'jezuïet' [Jesuit]

  • L-**Netherlands, Archives WWII

    Archives of the Dutch Province of Jesuits concerning WWII. [Dutch]

  • L-**Netherlands, Biografisch Portaal

    You can find scientific information here about various leaders and other prominent figures from Dutch history, from the earliest times up to the present day. The website will be constantly replenished with information and images.

  • L-**Netherlands, Book Sales catalogues

    Book Sales Catalogues of the Dutch Republic, 1599-1800 [Faculty of Arts, Leiden University]


  • L-**Netherlands, CKCC/ePistolarium

    Circulation of Knowledge and Learned Practices in the 17th-century Dutch Republic. One of the main targets of this project is to create free, online access to historical sources, open to researchers from various disciplines all over the world. Unlike earlier printed editions of correspondences, this source is not static but of a highly dynamic nature, making it possible for the scholarly community to discuss problems, share information and add transcriptions or footnotes. One of the great advantages of this project is its ability to invoke new questions, new interpretations and new information, and to bring all this together on an expanding website.

    ePistolarium: enter 'jesuit' in full text search

  • L-**Netherlands, Delpher digital platform

    Betaversion of new digital platform which seeks to deliver full text versions of Dutch historical (17-20th c.) materials (books, journals, periodicals etc.). Is still being developed (2014) by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in collaboration with the Meertens-Instituut and the university libraries of the Universities of Amsterdam (UvA), Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht.

  • L-**Netherlands, Early Dutch books online

    full text search for 'jezuiet' ...

  • L-**Netherlands, EERP.nl

    The website "Early Enlightenment in a Rotterdam Periodical 1692-1704" provided by the University Library of the Radboud University Nijmegen offers lots of source material concerning the Early Enllightenment in the Netherlands. The site contains titles of books which were summarised in some periodicals from Rotterdam between 1692 and 1704. In total 1.198 books were summarised by Pieter Rabus, Pieter van der Slaart and Willem Sewel, in "De Boekzaal van Europe, Twee-maandelyke uittreksels and Twee-maandelijke uyttreksels van alle eerst uytkomende boeken. A link with the Short Title catalogue Netherlands (STCN) is included where this is possible.

    To find Jesuit related material you can search the Corpus by using a query e.g. under Author, Contains any word : "s.j." (This should result in a list which contains most of the Jesuit authors in the database).

  • L-**Netherlands, Erfgoed Kloosterleven

    Jesuit related archival items on heritage site of religious life in the Netherlands.

  • L-**Netherlands, Gelderland, Audiovisual archives

    Audiovisual Archives of Gelderland. Archives of the Dutch Province of Jesuits. [Dutch]

  • L-**Netherlands, Historici.nl

    search for Jesuit-related items in the retro digitized volumes of the series Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën, dealing with the history of the Netherlands.

  • L-**Netherlands, Huygens ING Resources

    Database containing full texts related to the history of the Netherlands, a.o. the correspondence of Constantijn Huygens (1608-1687). Going by the search term 'jezuïet" (Jesuit) via the Google search bar, these are the results ...

  • L-**Netherlands, jesuitica in Dutch manuscript holdings

    searches for manuscripts that once belonged to the Jesuits in the Netherlands (Medieval manuscripts in Dutch collections)

  • L-**Netherlands, KDC (Catholic archives)

    Nijmegen, Radboud University - Katholiek Documentatie Centrum (KDC-Catholic Documentation Centre) (Dutch interface only)

    archives (only archives of religious and church entities)
    search window (in selection "KDC-Rapide totaal": one term only, searches all holdings). Enter "jezuiet" in box  'instelling als onderwerp' [institution as subject]
  • L-**Netherlands, National Archives

    searches Dutch archives, photo archive, indexes for anything Jesuit (Jezuieten)

  • L-**Netherlands, PiCarta

    The National Bibliography: includes publications which were published in the Netherlands, about the Netherlands, or in the Dutch language

    The Dutch National Bibliography offers three different search facilities:

    • Dutch Bibliography Complete includes records which were prepared by the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) and other Dutch libraries, supplemented with records of books which are forthcoming.
    • Dutch Bibliography Online includes records of all books received by the Depot of Dutch Publications since 1974. These records meet the quality criteria of the KB.
    • Forthcoming includes records registered at the Centraal Boekhuis (ISBN-Bureau).

    It is possible to search the website for recent material, but there is also a separate website called OutNow (NetUit) which includes lists of recently published material.

  • L-**Netherlands, Roman historical sources

    Jesuit related documents amongst the "Romeinse bronnen voor de Nederlandse geschiedenis" [Roman sources for Dutch history], pages at Historici.nl  

  • L-**Paraguay, digital archives

    Digital archives of the Achivo nacional de Asuncion. Especially archives about the Guaraní missions can be important to jesuitica researchers. Selection and editing done by Norma de Yegros, with the support of  Dra. Margarita Durán and comments by P. Bartomeu Meliá, s.j.

  • L-**Parallel Histories_Spain_United States_American Frontier

    enter 'Jesuit" in query

    Instruccion para que se liquiden las cuentas generales y particulares de las temporalidades de Indias.
    Reglamento de la oficina general y demas subalternas de la Administracion de Temporalidades ocupadas en esta Nueva España á los regulares de la Compañia extinguida, formado en virtud de la real orden siguiente su fecha ll de junio de 1784.
    Naufragios de Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, y Relacion de la jornada, que hizo a la Florida con el adelantado Panfilo de Narvaez.
    Inventario de papeles, libros y otros efectos de las misiones de California y sus haciendas (de los jesuitas), entregados a la Dirección General de Bienes ocupados a los jesuitas expulsos, en 3 febr. 1773.
    Viajes del P. Kino y otros jesuitas por California y América del Norte.
    Royal letter to [Pedro Moya de Contreras], archbishop of Mexico
    Copy of a royal cedula to Martín Enríquez, Viceroy of New Spain


  • L-**Passe-Partout

    International Databank of Printers Ornaments

  • L-**Perspectivia.net

    Full text jesuitica items via Perspectivia.net: the international cross-epochal online publication platform for the institutes of the "Foundation of German Humanities Institutes Abroad" (DGIA) and their respective cooperation partners.

  • L-**Poland, dLibra Digital

    Repository maintained by Polish Digital Libraries Federation. To view full text books, one needs the DJvu plug in

  • L-**Poland, Literary Bibliography (1988-2001)

    Polska Bibliografia Literacka (1988-2001) finds items jesuit. Translation is provided via some browsers (Chrome e.g.)

  • L-**Porbase (digital)

    Opening screen to search full text and digital images related to Jesuits in Portuguese database.

  • L-**Portugal a.o., Memórias de África e do Oriente

    Memórias d'Africa e d'Oriente. Boletim Geral das Colónias. Boletim Geral do Ultramar. Portal to materials relating to the onetime Portuguese overseas colonies.

    Search (perquisa) function finds jesuit related articles, books etc.

  • L-**Portugal, archives

    Searching 'jesuit*'

  • L-**Portugal, Bibl. Univ. JP II (A. Vieira)

    Holdings about Antonio Vieira at the Univ. Libr. John Paul II, Catholic University, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • L-**Portugal, Cesareia (Religious libraries)

    Cesareia - Portal das bibliotecas eclesiais portuguesas (Portal of Portuguese eclesiastical libraries)


  • L-**Portugal, DeGoís Platform

    The DeGóis Platform is a tool for for gathering, supplying and analyze the intellectual and scientific production of the portuguese researchers, provided by MEC - Ministry of Education and Science, through FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology.

    Search for anything Jesuit.

  • L-**Portugal, Porbase (list of authors)

    Alphabetical list of authors who have fully digitalized books in the Portuguese digital library. Jesuit authors are not all marked with S.J.

  • L-**PQDTOpen (ProQuest)

    PQDT Open provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge.

  • L-**Primary sources

    Portal for researchers in search of primary sources (archives, rare books included). No overall search possible but a list of local repositories of primary sources, organised by country, is provided.

  • L-**Project Gutenberg

    free full text jesuit-related downloadable e-books, via Project Gutenberg

  • L-**Revues.org

    Research engine for 'scientific electronic publications'. Revue des sciences sociales en religion certainly has 'jesuitica' items, others might also have some...  Attention: this engine searches inside the documents, not just in titles...

  • L-**Royal Historical Society Bibliography

    Searchable databases of the RHS: if you go by the term 'jesuit' you'll end up with more than 500 entries...

    In association with Irish History Online and London's Past Online, a guide to writing about British and Irish history

  • L-**Scientific knowledge and society

    Allgemeinwissen und Gesellschaft: portal towards encyclopedia... some jesuitica (Zurich Univ.)

  • L-**Slovenia, Cobiss

    Cobiss.sl: virtual library of Slovenia

  • L-**Slovenia, Digital Library

    searching for 'jesuit' (keyword) ... in Catalogue NUL (other options crossed out!)

  • L-**South-Asian and Pacific seminary libraries

    Common website of South-Asian and Pacific seminary libraries

  • L-**Southern hemisphere, digital academic network

    Digital library of the Southern Hemisphere (also items from North America)

  • L-**Spain, Archivo General de Indias (Sevilla)

    Portada del Archivo General de Indias - Archivo General de Indias - Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

  • L-**Spain, Biblioteca digital

    Digital library of Spain: this portal links to some digitized documents of importance to Jesuit history

  • L-**Spain, Bibliotheca Saavedra Fajardo ...

    ... de Pensamiento político Hispánico

    Searching for Jesuit yields a lot of names of Jesuits, with bio- and bibliographical data (primary and secondary)

  • L-**Spain, Catalonia, Digital Memory

    The Digital Memory of Catalonia (MDC) is a cooperative open-access repository containing digitized collections related to Catalonia and its heritage. The MDC includes digital copies of photographs, drawings, maps, posters, pamphlets, incunabula and many other items with a total of over two million documents related to Catalonia from 25 different institutions (universities, specialized libraries, archives, etc.). It also includes more than 300 ancient Catalan periodicals digitized through the Archive of Ancient Catalan Periodicals (ARCA) portal of the Library of Catalonia.

    Ask for 'jesuita' in the search window and get the many results popping up...

  • L-**Spain, Cer::es

    Red Digital de Colleciones de Museos de España

    Simple search via 'jesuita' renders a host of relevant jesuit-related items.

  • L-**Spain, PARES-archives' portal

    PARES-Portal de archivos españoles (Spanish interface only)

  • L-**Spain, Sevilla, Archivo General de Indias

    It is best to come to the archive with a list of documents that you wish to examine so that you do not waste too much time in the AGI searching their holdings. This can be done easily at the websitehttp://pares.mcu.es/

    , which allows you to search the catalogues of all of Spain’s national archives. Here you can also see what documents are already digitalized and which you must look at in the archive itself. If you have your list ready, simply locate the document you wish to order by heading and then number, i.e. Patronato 1 or Santo Domingo 203. Then right click your mouse over the heading and select “Solicitar.” Once you have successfully ordered the documents you will see a message on your computer screen saying that the solicitation was processed correctly. You can order up to two document sets or legajos at a time.

    It is best to come to the archive with a list of documents that you wish to examine so that you do not waste too much time in the AGI searching their holdings. This can be done easily at the websitehttp://pares.mcu.es/, which allows you to search the catalogues of all of Spain’s national archives. Here you can also see what documents are already digitalized and which you must look at in the archive itself. If you have your list ready, simply locate the document you wish to order by heading and then number, i.e. Patronato 1 or Santo Domingo 203. Then right click your mouse over the heading and select “Solicitar.” Once you have successfully ordered the documents you will see a message on your computer screen saying that the solicitation was processed correctly. You can order up to two document sets or legajos at a time.



    It is best to come to the archive with a list of documents that you wish to examine so that you do not waste too much time in the AGI searching their holdings. This can be done easily at the websitehttp://pares.mcu.es/, which allows you to search the catalogues of all of Spain’s national archives. Here you can also see what documents are already digitalized and which you must look at in the archive itself. If you have your list ready, simply locate the document you wish to order by heading and then number, i.e. Patronato 1 or Santo Domingo 203. Then right click your mouse over the heading and select “Solicitar.” Once you have successfully ordered the documents you will see a message on your computer screen saying that the solicitation was processed correctly. You can order up to two document sets or legajos at a time.


    It is best to come to the archive with a list of documents that you wish to examine so that you do not waste too much time in the AGI searching their holdings. This can be done easily at the websitehttp://pares.mcu.es/, which allows you to search the catalogues of all of Spain’s national archives. Here you can also see what documents are already digitalized and which you must look at in the archive itself. If you have your list ready, simply locate the document you wish to order by heading and then number, i.e. Patronato 1 or Santo Domingo 203. Then right click your mouse over the heading and select “Solicitar.” Once you have successfully ordered the documents you will see a message on your computer screen saying that the solicitation was processed correctly. You can order up to two document sets or legajos at a time.



    It is best to come to the archive with a list of documents that you wish to examine so that you do not waste too much time in the AGI searching their holdings. This can be done easily at the website http://pares.mcu.es/, which allows you to search the catalogues of all of Spain’s national archives. Here you can also see what documents are already digitalized and which you must look at in the archive itself. If you have your list ready, simply locate the document you wish to order by heading and then number, i.e. Patronato 1 or Santo Domingo 203. Then right click your mouse over the heading and select “Solicitar.” Once you have successfully ordered the documents you will see a message on your computer screen saying that the solicitation was processed correctly. You can order up to two document sets or legajos at a time.

    More information on how to proceed at the AGI in Sevilla

  • L-**Spain, Virtual Library M. Cervantes-Culturas Hispánicas

    Full text jesuitica items available via the Virtual library Miguel de Cervantes - Bibliotheca de las Culturas Hispánicas

  • L-**Spain-Ireland, Database Irish Mission/Misión de Irlanda

    Database containing archival documents related to Irish religious who resided in the Habsburg Spanish empire, and who wished to go back to Ireland for the Irish Mission (Misión de Irlanda). Documents relate to their asking for some sort of help to be able to follow a formation period in Spain and return later to Ireland to engage themselves in pastoral work.

    Search for "Jesuit" renders a number of interesting documents. Only in Spanish.

    Searching the continuously updated database can also be done through the CSIC digital platform.

  • L-**Stochasticon

    Online encyclopedia, search topic: "Society Jesus/Jesuits" and find a host of Jesuits. Other entries: China missionaries. Each name generates a PDF-file with a recently updated biobibliography.

  • L-**Switzerland, Cern document server

    Enter 'jesuit' in the search window and find items (also preprints) about jesuits and science [CERN, accelerating science]

  • L-**Switzerland, Lausanne, 18th c. printers

    Biblos 18. Les presses lausannoises au siècle des Lumières; Searchable database

    Futhermore, access to Fleuron (Lausanne printing ornaments database) and Passe-partout (International bank of printer's ornaments)

  • L-**Switzerland, St. Gallen library

    finding jesuitica

  • L-**Switzerland, Virtual manuscript library

    The goal of e-codices - Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland is to provide access to all medieval and selected early modern manuscripts of Switzerland via a virtual library. Searching for 'Jesuit' items, one finds college notes from the Jesuit Collège de Clermont (Paris) [Jacobus Valentinus (also known as Jacobus de Borrasa; † 1581)].

  • L-**Switzerland, Zentralbibliothek Solothurn

    The central library of Solothurn (Switzerland) owns a stock of several hundred volumes which once belonged to the Jesuits who used to run an important school and a theatre (which is still the town's theatre building) in Solothurn.
    The link to the online catalogue is: http://aleph.unibas.ch/F?func=find-b-0&local_base=solothurn

    You can change to English by clicking on the "E" at the top on the right.

    You will find those books which once belonged to the Jesuit patres by searching "Keywords in all fields" with  "Jesuitenkolleg* Solothurn"
    (you have to truncate with a star as sometimes the records will say "Jesuitenkollegium" and sometimes "Jesuitenkolleg" - we are currently changing everything to "Jesuitenkolleg"). The library also owns Jesuitica which did not belong to the Jesuits, you can search for them by author names, or by title.

    The records are constantly being updated as there are several hundred books which have not been catalogued online so far, so there will be more titles added.

  • L-**The Philological Museum

    Analytic bibliography of on-line Neo-Latin texts, maintained by Dana F. Sutton (Univ. of California, Irvine).

    Arranged alphabetically, so look for particular Jesuit authors by name or go by the following links:

    William Camden, Actio in Henricum Garnetum (1607)
    Thomas Compton Carleton S. J., Fatum Vortigerni (1619)
    P. Cuffaud et al., the Jesuit Play Felix Concordia Fratrum sive Ioannes et Paulus (1651)The
    The Jesuit Tragedy Ambitio Infaelix sive Absalon (1622)
    The Jesuit Declamatoria Actio Artaxerxes
    The Comedy Ara Fortunae (1607)
    (a play of the Christmas Prince cycle)
    The Jesuit Tragedy Basilindus
    The Jesuit Tragicomedy Captiva Religio (1614)

    The Jesuit play Magister Bonus sive Arsenius (1614)
    The Jesuit Intermedium Minutum (1613)
    The Jesuit Tragedy Morus
    The Jesuit Comedy Psyche et Filii Eius (ca. 1620)
    The Jesuit Tragedy Roffensis (1618?)
    The Jesuit Tragedy Thomas Cantuariensis (1613)
    The Jesuit Tragedy Thomas Morus (1612)
    A True and Perfect Relation of the Proceedings at the severall Arraignments of the Late Most Barbarous Traitors (1606) [Henry Garnet S.J.]
    The Jesuit Intermedium Vulpinus (1612)

  • L-**U.K., Luminarium

    Luminarium. Religious writers of the English Renaissance (1485-1660).

    Has items on Robert Southwell SJ

  • L-**UK, Bodleian Rare books (Japan/China)

    Japanese Manuscripts and Rare Books: ... Various kinds of missionary literature of the Jesuit Mission Press in Japan, collectively known as Kirishitan-ban, were produced from 1590 until the expulsion of the missionaries from Japan in 1614. The press used both Japanese and European typefaces, of both wood and metal. Many of these books were destroyed when the country was closed and the priests expelled. Today only 75 copies, including fragments, of 31 titles are known throughout the world. Thanks to its own long history the Bodleian is fortunate in possessing six of these rare titles, including Sanctos no gosagueo no uchi nuqigaqi (a Compendium of the Acts of the Saints), the first book printed from moveable type in Japan, which came with the collection of John Selden received in 1659 (Arch.b.f.69).

    Chinese Manuscripts and Rare Books: ...The Bodleian now holds as many as a quarter of all the extant Chinese books that arrived in Europe in the seventeenth century... Another notable accession from this period is the Jesuit missionary Guilio Aleni’s Tian zhu jiang sheng chu xiang jing jie (‘Illustrated Life of Christ’) (Sinica 60) of 1637, a particularly fine copy printed on heavy gold-flecked paper and bearing Portuguese manuscript notes on the cover.

  • L-**UK, British History Online

    searching for 'jesuit-related' items

  • L-**UK, British Library

    Catalogue of British Library, refining of results possible

  • L-**UK, British Museum

    jesuitica on-line

  • L-**UK, EMLO

    Early Modern Letters Online: Created by the Cultures of Knowledge Project with generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Early Modern Letters Online — EMLO — is a combined finding aid and editorial interface for basic descriptions of early modern correspondence.

    Seaching for 'jesuit' in the 'content window' yields a number of interesting results.

  • L-**UK, Innerpeffray Libary

    Scotland's first free Public Lending Library

    Innerpeffray Library was founded by David Drummond, 3rd Lord Madertie, by 1680, when he made 400 of his family books available to the public.

    Some anti-jesuitica, searchable in the catalogue via Ctr-F

  • L-**UK, Jesuit provenances at Canterbury Cathedral library

    Jesuit provenances of books held at Canterbury Cathedral Library - Mendham Collection

  • L-**UK, MacTutor (Mathematicians' archive)

    Database of mathematicians, maintained at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews, Scotland

    Seach "jesuit" or any name of a Jesuit scientist.

  • L-**UK, National Archives

    searching for 'jesuit'

  • L-**UK, National Archives (Catholics)

    This guide details how and where records relating specifically to Catholics can be found at The National Archives, though its scope is not exhaustive and there are countless records with coverage of Catholics and Catholicism not touched upon here. The primary focus is the period between the mid-16th and the mid-19th centuries, a period of persecution and exclusion from mainstream society for Catholics in England.

    See also the National Catholic Library

  • L-**UK, Oxford Online Scholarly Editions

    Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO) is a major publishing initiative from Oxford University Press, providing an interlinked collection of authoritative Oxford editions of major works from the humanities. Scholarly editions are the cornerstone of humanities scholarship, and Oxford University Press’s list is unparalleled in breadth and quality. By publishing these texts online OSEO transforms humanities scholarship, making texts more accessible, searchable, and interconnected than ever before.

    Only open to subscribers

  • L-**UK-Ireland, Copac

    Copac exposes rare and unique research material by bringing together the catalogues of c.90 major UK and Irish libraries (and growing). In a single search you can discover the holdings of the UK’s national libraries (including the British Library), many University libraries, and specialist research libraries. 

  • L-**US, Kansas City, Linda Hall
    Linda Hall Library  (Science, Engineering & Technology Information for the World)

    History of Science, Jesuit Science

  • L-**US, Smithsonian libraries

    Searches Jesuit-related items in any of the Smithsonian platforms.

  • L-**USA, Art History-Visual Culture (caa.reviews)

    CAA: critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies
    published by the College Art Association. Searches a.o. dissertations (in progress,and completed), searchable for 'Jesuit' per year via Ctr-F or browser search combination.

    caa.reviews has been assigned an International Standard Serial Number by the Library of Congress: ISSN 1543-950X.


  • L-**USA, Boston Coll., diss

    Full text dissertations at Boston College, searchable for jesuitica

  • L-**USA, Boston College, Internet Archive_jesuitica

    The University Libraries'Jesuitica Collection is comprised of books and manuscripts by and about the Jesuits, including anti-Jesuit writings, from the founding of the Society of Jesus in 1540 to the present. The collection focuses on works published prior to the suppression of the Jesuit order in 1773, and is the largest, most comprehensive collection of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. In addition to works on history, theology and philosophy, the collection includes major holdings in the fields of science, mathematics, exploration, archaeology, language, travels, the arts and culture. While the bulk of works in the collection are European-focused, the collection also includes rare and significant holdings on the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

  • L-**USA, Brown Univ., Providence RI

    searching for Jesuit-related subjects in the Josiah library system of Brown University

  • L-**USA, Duke univ. libraries

    Jesuitica at Duke univ.

  • L-**USA, Folger Shakespeare Library

    Searching links to jesuit items (book titles, prints, full texts, historical notes, provenances) in the Folger Shakespeare Library at Washington D.C.

  • L-**USA, Galileo project (Rice Univ.)

    Search for "Jesuit" yields all possible references on this Project's site, refering to the Jesuits.

  • L-**USA, Maryland archives

    Searching the Maryland archives for any document where a jesuit is named....

  • L-**USA, Maryland, Historical Society

    Searching for jesuit-related items

  • L-**USA, National Archives

    Searching for 'jesuit-related' digitized items in the National Archives

  • L-**USA, National Gallery of Art

    Jesuit related items at the National Gallery of Art (Washington)

  • L-**USA, New York Public Library Archives & Mss

    New York Public Library Archives & Manuscripts, searching for jesuit connections

  • L-**USA, Northwest Digital Archives

    Searching for 'Jesuit' at the Northwest Digital Archives. NWDA provides access to descriptions of primary sources in the Northwestern United States, including correspondence, diaries, or photographs. Digital reproductions of primary sources are available in some cases. The Northwest Digital Archives (NWDA) provides enhanced access to archival and manuscript collections in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington through a union database of Encoded Archival Description (EAD) finding aids.

  • L-**USA, Scientific Revolution (prof. Hatch)

    This large site, by prof. Robert A. Hatch of the University of Florida, holds a section: 

    This database contains lots of Jesuits, although in the First Search, there is no reference to "being a Jesuit". Once a name is found, go to the Second Search, and there one can search for "Jesuit" via Ctr-F of the browser. 

  • L-**USA/Canada: American Journeys

    American Journeys contains more than 18,000 pages of eyewitness accounts of North American exploration, from the sagas of Vikings in Canada in AD1000 to the diaries of mountain men in the Rockies 800 years later.

    Go e.g. for 'jesuit' in 'advanced search' mode (all fields) and get access to a host of letters and resources from Jesuits.

  • L-**USTC

    Jesuit-related books in the Universal Short Title Catalogue (St Andrews Univ.)

  • L-**VD16

    Link to the VD16Das Verzeichnis der im deutschen Sprachraum erschienenen Drucke des 16. Jahrhunderts (German prints, 16thcentury).

    Searching for jesuitica ...

  • L-**VIAF, Authority files

    Virtual International Authority File (VIAF). Finds all possible versions of a given name... also of Jesuits. Signals which institution uses what version of the name; no real authority however is established

  • L-**VThK

    Virtueller Katalog Theologie und Kirche: Meta-Catalogue accessing 3 Mio. media from theological and religious special libraries of churches in Germany and Austria

  • L-**World Digital Library

    Jesuitica in the World Digital Library (WDL). WDL makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.

  • L-*Affò, Memorie degli scrittore ... parmigiani, v. 5 (1797)

    Ireneo Affò, Memorie degli scrittore e literati parmigiani, vol. 5 (Parma, Reale, 1797) [Google.books]

    Interesting for research on Sforza Pallavicino

  • L-*Argentina (Cordoba), Index librorum SJ, 1757

    Pdf-file (775 pages)

    Index librorum bibliothecae Collegii Maximi Cordubensis Societatis Iesu 1757, critical edition by Fraschini & Sánchez, Buenos Aires 2003.

  • L-*Australia, Catholic Letters archives (19th c.)

    Brian Condon: Letters and Documents in 19th Century Australian Catholic History

    Searching this collection of letters by 'jesuit' renders some results.

  • L-*Austria, von Sartori, Catalogus bibliographicus (1802)

    von Sartori, Catalogus bibliographicus librorum in Bibliotheca Caes. Reg. et Equestris Academiae Theresianae, vol. 2 (Wien: Degen, 1802) [via Archive.org]

    vol. 1 (Wien: Albert,1801) [Via Archive.org]

  • L-*Barbier, Anonymes (2d ed.-1822-27)

    Barbier, Dictionnaire des ouvrages anonymes et pseudonymes. Seconde édition, vol. 1 (Paris: Barrois l'ainé, 1822)

    Vol. 2 (1823)

    Vol. 3 (1824)

    Vol. 4 (1827)

  • L-*BCNI 1500-1727 digitized

    Digital searchable edition of the Bibliotheca Catholica Neerlandica Impressa (1500-1725). Searches according to year (jaar), author (auteursnaam) or anonymous (anonieme). Searching a particular name via search function of web browser (Ctr-F8).

  • L-*Belgium, Antwerp printers (1891)

    Olthoff, Frans De boekdrukkers, boekverkoopers en uitgevers in Antwerpen sedert de uitvinding der boekdrukkunst tot op onze dagen. Antwerpen: Ruef, 1891 [archive.org]

  • L-*Belgium, Bibl. nationale - Nouvelle Bibl. nationale

    The Biographie Nationale and 9 volumes of the Nouvelle Biographie Nationale have been digitized. Searching for a certain name of a.o. a Jesuit is hence possible.

    One can also browse volume per volume


  • L-*Belgium, Biographie Liégeoise (1836-37)

    Antoine-Gabriel de Becdelièvre, Biographie Liégeoise [...] Liège: de Jeunehomme, 1837,  2 v. [Hathi.Trust]

    seaching "jésuite" via search yields a host of Jesuits

  • L-*Belgium, catalogue Carolus Major (1767)

    Bibliotheca ex omni facultate librorum quos reliquit [...] Carolus Major, Mechliniae: J. F. Vander Elst, 1767 auction

     part 2

  • L-*Belgium, Ieper, list of rare books (2001)

    List of the rare book collection of the city of Ieper (archives), some of which are jesuitica. Ieper had a Jesuit college (1584-1773). Seach by the word 'Jesus' via Pdf search.

    PDF file (2006) 

  • L-*Belgium, KAOW-ARSOM

    Pdf searchable files of the Overseas Belgian Biography for Jesuits that lived and worked in Belgian overseas territories. Full text search, so any occurance of 'jesuit' is highlighted.

  • L-*Belgium, KBR-Belgica

    Full text items from the Albertina, the Royal Belgian Library in Brussels. In French and Dutch.

    Op particular interest to Jesuitica researchers:

    Tome I and Tome II hold many references to former Jesuit collections and libraries.

    Tome III (Théologie, 1903) has lots of MSS related to Jesuits like e.g. Lancicius (#1733), Bellarmino (1734-1739), a Lapide (1740), Lessius (1741-1758), Corduanier (1759), Suarez (1761), Valesius (1767), L. De Schildere (1786), F. de Valverde (1787), E. De Coninck (1789), I.B. Arendts (1793) a.o.

    Tome V (Hagiographie, 1905) lists lots of MSS of several Bollandists.

    Tome VI of J. Van den Gheyn S.I., Catalogue des manuscrits de la bibliothèque royale de Belgique (1906), pp. 216-453 for all manuscripts connected to the Jesuits (Pdf-downloadable / diff. formats via archive.org).

    Tome X (Renaix: Leherte Courtin, 1919) full text [archive.org]


    More info about this series of 13 volumes, see Van den Gheyn SJ

  • L-*Belgium, Louvain univ. library (1917)

    Wesley Koch, The university of Louvain and its library, (London: Dent & sons, 1917) [archive.org]

    Description of former Louvain University Library, before the destructions of WWI

  • L-*Belgium, Mons printers

    Impressions et éditions montoises anciennes, site maintained by the bookshop Librairie L'Oiseau-Lire 

  • L-*Belgium, Namur, Matagne, Répertoires XVI-XVII

    Charles Matagne SJ (1914-1998), librarian at Jesuit formation house in Eegenhoven (Louvain), later in Namur (CDDR, BUMP). Wrote repertoires on the Jesuit holdings at CDDR, Namur (1983-1992). Searchable page per page presentation and PDF versions available of all repertoires thanks to the Université de Namur Neptun delivery service.

  • L-*Bibliography Jesuitica (J. Oswald)

    Regularly updated Pdf print of Jesuitica bibliography  [Bibliographie zur Geschichte - Kunst – Literatur – Naturwissenschaft - Philosophie – Theologie der Gesellschaft Jesu] by Julius Oswald and Andrea Wagner-Weldi, posted on the site of Hochschule für Philosophie, München.

    latest version: June 2012

  • L-*Bibliotheca Hulthemiana, v. 1-6

    Bibliotheca Hulthemiana, vol. 1 (Gand: Poelman, 1836) (6 volumes)

    Vol. 2

    Vol. 3

    Vol. 4

    Vol 5

    Vol. 6

  • L-*Biographie Universelle, v. 13 (1815)

    Biographie universelle (Paris: Michaud, 1815) holds lots of information on Jesuits

    vol 49 (1827)

    vol 62 (1837)

    vol 85 (1865)


    vol NS 1 (1854) (Paris: Desplaces)

    vol NS 13 (1855)

  • L-*BNTL

    Bibliografie voor de Nederlandse Taal- en Literatuurwetenschap (Bibliography for Dutch Literature and Literary science): secondary literature from 1940 onwards, fully searchable... try, e.g., "Poirters", or "Jezuïeten"

  • L-*Bookplates (1898) v 1

    Arthur Vicars, Book-plates [Ex-libris], v. 1 (Plymouth, 1898) [archive.org]

  • L-*Bretagne, Notices chronologiques, 1818

    Miorces de Kerdanet, Notices chronologiques sur les théologiens, jurisconsultes, philosophes ... ert historiens de la Bretagne... (Brest: Michel, 1818)

    Via Google.books

  • L-*Brunet, Imprimeurs imaginaires (1866)

    Gustave Brunet, Imprimeurs imaginaires et libraires supposés [...]. Paris: Tross, 1866

  • L-*Bryan's dictionary of painters and engravers (1903-05)

    Michael Bryan, Bryan's dictionary of painters and engravers. 5 volumes, New York: MacMillan, 1903-1905

    vol. 2 (1903)

    vol. 3 (1904)

    vol. 4 (1904)

    vol. 5 (1905)

  • L-*Canada, Bibliography Religious History

    Brian F. Hogan, A bibliography of Canadian Religious History (1964-2005)

    available as PDF file (version 2006)

  • L-*Catalogue... Jean-François Vande Velde, v. 2

    Catalogue des livres rares et précieux [...] de la bibliothèque de feu Monsieur Jean-François Vande Velde , Tome 2 (Gand: veuve de Goesin, 1832)

    Via Google.books

  • L-*Crevenna 1789 catalogue (Vol. IV-Jesuitica)

    Volume IV of  Catalogue des livres de la Bibliotèque de M. [Pierre-Antoine Bolongaro] Crevenna, (s.l. : Chez D.J. Changuion, & P. Den Hengst, 1789) issued on the occasion of the auction of this famous bibliophile collection.

    Next to many jesuitica in the different volumes, a special section in this volume is devoted to the Jesuits (Collection concernant les jesuites), with numbers 7664 through 8046.

    Other volumes:  Vol. I      Vol. II      Vol. III    Vol. V

  • L-*Czech Republic, Prague, Charles Univ.

    Institute of the History of Charles University and Archives of Charles University

  • L-*France, Alsace (priests' list)

    Charles Kieffer, Le clergé séculier et régulier de l'Alsace depuis la Révolution. Rixheim: Impr. Sutter & Cie, 1927 (pdf)

    to find Jesuit (parish) priests, search pdf with 'jes' or 'jesu'

  • L-*France, Archives (Nord)

    Has interesting holdings on former jesuit properties and dealings in Northern France

    Série G
    TOME I
    1G, 2G, 6 G à 22 G

  • L-*France, Bibliothèque dramatique de monsieur de Soleinne

    Catalogue of old collection of books, pertaining to theatre. Interesting to find now lost copies and variants.

    Via Google.books

  • L-*France, Bibliothèque Mazarine, Manuscript catalogus v. 4

    A. Moulinier, Catalogue des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris 1892 (t. 4)

     has interesting jesuitica items

    Direct link to jesuitica in  library ms catalogue (French)

  • L-*France, Bordeaux, library catalogue (1832)

    Catalogue des livre composant la bibliothéque de la ville de Bordeaux. Histoire (Paris, 1832)

  • L-*France, Catalogue général des manuscrits ... 1886ff

    Multiple volumes of these catalogues of manuscripts in French public libraries are available on-line. Go, in the full-text mode by the search term 'Jésuit(e)' to find valuable jesuitica documents... Multiple viewers available [Archive.org]

  • L-*France, catalogue Leber (1839)

    Leber, Catalogue méthodique des livres imprimés [...] composant la bibliotheque de mr. Leber, tome 2 (Paris: Techener, 1839)

  • L-*France, Grenoble, catalogue (1831-35)

    P.-A.-A. Ducoin, Catalogue des livres que renferme la bibliothèque publique de la ville de Grenoble, tome 1 (Grenoble: Baratier, 1831)

    tome 2 (1835)

  • L-*France, Jesuit manuscripts

    Pdf-file [French]: Inventaire des manuscrits de la bibliothèque des Fontaines (fomerly at Chantilly, July 1998, updated 2007). Some ms are housed in the Centre Sèvres, Paris [Fonds Jésuite]; others in Lyon [Bibliothèque municipale].

  • L-*France, Nantes, catalogue (1867)

    Emile Péhant, Catalogue méthodique de la Bibliothèque Publique de la Ville de Nantes: Histoire_1 , vol. 4  (Nantes: Forest et Grimaud, 1867)

  • L-*France, Paris, printers 16 c.

    Philippe Renouard, Imprimeurs et libraires parisiens du XVIe siecle. (Paris,1986) vol 4 [incomplete] [Google.books]

  • L-*France, Printers from Lille

    Jules Houdoy, Les imprimeurs lillois; bibliographie des impressions lilloises, 1595-1700. Paris D. Morgand et C. Fatout [Lille, Impr. L. Danel], 1879

    Full text via www.archive.org

    Interesting to find information about Jesuit prints in Lille (Insulae); enter 'jésuite" in the search window ...

  • L-*France, Printers' lists (1813-1881)


    Liste générale des brevetés de l'Imprimerie et de la Librairie. 1er Empire et Restauration.  Libraires (1813, juillet 1830) Lithographes (1817, juillet 1830) d'après l'enregistrement des brevets en *F/18(I)/14, 15, 16, 18, 22 et 24

    "Libraires et imprimeurs" 59.Lille (prepared by Patrick Laharie, 2003) [Pdf-file of printers in Lille (1813-1881) ]

    "Libraires et imprimeurs" 33.Bordeaux (prepared by Patrick Laharie, 2003)

    "Libraires et imprimeurs" 13.Marseille (prepared by Patrick Laharie, 2003)

    "Libraires et imprimeurs" 76.Rouen (prepared by Patrick Laharie, 2003)

    "Libraires et imprimeurs" 75.Seine (prepared by Patrick Laharie, 2005/provisional)

    volumes, pertaining to other printing centres, are being prepared

  • L-*France, Strasbourg - Inventaire des manuscrits

    Pdf-file of Inventory of manuscripts housed in the Grand Seminaire of Strasbourg, France.

    Some interesting jesuitica can be found by simply activating the search function in the Acrobat Reader

  • L-*Germany, DBETh

    Bernd Moeller, Bruno Jahn (eds.), Deutsche Biographische Enzyklopädie der Theologie und der Kirchen (DBETh), Walter de Gruyter, 2005 [Google.books]

    search for Jesuit entries

  • L-*Germany, Neuburg college

    Archives of the Neuburg Jesuit college, about former women's cloisters, now digitally available through the project "Schriftlichkeit in süddeutschen Frauenklöstern"

  • L-*Geschichte ... Buchdruckerskunst (1830-31)

    Schaab, Geschichte der Erfindung der Buchdruckerskunst ... (Mainz, 1830), vol. 1

    vol. 2

    vol 3 (Mainz, 1831)

    helps identify printers and publishers

  • L-*Hungary, Budapest, ELTE libr. - manuscripts

    ELTE Egyetemi Könyvtár Elektronikus könyvek – Kéziratok / ELTE University Library e-Books – Manuscripts I.

    Manuscripts II.

    Manuscripts III.

    Every file is searchable for Jesuit related doments : enter 'jesuit' in pdf search window

  • L-*Italy, Digital Library Italy

    searching for 'societas Iesu' or 'societas Jesu' or S.J. , via  3 times "titolo" in "ricerca avanzata"

  • L-*Italy, Jesuit Manuscripts

    Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma. Roma - Catalogo dei manoscritti del Fondo gesuitico.

    Digitized version of the catalogue of Jesuit manuscripts, kept at the Biblioteca nazionale centrale Vittorio Emanuele II, Roma. [Biblioteca Digitale Italiana]

  • L-*Italy, Jesuit Manuscripts (Index)

    Roma - Catalogo dei manoscritti del Fondo gesuitico. Indice

    Digital version of Index to the Jesuit manuscripts, kept at the  Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma. [Biblioteca Digitale Italiana]

  • L-*Italy, Strozzi Ms in Folger Archives

    Guide to the Manuscripts of the Strozzi Family, 17th and 18th century -- Folger MS W.b.132 (1-199, 169a)

    Collection of 17th and 18th century transcripts made for the Strozzi family of Florence of political and religious material, relating to papal diplomacy, etc., of documents dating from the 14th century through the 17th century, with the bulk dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. Collection now held at the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.
    Some references to Jesuits 

  • L-*Luxemburg, Jesuit theatre

    Ms. 199 of the Luxemburg national library holds a.o.  108 programmes or printed periochae and 4 handwritten manuscript programmes of theatre pieces presented between 1604 and 1717 by the students at the Jesuit college in Luxemburg.

  • L-*Mexico, Bibl. Mejicana (1869 auction)

    Auction catalogue, London auction 1869. Books related to the Americas esp.

  • L-*Netherlands, archives Jesuit missons

    Repertorium van Nederlandse zendings- en missiearchieven 1800-1960 [Repertory of Dutch archives regarding missions 1800-1960]

    pertaining to Dutch Jesuits in mission [in Dutch].

    Attention: archives from Nijmegen are in process of being transfered to KADOC, Leuven, Belgium.

  • L-*Netherlands, Maastricht, ancient Jesuit library

    Downloadable PDF file of this handwritten catalogus:

    Catalogus Librorum Bibliotheca Collegii Trajectensis ad Mosam Societatis Jesu, Anno 1733 [Unimaas.nl]

    These books have mostly been deposited in the Maurits Sabbe Library (KU Leuven) as of the end of 2013.

  • L-*Netherlands, Nieuw Nederlands Biografisch Woordenboek (1911-37)

    Searching for 'Jezuiet' in the full text version of the Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenboek (10 volumes) (Leiden: W. Sijthoff's Uitgeversmaatschappij, 1911-1937)

    Other way of searching the database

  • L-*Portugal, Lisbon, Goerres library

    BIBLIOTECA DA SOCIEDADE CIENTÍFICA DE GOERRES (authors' list_PDF): contains lots of jesuitica


    The Sociedade Científica de Görres (Görres-Gesellschaft zur Pflege der Wissenschaft) is a German scientific institution, founded in Lisbon in 1962. The institute housed a lot of researchers doing work on fr. António Vieira in earlier decades. Its specialized library (9.000 volumes) deals with Vieira and 16-17th century printed books.

  • L-*Raccolta ferrarese (1780)

    Raccolta ferrarese di opuscoli scientifici e letterari di ch. autori italiani , v. 5 (Vinegia, Coleti: 1780)

    Interesting for research on Sforza Pallavecino SJ

  • L-*Romania, Oradea, library 18th c.

    A. Emödy, A Nagyváradi Székeskáptalan könyvtára a XVIII. században [ The library of the capitular church of Großwardein in the 18th c.] (Budapest-Szeged, 2002). Pdf file of entire book, searchable for Jesuit authors etc.

    Großwardein = Oradea = Nagyvárad

  • L-*Suarez bibliography

    Updated Suarez bibliography, on Scholasticon.fr, started by Jacob Schmutz.

    On the same site of Scholasticon, to find other Jesuit resources, open the "nomenclator" tab, enter "jesuit", then activate "table informations".

     Scholasticon: Online Resources for the study of early-modern scholasticism (1500-1800) : authors, sources, institutions

  • L-*UK, British Library cat. (1813), vol. 1

    Librorum impressorum qui in Museo Britannico adservantur catalogus, London, 1813 (vol 1: A-BZO) [Google.books]

    vol 2 (a:1814 CAB-CZU)  [Hathi.Trust Digital Library]

    vol 2 (b:1816 DAC-FYS) [Hathi Trust Digital Library]

    vol 3 (1813: G-KYR)

    vol 4 (1815: LAB-OZI)

    vol 5 (1817: P-QUO) [Hathi.Trust Digital Library]

    vol 6 (1817: RAB-SZE)

    vol 7 (1819: TAB-ZYT)

     full collection [Hathi.Trust]

  • L-*UK, Cambridge-Libr. Queen's coll. (1827)

    Th. Hartwell Horne, Catalogue of library of [...]  Queens college, vol. 1, Cambridge (1827).  Gives some jesuit works

  • L-*UK, catalogue library Earl of Harley

    Catalogus bibliothecae Harleianae: in locos communes distributus ..., London: Osborne, (vol. 1: 1743)

    vol. 2 (1743)

    vol. 3 (1744)

    vol. 4 (1744)

    vol. 5 (1745)

  • L-*UK, catalogue of tracts of Earl of Harley

    William Oldys,Thomas Park, The Harleian Miscellany: a collection of scarce, curious and entertaining pamphlets and tracts .., Volume 1 (London: printed for J. White and J. Murray, 1808)

    vol. 2 (1809)

    vol. 3 

    vol. 4

    vol. 5 (for Robert Dutton, 1810)

    vol. 6 (for Robert Dutton, 1810)


    Interesting for jesuitica and anti-jesuitica!

  • L-*UK, Literary and biographical history ... of English Catholics, Vol. 1-5

    Joseph Gillow, A literary and biographical history, or bibliographical dictionary, of the English Catholics from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present time. London: Burns & Oates, ([1885-1902]), 5 volumes.

    Interesting to enter the word 'jesuit' in the search function of one's browser, and find all possible links to the jesuits...

    vol. 1: A-Curr.

    vol 2: D-Grad.

    vol 3: Grah-Kemb

    vol 4: Keme-Met.

    vol 5: Mey-Zoo 

    Full text via www.archive.org

  • L-*USA, Harvard, Houghton provenance files

    There are separate finding aids for other portions of this index. See OASIS finding aids:

    above: A-D




    Index yields at times interesting links between jesuitica and their former owners (provenances)

  • L-*Vander Haeghen, Bibliothèque gantoise (V. 1-7)

    Ferdinand François E. Van der Haeghen, Bibliographie gantoise, recherches sur la vie et les travaux des imprimeurs de Gand (1483-1850) vol. 1 (Gand: Vanderhaeghen, 1858)


    Vol. 2

    Vol. 3

    Vol. 4

    Vol. 5

    Vol. 6

    Vol. 7

  • L-*Vander Haeghen, Marques typographiques (1894)

    Vander Haeghen, Marques typographiques des imprimeurs et libraires qui ont exercé dans les Pays Bas, et marques typographiques des imprimeurs et libraires belges établis à l'étranger (Gand: Vyt, 1894) Vol. 1 : Low countries printer's marks [Archive.org]

    Vol. 2 [Archive.org]

  • L-18th century, 18thConnect

    18thConnect is a collaborative initiative headed by scholars at the Universities of Illinois, Miami-Ohio, and Virginia to develop a robust infrastructure for providing a comprehensive research environment for scholars working on the literature, history, the fine arts, and philosophy of the long eighteenth century (1660-1800). It works in partnership with NINES, directed by Jerome McGann at the University of Virginia, to offer scholars access to a wide range of cutting-edge, on-line resources in eighteenth-century studies. 18thConnect mediates between commercial vendors supporting these bibliographies and digital archives and the community of scholars working in eighteenth-century studies in order to draw on the collaborative expertise of the community in the updating and correcting these resources, effectively preserving their integrity.

    No searches possible as yet.

  • L-19th century, NCSE

    NCSE (Nineteenth-Century Serials edition) is a free, online scholarly edition of six nineteenth-century periodicals and newspapers. It is a collaboration between Birkbeck, University of London, King’s College London (Centre for Computing in the Humanities and the Department of English), the British Library, and Olive Software. It was funded from January 2005 to December 2007 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The edition is intended to be of use for anybody with an interest in nineteenth-century literature, history or culture, as well as those interested in the history of the press, or print culture more broadly. It combines easy to use browse functions with advanced searching of the content and the metadata.

    Searches 'jesuit'

  • L-Archives Wiki

    Leads one to archives worldwide...

  • L-Argentina, Biblioteca Kaul

    Library specialized with regard to the Jesuit Missions, named after the late prof. Guillermo Kaul Grünwald (1915-2002)to be found in the Library of the FHyCS (Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias sociales) at the UNaM (Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Argentina).

  • L-Australia, Braga collection

    The Portuguese in Asia and the Far East: the Braga collection (paper by Pauline Haldane, 1984).

    Article describes this collection of Jack Braga, documenting the presence of the Portuguese, a.o. the Jesuits, in Asia. "Highlights in the Braga Manuscript collection are his Biobibliographical Index, his translation and notes on Jesuitas na Asia."

    Material is now available in the National Library of Australia for the study of the Portuguese in Asia.

  • L-Australia, Jesuit bibliography at Dalton McCaughey library

    A joint venture of the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) and the Uniting Church of Australia, the Dalton McCaughey Library is the designated library of Sentir. The new facility was opened in January 2007. The library is named after Fr William Dalton SJ, who was the first Principal of the Jesuit Theological College, and the Revd. Dr Davis McCaughey, who was Master of Ormond College when the respective collections of the two colleges were unified.

    The library holds an important collection of Jesuit resources and Ignatian spirituality.

  • L-Australia, National Library-Jesuit collection
    The above is just a brief introduction to the Asian component of the Jesuit Collection. All its rare content, including every title published prior to 1801, may be found quite readily in the Library’s online catalogue  as their call numbers contain RB for Rare Books and the letters JES for Jesuit Collection. Hence searches on RB JES as well as RBq JES and RBf JES for larger size volumes will bring up all the rare works
  • L-Austria, Innsbruck, Jesuit Library

    Catalogue of Innsbruck Jesuit library. Searchable digitalized card catalogue.

  • L-Austria, Vienna, Manuscripts in Jesuit College

    Full text version of a book bij Eduard Gollob, Die Bibliothek des Jesuitenkollegiums in Wien XIII. (Lainz) und ihre Handschriften, Wien :1909  (German).

  • L-Belgium, Antwerp, Ruusbroecgenootschap (catalog.)

    Collection of the Ruusbroec Society (Antwerp) for the Study of Spirituality (in Dutch); part and parcel of the catalogue of the University of Antwerp). The centre aims at presenting researchers with the material needed to study the religious and devotional life in the Dutch speaking region. Holdings total 120.000 volumes (30.000 early printed books, of which 92 incunables and 176 post-incunables). Futhermore their holdings comprise some 500 medieval manuscripts and some 40.000 devotional images (17the c. - 1850).

    Contact: Erna van Looveren

    On-line catalogue (via UA catalogue): click here, and proceed to "UA catalogue". Ruusbroecgenootschap holdings are marked Universiteit Antwerpse Stadscampus with code RG.

    The list of post-incunables, inherited from the Jesuit Onze Lieve Vrouwcollege at Antwerp are clickable in the top left pane (second item).

  • L-Belgium, Brussels, KBR Albert I-provenance research

    The search engine of the Royal Library Albert I in Brussels (KBR) allows for provenance research, which leads to the different Jesuit schools, whose libraries were dismantled at the time of the suppression of the society. Not all works found are jesuitica, but they point to the holdings of former Jesuit institutions in the Low Countries of the 16th to 18th centuries.

    Go to the 'fichier principal', then 'origine' and enter search term: 'societas' ...

    Access on 14 October 2008 yielded the following result

  • L-Belgium, Cultura Fonds, Dilbeek

    The book by Claude Sorgeloos, La bibliothéque du Cultura Fonds: acquisitions 1991-1999 holds a number of Jesuit-related books (authors, provenances). Go via the index des provenances [Jésuites, Bruges e.g.] (251255) or the index des auteurs  (243-244)

    More recent jesuitica acquisitions

  • L-Belgium, Gent (Univ. Libr.-jesuitica)
    Search both the Aleph digital catalogue and the digital card catalogue (books acquired before 1985) by entering search terms like: 'Jesuit(s)', 'Jesuiten', 'Jésuite(s)', 'Jezuiet(en)', 'Jezuïet(en)', 'S.J.', 'societatis jesu', 'societas jesu', 'soc. jesu' etc.
  • L-Belgium, Kortrijk, Municipal library (jesuitica)

    Portal of Stadsbibliotheek (municipal library) of Kortrijk (B-8500, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium), holding an important amount of jesuitica (Fonds Goethals-Vercruysse). Most jesuitica however are not yet on line accessible, see Pdf-file listing of works in alphabetical order of authors/titles. For requests, call + 32 56 27 75 46 or mail jurgen.van.lerberghe@kortrijk.be

  • L-Belgium, Liège (Univ. de Liège-jesuitica)

    Search the ULg database (so far, only with French Opac) for jesuitica items ... via 'Ressources' - 'Catalogue source' 

  • L-Belgium, Louvain-la-Neuve, Library of UCL
    On-line catalogue of the Université Catholique de Louvain (French)
  • L-Belgium, Namur, CDRR

    This 'Bibliothèque du Centre de Documentation et de Recherche Religieuse', now part of the library of the 'Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix' (BUMP) in Namur, Belgium has important jesuitica holdings, since it actually grew out of the holdings of the former Jesuit house of studies at Egenhoven (near Leuven). Consultation in loco of the card catalog remains necessary to get an exhaustive view of the holdings.

    English survey of library

  • L-Belgium, portal Belgian archives

    Portal to Belgian archives of all sorts

  • L-Belgium, State archives

    Enter term 'jezuïet' as search term, to find Jesuit-related items in different state archives

  • L-Big Church Dictionary

    Search 'Jesuit'

  • L-Brasil, National library

    De Angelis Collection. This collection was acquired in 1853 from Pedro Angelis, a politician and bibliophile who was born in Naples and became a naturalized Argentine. It has 3,012 items, including 1,295 manuscripts. The collection includes important documents concerning the history of the Jesuítica Province of Paraguay and the "Region of Prata."

  • L-Canada, Agora encyclopedia

    Encyclopédie de l'Agora, pour un monde durable (Quebec, Canada) [French]

  • L-Canada, Montréal, Archives Univ. Montréal

    Université de Montréal - Division des Archives

    Collection Louis-François-Georges Baby (P058)

    Subdivision: Jésuites

    PDF-file, outlining 69 textual documents, related to the way Jesuits (1626-1888) dealt with secular matters.

  • L-Canada, Montreal, Jesuit Library
    Page describing the history and the holdings of the library of the Canadian Jesuits, on the occasion of the move to a new building at the Collège Brébeuf (French).
  • L-Canada, Montreal, Jesuit Theological Library

    Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus
    Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Local B 4-25
    3200, Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
    Montréal, (Québec) Canada H3T 1C1
    Tél. : (514) 342-9342, poste 5466

    Text (in French) on the website gives some history of the library, going back even to the times before the Suppression.

  • L-Canada, Quebec, Canadian collection of jesuitica

    Collection of the 'Institut Montserrat', Quebec. Short desriptions of available items (dailies, journals, anonymes, monographs, bibliographies). Holdings of former Jesuits houses and schools in Quebec, Canada.

  • L-Canada, Regina, Campion college (jesuitica)
    Campion Library's collection is strongest in the areas of religious studies and theology, philosophy and English literature. Other areas of interest include Canadian history, [...] Two special collections deserve mention: Jesuitica, which includes Jesuit history and biography, particularly as it relates to North America, and a collection of materials on women and religion. Access to the collection is provided through WebVoyage, the University of Regina (Saskatchewan) online catalogue which lists the holdings of all the libraries on campus as well as a consortium of libraries in the city.
  • L-CERL, Provenance research (help desk)

    If you have a question to ask regarding (Jesuit) provenances, try your colleagues...

  • L-CERL, Provenance research (online resources)
  • L-Chile, SJ books

    NOMINATION FORM: Archivo Nacional de Chile - Jesuits of America Fonds. Documentary heritage concerning Chile and recommended for inclusion in the Unesco Memory of the World Register. This pdf lists the inventory of the archival fund, covering the years 1580-1823, containing 446 volumes, or 25.50 running meter.

    "Chile - Jesuits of America. The documentary cultural heritage of the Jesuits of America Fund under the custody of the Archivo Nacional de Chile contains documents produced by the Jesuits as well as inventories of their vast properties. It includes account books, royal orders, correspondence, reports and abundant information on religious, educational and economic activities. The Fund is indispensable for the study of the continuity, in Spanish America, of the work of the Society of Jesus and the vast network of schools and missions that educated both the elite and the indigenous populations they evangelized. The information contained in over 128,000 pages is intrinsically associated with the history of the West and of the vast Spanish Empire of the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries. The material is divided into eight sections corresponding to one country each: Chile, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Several other countries are represented with smaller volume of documentation: the Antilles, Spain, Philippines, Panama, and Venezuela. The documentary Fund is a unique testimony to the intricate network of influence and interactions between the old and the new continent. "

    Archivo nacional

  • L-Czech Republic, Czech prints in Brno Library (V 1-2)

    Jaroslav Vobr

    AUS DEN JAHREN 1501–1800
    Band 1
    A – Q


    Band 2
    R – Ž


    Pdf files with multiple jesuitica items.

  • L-Czech Republic, Jesuitica in Czech libraries

    Go to menu 'Digital library'; via  'jesu*' in search-mode [title/everywhere] , you'll end up with a lot of jesuitica in the Czech libraries.

  • L-Czech Republic, Prague, History of SJ library Cesky Krumlov (CZ)
    History of ancient SJ library at Ceský Krumlov, whose holdings are now in Prague.
  • L-Distinguished Jesuits in the Catholic Encyclopedia
  • L-Electronic thesis collections

    Find electronic thesis collections in different countries

  • L-France, archives portal

    Portal to French diocesan archives

  • L-France, Bibl. dauphinoise

    Bibliothèque dauphinoise

  • L-France, Emmanuelle-database schoolbooks (INRP)

    Emmanuelle : database of the Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique (Paris), which holds lots of school books, printed in France since 1789, also those written by Jesuits. Just enter the name(s) of your researched author(s) ...

    See equally link L-**Jesuit education in France

  • L-France, Gallica full text search

    This blog message explains (in French) how to go about a full text search in books posted on Gallica.

  • L-France, Lille, Index bibliographique

    Pdf file of thematically arranged bibliography (4th ed.) of rare books preserved at Universities of Lille I, II and III (France) - [213 p.].


  • L-France, Lyon, Collection des Fontaines (Chantilly-Lyon)

    The Jesuit collection of Fontaines holds almost 500 000 documents. It has been deposited by the Society, for 50 years, at the Bibliothèque de la Ville de Lyon, as a result of the closing of the Centre Culturel des Fontaines in Chantilly. This site offers a virtual tour of the collection (French).

    Blog (English)

  • L-France, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale

    This "links" (signets) subpage of the site of the National Library of France, Paris helps you to find other libraries in France and abroad.

  • L-France, portal libraries and library sciences

    Portal to a variety of sites in the French speaking world, related to libraries and librarian sciences

  • L-France, private printers

    Imprimeries privées françaises (XVe – XIXe siècles) -- 35 livres issus de 26 presses privées appartenant à la collection du duc d’Aumale. Exposition 2002 - Bibliothèque et Archives du Château de Chantilly

  • L-Germany, Cologne, Diocesan Library
    The "Erzbischöflichen Diözesan- und Dombibliothek Köln" holds a good number of jesuitica. Check the on-line catalogue.
  • L-Germany, Cologne, Marteau publishing

    Lots of material on 17-18-19th centuries

  • L-Germany, Frankfurt, Bibliothek der Philosophisch-Theologischen Hochschule Sankt Georgen
    Library of the Sankt Georg School for Philosophy and Theology in Frankfurt, Germany (German, English, French).
  • L-Germany, München, Bibliothek der Hochschule für Philosophie
    The Munich School of Philosophy, was originally founded as the "Berchmannskolleg" in 1925, in the town of Pullach, by Augustin Bea, then principal of the Northern German Province of the Society of Jesus, later Cardinal Bea.
  • L-Germany, Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek
    Library with many digital projects, a.o. an emblem project with full image resources.
  • L-Hungary, Budapest , Univ. library Manuscript catalogus
  • L-Hungary, Budapest Univ. Libr., Hungarian SJ books

    Farkas Gábor Farkas, Il fondo antico della Biblioteca dell'Universita Eötvös Loránd di Budapest. La Bibliofilía, 105. (2003) 49-76 [PDF].

    Among the most ancient holdings of Budapest's University Library are those remnants of the primitive book collection of the Hungarian Jesuitical University of Nagyszombat, now known as Trnava in Slovakia. Contained in this collection are volumes from several 16th century Jesuitical settlements in Hungarian territory not subdued by Turks following the battle of Mohács in 1526, transdanubian Hungary and Transylvania, only partially independent from the Ottoman Empire. The history of the Jesuitical educational institutes in these areas overlaps with the complex political and religious affairs of the region. The recovery of some 17th century catalogues and a study of provenance notes contained in the books themselves has permitted the realisation of a databank of this material, remarkably important for the history of Hungarian culture.

  • L-Hungary, contents libraries Hungarian S.J. (till 1711)

    This book (Word file) has the contents of the libraries of S.J.-institutions in Hungary. The book has been published in Hungarian, with at the end a summary in German in (1990): ISBN 963-481-806-4 and is available at the KUleuven central library

  • L-Hungary, SJ books in Hungary

    Books from former SJ colleges in Hungary.

    Opens when clicking on the green book, upper right hand corner. Equally downloadable in pdf-format. P. 358: summary in German

  • L-Ignatius, names authority file

    VIAF - The Virtual International Authority File

    VIAF is a joint project of several national libraries, implemented and hosted by OCLC. The project's goal is to lower the cost and increase the utility of library authority files by matching and linking the authority files of national libraries, and then making that information available on the Web.

  • L-Italy, Archivio dei possessori (Bologna)

    Searching for old provenances of Jesuit holdings in Italy

  • L-Italy, Casalmaggiore, abbey library



    Pdf file, with some jesuitica items (18-19 c.), published in 1994 by Enrico Cirani, Mario Gardini, Roberta Ronda

  • L-Italy, Firenze, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale

    Has lots of jesuitica, often with title page digitalized. Search via 'jesuit*' in ricerca libre window.

  • L-Italy, Gregorian Univ.- Historical Archives

    This site is presently only in Italian available, but the English version is in the making.

    Historical archives (Archivio storico) of the Gregorian University in Rome, holding important archives for Jesuit researchers.

  • L-Italy, Rome, Gregoriana libr.

    Subject index of holdings at the Gregoriana library related to entry 'jesuit'.

  • L-Italy, South Tyrol libraries

    Censimento delle Biblioteche Storiche dell'Alto Adige (Historical libraries of South Tyrol)

    has lists of printers of the area, catalogues of libraries, set of historical ex-libris etc.

    South Tyrol is an old cultural landscape with numerous abbeys, parishes, castles and mansions in which comprehensive historical libraries are hidden. While the organisation of modern book collections is covered by provincial institutions, historical collections still need to be indexed. Within the terms of this project historical book collections are scientifically catalogued and the recorded data is made available for research purposes.

  • L-Japan, Tokyo, Sophia Univ, Kirishitan Bunko Libr.

    Japan and Christianity - The purpose of this database is to make available for the first time in electronic form a fully revised and updated version of the important catalogue of rare books contained in the Kirishitan Bunko Library of Sophia University, edited by Johannes Laures, S.J. in three separate editions. A further feature, which was added in 2004 is the new Virtual Library, which contains images of entire works chosen from among the rarest pre-1620 imprints in the Kirishitan Bunko collection.

    Reprints available from Yushodo Printing press

  • L-Japan, Tokyo, Sophia University library

    Collection of rare and historical materials (Japanese-English).

  • L-Japan, Tsukuba university, Max Besson collection

    This Japonica collection of old prints testifies a.o. to the earlier Jesuit missionary activities in Japan, esp. of Francis Xavier, christianity in Japan, and the Japanese missions to Europe.

    Via Library Opac

  • L-Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project

    Jesuit libraries provenance project (Loyola University Chicago)

  • L-Jesuits in Jewish Encyclopedia

    JewishEncyclopedia . The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

    all entries with reference to 'jesuit'

  • L-Library of Congress, names authority file

    To controll different versions of a certain names of jesuit (and other) authors

  • L-Liege Jesuit manuscript text collection in Georgetown

    The Liege Jesuit Manuscript Text Collection consists of manuscript volumes used by students in the English College at Liege between 1660 and 1730. All but one of the volumes cover specific subjects in theology, and probably fairly represent the Jesuit theology curriculum at Liege.

  • L-Lithuania, library resources
    Overview of library resources in Lithuania. Somewhat dated.
  • L-Lithuania, Vilnius University Library
    History of Vilnius (Lithuania) University Library, with access to catalogue (English).
  • L-Mikado, Aachen

    Up-to-date library catalogue of the Missionsbibliothek und katholische Dokumentationsstelle (Mikado) at Missio, Aachen mainly of interest with relation to Jesuits and mission. English interface available. Finds also journal articles.

  • L-Netherlands, Amsterdam, Library of Hermetic Philosophy

    Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica  -- J.R.Ritman Library

    search via "jesuit" and find...

  • L-Netherlands, Historici.nl (BWN)

    allows for searching in the Biografisch Woordenboek van Nederland (1880-2000)


  • L-Netherlands, Maastricht, Univ. of Maastricht (Collection Canisianum)

    This university library houses a lot of the books of the former Jesuit theological school, the 'Canisianum'. When looking via the subject heading 'jesuit'  in Keyword (local ...) the relevant jesuitica can be traced back (English and Dutch).

  • L-Netherlands, Picarta (Library system)

    Welcome to PiCarta, the portal to the Dutch Union Catalogue and other databases (in Dutch, German, English)

  • L-Netherlands, Utrecht Univ., COKB

    List of books belonging to the Centrale Oud-Katholieke Bibliotheek (COKB - Central library of the Old-Catholic Church/Oud-Katholieken). This collection, on loan to the Utrecht University, hosts literature related to jansenism, the "oud-katholieke kerk" and  other churches related to them. The collection holds ca 3.000 volumes printed before 1801. These collections equally holds a lot of anti-jansenist books and pamphlets, a number of which are of interest to jesuitica researchers.

    Other books of this collection can be found at the Old-Catholic Amersfoort seminary;

    Printed catalogues of these collections:

    • Catalogus van de centrale oud-katholieke bibliotheek (Utrecht: Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, 1925) [216 p].
    • J.A. Van Beek, Lijst van eenige boeken en brochuren uitgegeven in de oud-katholieke kerk van Nederland sedert 1842 (Rotterdam: Reisberman, 1892) [11 p.]
    • J.A. Van Beek, Lijst van eenige boeken en brochuren uitgegeven in de Oud-katholieke kerk van Nederland sedert 1751 tot 1842
    • J.A. Van Beek, Lijst van eenige boeken en brochuren uitgegeven in de Oud-Katholieke kerk van Nederland sedert 1700 tot 1751 (Rotterdam, Reisberman, 1893)
  • L-Pascal studies, updated bibliography

    Bibliography pertaining to Blaise Pascal, author of 'Les Provinciales'. Interesting for all further research about Les Provinciales. Kept updated by  C.E.R.H.A.C. (Centre international Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand)

  • L-Philippines, Manila, Library of the EAPI
    The East Asian Pastoral Institute is a place and a community for the on-going formation of pastoral agents in a multi-cultural context of faith. For more than thirty years, we have sought to provide training courses and a community experience, which integrate faith and life, within the cultural heritage of many countries, especially of Asia and the Pacific.
  • L-Poland, Cracow, Society of Jesu Scientific Library
    This library is housed in the Cracow college. A separate section, the so-called: Provincial Library was created within the Writers Library. In 1929, Father Stanislaw Bednarski (1896-1942) took upon himself to gather all old prints of all Society's chapter houses (with the exception of Chyrów), thereby creating the Malopolska Province of the Society of Jesus The collection consists of nearly 20,000 (30,000 volumes) of valuable Polish and foreign prints. Among others: a part of the Jozef Kalasanty Szaniawski's book collection (1764-1843), the books of old Jesuit Libraries in Austria, many rare old prints from Polocko, legal theses from old German universities, not to mention many jesuitica. In 1980, a section of manuscripts and drawings was created. Undoubtedly, an extremely valuable part of the Writers Library is the archival section of photocopies and microfilms regarding the history and the legacy of the Jesuits in Poland. These originate mostly from Roman Archives of the Society of Jesus (Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu ARSI). Some manuscripts from the archive of the South Polish Province of the Society of Jesu, as well as other manuscripts from Polish archives and non-Jesuit libraries have been secured at this collection. Microfilms of personal files of Polish Jesuits stored at libraries in Austria, Sweden and Latvia complement this collection.
  • L-Poland, Hereditas Monasteriorum database

    HM (Hereditas Monasteriorum): Cultural heritage of dissolved monasteries on the territory of former Poland and Silesia in the 18th and 19th century: fate, significance and cataloguing

    Finds both bibliographic and archival resources.

  • L-Poland, Krakow, Jesuit faculties
    Library of the jesuit faculties in Krakow, Poland. (Polish)
  • L-Poland, Warsaw, Biblioteka Bobolanum

    Library of Jesuit theological library in Warsaw. Catalogue only in Polish.

    Look in 'central books catalog' of FIDES, and use keyword "jezuici"

  • L-Portugal, National catalogue

    This collective catalogue of Portuguese libraries takes one to a lot of Jesuit resources; search by name or title.

  • L-Provenance research

    If you are looking to identify provenances... try here

    Archives of former provenance questions [University of Frankfurt]

  • L-Provenance research links (BnF)

    Links posted at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (signets)

  • L-QOOP digital prints

    Qoop allows the reader to order a printed version of books digitized in Google.com.

  • L-Romania, Library of Oradea

    Contains catalogue of 18th c. library of the chapter church (Domkapitel) of Großwardein (German) / Oradea (Romanian) / Nagyvarad (Hungarian) / Varat (Turkish).

    Article in Germain gives history of the library. Oldest books are in Bucharest, while remainder can be found on the second floor across the chapel of the cathedral (bishop's church.) Author: András Emödi, translator: Andrea Seidler.

  • L-Roothaan, archives

    Index to the Jan Philip Roothaan, S.J. archive (Georgetown, Washington D.C.)

    Finding aid


  • L-Russia, Moscow, Library for foreign literature

    Gives access, also in English, to a former Hungarian library: displaced Hungarian books from Sarospatak Calvinist College in the collections of Nizhni Novgorod State Regional Research Library.

    Go to 'catalogues' and then to "a catalogue of displaced Hungarian books (Sarospatak)". Holds some jesuitica.

  • L-SHARPweb-Research tools

    SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship , Reading & and Publishing)

  • L-Slovenia, National Library (Ljubljana)

    E-books on demand (EOD)

    An EOD eBook is a digitized book delivered as a PDF file. In the
    advanced version, the file contains the image of the scanned
    original book as well as the automatically recognized full text.
    Marks, notations and other notes in the margins from the original
    volume are also preserved in the digital version.

    The project is coordinated by Innsbruck University Library. The
    following institutions are participating as partners: Bavarian
    State Library, Humboldt University library from Berlin, National
    Library of Estonia, National library of Portugal, Royal Library
    of Denmark, University Library of Bratislava, University Library
    of Graz, University Library of Greifswald, University Library of
    Regensburg and Vienna University Library.

    The scope of materials offered by the National and university
    library of Slovenia comprises monographs, printed from 1500 until
    1945. Check for available jesuitica by entering "jesuit*" in the appropriate field...

  • L-Spain, Fundación Tavera-Colección Jesuitas
    Short listing of available resources at the Archivo de la Real Academia de la Historia - España.
  • L-Spain, Granada, University of Granada
    Enter under 'términos no controlados' the term "jesuit*", OR under 'autor/título' a name or title and you'll run into a lot of interesting Jesuitica, some of them available in full-text mode.
  • L-Spain, Jesuit historical archives (Castilla prov.)

    Archivo Histórico de la Provincia de Castilla de la Compañía de Jesús [via Cervantes virtual]


    • via Censo-Guía de Archivos de España e Iberoamérica
  • L-Spain, Madrid, Bibliotheca nacional

    Go for 'jesuita' in the search window and ... have a look at the special collections, under 'manuscipts' (jesuita) [English interface]

  • L-Spain, Union Catalogue

    Spanish bibliographic Heritage Union Catalogue, searchable in English.

  • L-Sweden-Poland, Braniewo Jesuit library in Uppsala
    One of the collections taken as war booty during the wars of Gustavus II Adolphus in Poland in 1626 is the one from the Jesuit College of Braniewo (Braunsberg). The largest part of it was brought to the recently founded university library at Uppsala, where there was a great need for books. - See more at: http://ub.uu.se/samlingar/verk-och-samlingar-i-urval/braniewo-jesuitbiblioteket/?languageId=1#sthash.uI2lmxfq.dpuf
    One of the collections taken as war booty during the wars of Gustavus II Adolphus in Poland in 1626 is the one from the Jesuit College of Braniewo (Braunsberg). The largest part of it was brought to the recently founded university library at Uppsala, where there was a great need for books. - See more at: http://ub.uu.se/samlingar/verk-och-samlingar-i-urval/braniewo-jesuitbiblioteket/?languageId=1#sthash.uI2lmxfq.dpuf
    One of the collections taken as war booty during the wars of Gustavus II Adolphus in Poland in 1626 is the one from the Jesuit College of Braniewo (Braunsberg). The largest part of it was brought to the recently founded university library at Uppsala, where there was a great need for books. - See more at: http://ub.uu.se/samlingar/verk-och-samlingar-i-urval/braniewo-jesuitbiblioteket/?languageId=1#sthash.uI2lmxfq.dpuf

    One of the collections taken as war booty during the wars of Gustavus II Adolphus in Poland in 1626 is the one from the Jesuit College of Braniewo (Braunsberg). The largest part of it was brought to the recently founded university library at Uppsala, where there was a great need for books.

  • L-Switzerland, Wallis printing

    Site with a bibliography of whatever was printed in the canton Wallis (Sion, Sitten) from 1644 till 1798. Some of these books are jesuitica. See: BIBLIOGRAPHIE DES IMPRIMES VALAISANS des origines jusqu'à la fin de l'ancien régime (1644-1798)

  • L-Typography

    Searches ornamental initials etc... according to printers, countries, ages

    History of the Book - Typography - Amsterdam's photostream

  • L-UK, Arundel Castle library

    Pdf-file which helps one trace the jesuitica items housed at the library of the Arundel Castle, West Sussex, UK.

    Use pdf-search line: 'jesuit'

  • L-UK, Farnborough, Catholic National Library

    Jesuit subject headings at the Catholic National Library, Farnborough, UK.

  • L-UK, London, Heythrop library

    The Library dates back to the founding of the College in 1614, and has an important collection of pre-1801 imprints (some stored off-campus). We moved to our present site in Kensington Square in 1993. The Library has some 200,000 volumes in its collections, and is one of the finest libraries of theological and philosophical books in the UK.

  • L-UK, Reading experience 1450-1945

    UK Red [Reading Experience Database]: the experience of reading in Britain, from 1450 to 1945.

    Search for the term 'jesuit'

  • L-UK, Scotland, archives

    Records dealing with the Jesuits, kept at the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

  • L-UK, Wellcome Library

    Has items and ms on e.g. Villodas Marcos SJ, Pedro de Montenegro SJ, Théodore Lombard SJ e.a.

    Look for appropriate window to direct your search and enter either name or 'jesuit'

    Wellcome Library,183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE

  • L-UK-Oxford, SJ and China (Bodleian libr.)

    JESUIT WORKS (religious)

    天主降生出像經解. 崇禎中刊.
          Preface dated 1637.
      存: 全. 一冊. Bodleian Library, Sinica 60 [SC 4002]. Cover has ms. note in Portuguese and dedication to William Thurston by P. Andre Xavier. This copy is more complete than the Douce copy, having preserved its original covers and IHS frontispiece; it is also printed on luxurious gold-flecked
          paper. After examining copies in Paris and Rome, Yuming Sun (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri) said "Sinica 60 is the best (and most precious) of all extant copies". YS.
      存: 全. 一冊. Bodleian Library, Douce Chin.d.6. This copy was brought to Europe by Fr. François Noël, S.J. and was lodged in a Jesuit residence in the Southern Low Countries (Lille, possibly). After the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1777 it was auctioned and entered the private
          collection of Frans Korneel Cuypers de Rymenam in Brussels. This collection was auctioned in 1802 and the copy was acquired by Francis Douce. It passed to the Bodleian in 1834 along with the rest of his collection. NG.
      按: Illustrated life of Christ by Portuguese Jesuit Giulio Aleni. Ills. of exceptional quality.

    聖經直解. 崇禎中刊.
      存: 目錄. 一冊. Bodleian Library, Sinica 61 [SC 4003]. Inscription as on Sinica 60.
      按: This is the index only to 聖經直解 (the gospels for Sundays and the main festivals) tr. by the Portuguese Jesuit Emmanuel Diaz.

    天學辨敬錄. 崇禎中刊.
          Title at beginning of text is 孟士表先生辨敬錄. Has 金能堂 in lower 版心. Has three prefaces, the last dated 崇禎壬午[1642].
      存: 全. 一冊. Bodleian Library,  Sinica 56 [SC 3996]. Cover has ms. note in Portuguese on title & author.
      按: Treatise on Christianity by the Portuguese Jesuit Joao Monteiro.

    JESUIT WORKS (secular)

    表度說. 萬曆中刊.
          Preface dated 萬曆甲寅[1614].
      存: 全. 一冊. Bodleian Library, Sinica 65 [SC 1960 (G.17)].
      按: Work on gnomonics by the Italian Jesuit Sabatthinus de Ursis.

    天問略. 萬曆中刊(甲本).
          Perhaps the first edition of this work. AD. 周希令's preface lacks characters in lower 版心. After 王應能's 刻天文略題詞 there is 繼刻有表度說簡平義說幾何天文諸書. Also, there are 4 more plates before the main text, possibly being the earliest Chinese representations of European dials. SY.
      存: 全. 一冊. Bodleian Library, Sinica 66 [SC 1953 (G.9)].

    天問略. 萬曆中刊(乙本).
          From different blocks throughout, this is the more common edition of this work, and is perhaps the second edition. AD. Has 刻天文略題詞 by 王應能 dated 萬曆乙卯[1615]. 自序 also has this date. 周希令's preface has  旌德劉光暘刊 in lower 版心.
      存: 全. 一冊. Bodleian Library, Sinica 67 [SC 1960 (G.16)]. The covers are shorter than the text-block, and the front cover bears the printed label 幾何原本第六卷. The cover bears the Golius catalogue no.16, "Philosophia Chinensium, cum fig.", but Bernard changed this description to "Liber
          Geographicus Chinensis, cum fig." It is possible that the cover did indeed contain the text-block of 幾何原本 in the time of Golius, and that it subsequently became detached and was erroneously stitched on to this fascicle; Bernard, noting the discrepancy, may therefore have changed the
          description to a subject which vaguely matches the illustrations.  按: Ptolemaic astronomy by the Portuguese Jesuit Emmanuel Diaz.

    康熙十年二月十五日丁酉夜望月食圖. 康熙十年[1671]刊.
      存: 全. 一冊. British Library, Or.74.b.6. From the official papers of Thomas Hyde. Inscribed: "Phases lunares Sinico-Tartarice descriptae, viz. an account of an eclipse as it appeared in China, printed in the Chinese and Tartar languages answering to each other column-wise, printed by Father Verbiest late Professor of Astronomy in China. This tho small in bulk, is a great Rarity, it being the only thing of this kinde now in England. 1700."

      存: 全(有缺). 一冊. British Library, Or.70.bbb.3. Sloane.

    [Vocabularium Hispanico-Sinense]. Ms. 1 vol.
          Chinese characters arranged in alphabetical order of pronunciation, with Spanish equivalent.
      存: Bodleian Library, MS.Marsh 696 [1943 (G.ms.6), SC 9693].

    [Thesaurus rarissimus]. Ms. 1 vol.
          Chinese words, mostly bisyllables, arranged in alphabetical order of pronunciation, with Spanish equivalent.
      存: Bodleian Library, MS.Marsh 111 [1941 (G.ms.4), SC 9106].

    Vocabulario [...]. Ms. 1 vol.
          Chinese-Portuguese word list, romanisation only, arranged in alphabetical order.
      存: Bodleian Library, MS.Marsh 613 [1942 (G.ms.5), SC 9610].

    NOTE: [This is an excerpt of a] document [that] has been put together over a period of several decades. The original intention was simply to list all the Chinese books that were in the Bodleian Library by the end of the 17th century, many of which were imported as curiosities from Chinese communities in Southeast Asia by the Dutch East India Company at the very beginning of the century, and sold in Amsterdam. Often, they were split up, so that fascicles of the same copy can now be found in two or more different libraries. The late Professor Piet van der Loon estimated that the Bodleian Library has as much as a quarter (the largest single portion) of what may be termed this "Amsterdam corpus".

    Now, the list is serving as the basis for a survey not only of the entire corpus, but of all the Chinese books that were in Europe before the close
    of the 17th century. A number of scholars have added their discoveries and observations to it. Info: David Helliwell

  • L-USA, Atlanta, Emory (MS Crasset, Jean )
  • L-USA, Atlanta, Emory (MS Ferrara, Louis SJ 1809-1885)

    Manuscript of a retreat preached. Possible plausible authorship allocation is our responsability.

  • L-USA, Boston College, Beyond Ricci

    This website and database aims to introduce readers to the Jesuitica Collection at the Burns Library, Boston College, by highlighting books written about China by Jesuit missionaries. (The Jesuitica collection is broader than this, but for the purposes of this website, we have focused on east-west cultural exchange and interaction). Several years ago these books made their way to the shelves of the Burns Library, Boston College, and it is our pleasure to make them available now for readers from San Francisco to Shanghai, Chestnut Hill to Canberra.

  • L-USA, California, Online Archives

    Results for "Jesuit" in overall California Online Archives.

    Limited results for California Jesuit Archives (19-20th c.) Relates to missions in China, works in archdiocese, in Mexico, correspondence with Roman generalate etc.

  • L-USA, Chicago, Newberry Library

    Have a look at some 5 new jesuitica items. Scroll down till you run into the first item.

    The Newberry Library equally holds manuscripts on the Jesuit missions in the Mariana Islands, China and Japan, as well as documents on the expulsion of the Jesuits from the Philippines in 1768, including official correspondence and reports on the deportation of members of the Society, as well as the confiscation and liquidation of their property (Ayer Collection Philippine manuscripts).


  • L-USA, Detroit, Univ. Mercy

    Jesuitica holdings at University of Detroit Mercy

  • L-USA, Duke Univ., Jantz coll. microfilms

    Pdf-file (265 p.) of annotated author index of Harold Janz collection of German Baroque Literature. Highlighted references are to the Jesuitica related items on the microfilm reels.

    on-line research

  • L-USA, Duke Univ.-Peruvian coll.

    Especially manuscripts 8, 15, 26, 50 and 55 are of importance to researchers into the history of the Jesuits in Peru.

  • L-USA, Georgetown (special collections)/Paraguay
    Archives on Jesuit presence in Paraguay.
  • L-USA, Gonzaga Univ., S.J. Oregon province archives

    Page at Gonzaga University. The Jesuit Oregon Province Archives secondary source materials are intended to supplement the manuscript collections, and so reflect the broad theme of Northwest/Alaskan religious history. There are approximately 2000 titles in the collection. Many are hard-to-find items, particularly the early Native languages grammars and dictionaries. A card catalog system provides in-house access to the entire collection. A retrospective conversion project is in progress, and so access to about one-third of the titles is currently available through the on-line catalog.



  • L-USA, Jesuit librairies
    portal site at the John Carroll University in Cleveland towards other Jesuit librairies
  • L-USA, Library of Congress

    Search for 'jesuit' and you're taken to a set of sublibraries with Jesuit holdings, and to every item, whose description contains the term 'jesuit'

  • L-USA, Library of Congress_Jesuit pictures

    Finds Jesuit-related pictures of buildings, building plans, books, posters, etc. from the USA and other countries, held at the LOC.

  • L-USA, Marquette (McCabe archives)

    Archives especially important to researchers of Jesuit plays.

  • L-USA, New York, Fordham University Libraries

    Research guide to Jesuit studies at the Fordham University, New York.

  • L-USA, Open library (Jesuit subjects)
  • L-USA, SJ libraries in Baja California

    W. Michael Mathes, The earliest Libraries in the Californias: Jesuit missions of Baja California (html)

  • L-USA, South Bend, Notre Dame, Inquisition Collection
    The Harley L. McDevitt Collection on the Spanish Inquisition at the University of Notre Dame
  • L-USA, Southern Manuscripts Sermons

    Southern Manuscripts Sermons before 1800: A Bibliographic Database

    Finds 'jesuit' material from the Maryland missions, if in the "Commentary" field, one enters  "jesuit"; Repository: "Georgetown".

    Southern Manuscript Sermons before 1800 is the first guide to the study of the manuscript sermon literature of the Southern colonies/states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The bibliography contains entries for over 1,600 sermons by over a hundred ministers affiliated with eight denominations. ... George M. Barringer contributed entries for Jesuit sermons. ...

  • L-USA, St. Louis, Vatican Film Library

    Archivum Romanum Societatis Jesu (ARSI), the central archives of the Jesuit Order in Rome, contain the records of the official business of the Jesuit Generalate. A general inventory of the ARSI was composed in 1910 and 1911 and later revised in 1935. A microfilm copy of this inventory is available for consultation in the Vatican Film Library, Saint Louis University, MO.

    Materials held by the Vatican Film Library from the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu (ARSI) have been copied selectively from this archive, comprising only those materials pertaining to Jesuit activities in North and South America and the Philippines.

  • L-USA, Urbana-Champaign, Univ. of Illinois

    This library holds a fair amount of Jesuitica, especially Spanish authors (XVIIth c.)

    Search 'subject headings' via "jesuit*"


  • L-USA, Washington, Georgetown Univ. (special collections)
    Text file with contents and history of acquisition of Georgetown special collections. Search via browser for 'jesuit'.
  • L-USA, Washington, Oliveira Lima Library (CUA)

    Library with extensive holdings related to the history of the Jesuits in Brazil.


  • L-USA, Washington, Woodstock Theological Center Library

    Remarkable Catholic theological library collection in the U.S. Founded in 1869 at Woodstock College outside of Baltimore, it was located in New York City from 1969-1974 and then moved to Georgetown University, Washington, DC. The library contains approximately 190,000 volumes and has been housed as a separate collection in the Joseph Mark Lauinger Library on the Georgetown University campus since 1975. Its rare book collection of over 17,500 titles is an outstanding theological collection of 15th through 19th century counter-reformational and American theological works. In 2002, the library began to make available on its web site a number of interesting Jesuit texts, including selected letters and instructions of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the works of John Courtney Murray, S.J. Not all Woodstock resources are currently electronically visible on Georgetown University's on-line catalog, GEORGE. These resources can reliably be retrieved only by using the conventional card catalog in the Woodstock Library.

  • L-USA, Wisconsin

    Jesuitica on the website of the Wisconsin Historical Society

  • L-Vatican archives [Archivio Segreto Vaticano]

    The Vatican Secret Archive [Archivio Segreto Vaticano] contains the documents concerning the central government of the Catholic Church. It is called "secret" because it is the private archive of the pontiff. He is its sole owner, establishing its norms and deciding whether to open it for consultation.

    Today, it can be consulted through the entire pontificate of Pius XI, meaning up until 1939. The next section to be opened, the one dealing with the pontificate of Pius XII, will give free access up until 1958, but a wide selection of documents from the years of the second world war has already been public for some time.

    Searching for Jesuit-related items

  • L-Vatican Library

    The new website gives access to the catalogs of the works kept in the library. The main new development is that in addition to the catalog for printed works, there are now also catalogs for manuscripts, incunabula, archives, coins and art objects.

    Seaching jesuitica via words in titles (e.g. societas jesu etc.) or via subjects (gesuita / jesuit) in "simple search" method.

  • L-Yale Beinecke library

    Yale Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript library

  • Miscellaneous (top)
  • M-**Argentina, Historia del Arte (blog)

    Blog concerning Jesuitica a.o.(and others) in Latin America

  • M-**Baroque art

    Database, searchable according to artist , subject etc.

    BaroqueArt is a database of paintings produced by artists throughout the Hispanic world during the Baroque period. It presents the rich art of the baroque era in various interactive visualizations. Maintained by the University of Western Ontario.

  • M-**Belgium, Jesuit alumni association

    site of the alumni of the French-speaking Jesuit schools in Belgium

  • M-**France, Culture.fr

    Jesuit items on the French cultural site Culture.fr

  • M-**France, Theater in the ancien régime

    Cesar: Calendrier électronique des spectacles sous l'ancien régime et la révolution. On-line database on (Jesuit) theater pieces played in the Ancien Régime, and the Revolution (France).

    To find 'Jesuit' theater, go via 'browser'.

  • M-**Karl Rahner Society
  • M-**Links hosted by French Jesuits
  • M-**Netherlands, Liederenbank (Song database)

    Database of Dutch songs, searchable for terms like "jesuit*" ... renders a few songs where Jesuits are mentioned...

  • M-**Netherlands, RKD (artists)

    RKDartists& is a database with details about Dutch and foreign artists (in the broadest sense of the word) from around 1200 to the present. [Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie, Den Haag]

    RKDimages  (search e.g. 'Ignatius')

    RKDportraits (Dutch interface only)

  • M-**PESSCA, Project on the Engraved Sources of Spanish Colonial Art

    The website contains digital reproductions of Spanish Colonial Art. The goal of PESSCA is to document the effect of European prints on Spanish Colonial Art.
    Jesuits, such as Jérome Nadal, had great influence and are thus included in the accessible resources. Browse the site (esp. the section Archive / Individual saints) to find more on Jesuits related to Spanish Colonial Art.

    PESSCA aspires to lead an international collaborative effort to identify the engraved sources of Spanish Colonial Art. To support this effort PESSCA is housed both at the University of California-Davis and at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. PESSCA also maintains this website in order to facilitate worldwide scholarly communication on the topic. Researchers, collectors, merchants, and other enthusiasts of Spanish Colonial Art are invited to send us their questions, observations, suggestions, or corrections. 

    Most of the pairings or correspondences posted in this website involve paintings produced in territories comprising the first Viceroyalty of Peru (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay, as well as most of Chile and Argentina). In time—and with your help—our correspondences will grow in number, diversify in genre, and cover the span of the Spanish Empire. 

  • M-**Shanghai, Chinese primary sources catalogue

    Catalogue of Chinese language primary sources related to Christianity in China.

    Organized by the Centre for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society, Department of History, Shanghai University.

    本网站由中国国家社会科学基金重大项目“汉语基督教文献书目的整理和研究”(项目编号) 提供支持。
    This website is supported by the Major Project of Chinese National Social Science Fund "Collection and Research on Chinese language primary sources relating to Christianity in China" (2012).

  • M-**Sommervogel

    A database of research in the Psychology of Religion. Developed by Dr. Michael Donahue and supported by Division 36 of the American Psychological Association, the archive presently indexes over 74,000 articles of use in the psychological study of religion. Books and book reviews also are included in the archive.

    The archive, named after Jesuit Bibliographer Carlos Sommervogel (1834-1902), extends to users the ability to locate articles by title, subject, year, and other means.

  • M-*a Briga, M., Scientia eclipsium (1747)

    Melchior a Briga, Ignaz Koegler, Jacob P. Simonelli, Scientia eclipsium (Rome-Lucca, 1747) [Google.books]

    Pars tertia (Lucca, 1747) [Google.books]

    Pars quarta (Lucca, 1747) [Google.books]

  • M-*Acta Sanctorum

    Searchable version of the Acta Sanctorum

    Other link of different full text scans of Acta sanctorum volumes (Internet archive; contributed by Falvey Memorial Library, Villanova University)

  • M-*Antoine Thomas, Synopsis Mathematica (1685)

    Thomas Antoine, Synopsis Mathematica complectens varios tractatus quos huius scientiae tyronibus et Missionis Sinicae candidatis breviter et clare concinnavit P. Antonius Thomas è Societate Iesu (Douai: Mairesse, 1685) [digitized via Neptun, Namur university, Belgium]

  • M-*Arbre géographique (1762)

    Arbre géographique contenant les établissements des Jésuites par toute la terre et le nombre des sujets qui composent cette Société tiré d'un catalogue envoyé de Rome en 1762 : Le gouvernement des Jésuites se divise en 5 assistances qui comprennent 39 provinces, 24 maisons professes, 669 collèges, 61 noviciats, 176 seminaires, 335 résidences, 223 missions, 22787 Jésuites, dont 11010 sont prêtres [Gallica]

  • M-*Auctores graeci (1634)

    Auctores Graeci classis rhetorices in collegiis Societatis Jesu provinciae Gallo-Belgicae praelegendi (Duaci, 1634) [UA catalogue]

  • M-*Austria, Music in Tyrol

    Hildegard Herrmann-Schneider, [English translation: Almuth Seebohm], Music in the Tyrol: an Outline of its History from the Reign of Emperor Maximilian to the End of the Austro-Hungarian Empire [Pdf file]

    part: Music in Monasteries and convents

    highlighting role of Jesuits a.o. [search full text for "jesuit"]

  • M-*Baegert, Observations in Lower California (1979)

    Johann Jacob Baegert, Observations in Lower California (Mannheim, 1772 - English translation 1979)

    Full text provided by UC Press E-books

  • M-*Bosmans, Henri (1898-1971) bibliography

    Bibliography of fr. Henri Bosmans SJ, Belgian mathematician and mathematics historian, arranged by Albrecht Heeffer, Michel Hermans SJ, and Jean-François Stoffel (55 p.), part of book edited by Michel Hermans, Jean-Françis Stoffel (eds.), Le Père Henri Bosmans sj (1852-1928), historien des mathématiques : actes des Journées d’études organisées les 12 et 13 mai 2006 au Centre interuniversitaire d’études des religions et de la laïcité de l’Université libre de Bruxelles et le 15 mai 2008 aux Facultés universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix à Namur (Bruxelles : Académie royale de Belgique, 2010), 253-298.

  • M-*Bougeant, Language of beasts

    Full text on-line version of A Philosophical Amusement Upon the Language of Beasts written originally in French: Amusement philosophique sur le Langage des bêtes

  • M-*Bougeant, Voyage ... 1735

    E-book of  Bougeant's Voyage du Prince Fan-Federin dans la romancie (1735) [Project Gutenberg]

    Also in PDF via www.ebooksgratuits.com

  • M-*Brasil, Corographia historica (de Mello Moraes, 1858-63)

    A. J. de Mello Moraes, Corographia historica, chronographica, genealogica, nobiliaria, e politica do imperio do Brasil. Rio de Janeiro, Typ. americana de J. Soares de Pinho, 1858-63.

    different volumes available in full text [via Hathi Trust]

  • M-*Canisius printed in Germany

    Full text volumes by Canisius printed in Germany and digitized by BSB, München

  • M-*Canisius, Catechismus Catholicorum (1585, Latvian)

    Canisius, Catechismus Catholicorum (Vilnius: Daniel Lancicius,1585) [ Uppsala University Library]

  • M-*Caussade, Abandonment to Divine Providence

    (de) Caussade, Jean Pierre, Abandonment to Divine Providence (1921 English translation) [ Christian Classics Ethereal Library]

  • M-*Caussin, Nicolas: Símbolos selectos (1677)

    Nicolas Caussin, Símbolos selectos, y parábolas históricas, del P. Nicolás Causino de la Compañía de Iesus. Libros primero y segundo. Tomo XII de sus obras. Traduzido de latín, y aumentado con varias observaciones, por don Francisco de la Torre, Cauallero de la Orden de Calatraua. en la Imprenta Real, por Juan García Infanzón. A costa de Gabriel León, 1677 [Poliantea]

    Nicolas Caussin SJ (1583-1651)

  • M-*Christel Bartolomeus, Wittib-Spiegel, 1694

    Bartholomaeus Christel, Praecellens viduarum speculum. (Brunn: Sinapi, 1694) Only preliminary pages and index. See Sommervogel 2, 1161, 17. [Universität Wien]

  • M-*Clavius, In sphaeram I. de Sacro Bosco commentarius, ch. 4

    In Sphaeram Ioannis de Sacro Bosco Commentarius. Venice, 1596. Edited by James M. Lattis. (Emended by the editor with corrections from later editions).

    Also biographical sketch of Clavius, and some bibliography.

  • M-*Clavius, Opera mathematica (Notre Dame)

    The Opera Mathematica of Christoph Clavius was compiled in 1611-1612 and contains works within the fields of both pure and applied mathematics. One of the most famous selections from this set is, of course, Clavius exposition of the Gregorian calendar.  As Fr. MacDonnell wrote in 2001, “He was considered an illustrious mathematician and astronomer; one to whom scholars and potentates would entrust with the most sensitive scientific problems of the day. Even so, he has yet to be given full credit for all of his scientific accomplishments.”  By making his work more accessible, this project is an attempt to give Christoph Clavius full credit.

  • M-*Conference Emonet (8 Oct 14)

    Conference [French] by Pierre Emonet, "L'héritage ignatien, une manière de procéder " [Lyon, 8 October 2014, organised by Conseil scientifique de la Collection jésuite des Fontaines]

  • M-*Correspondencia ... anti-jesuita (1774)

    Correspondencia de cinco cartas enter N.N. erudito anti-jesuíta, y N.N. teólogo imparcial, sobre la acusacion de Jansenismo, intempestivamente hecha contra la doctrina del venerable Juan de Palafox. (Madrid, 1774) [Google.books]

  • M-*Coton, Du tres-sainct, et tres-auguste sacrement, et sacrifice de la Messe (1600)

    Pierre Coton, Du tres-sainct, et tres-auguste sacrement, et sacrifice de la Messe (Avignon: Jacques Bramereau) 1600 [Les Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes]

  • M-*Cressolles, L. de, Vacationes autumnales, 1620

    Louis de Cressolles, Vacationes autumnales sive De perfecta oratoris actione et pronunciatione libri III. (Paris: Cramoisy, 1620)

    Via Google.books

  • M-*da Cruz, Luís

    Luís da Cruz SJ (1543-1604). Digital platform at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon. Many full texts available.

  • M-*Dalrymple, Letters SJ Maryland, 1877

    Dalrymple (ed), Extracts from different letters of missionaries, 1638-1697 (1877)

  • M-*de Certeau, bibliography

    Michel de Certeau SJ (1925-1986), Bibliography until 2006 (c/o Luce Giard) (update 2016, sequel is being prepared)



  • M-*de Mariana, blog item

    2013 blog item (Jordan Ballor, via Junius Institute)

    The Mutilation of De Monetae Mutatione (Tractatus VIII, Cologne 1608)

  • M-*de Mariana, Tratado ... moneda

    Via www.archivodelafrontera.com

  • M-*Dissertatio, Colerus, 1699?

    Dissertatio historica de Jesuitissis : quam ... in illustri Philuræa publico placidoque eruditorum examini exhibebunt præses Joannes Colerus ..., (Leipzig, 1699?) [microform]


  • M-*Du Halde, Description of the empire of China (2 v.)

    Jan-Baptiste Du Halde, A description of the empire of China and Chinese-Tartary [...], 2 v. (London: Edward Cave, 1738-1741) [Burns Library, Boston College]

  • M-*du Jardin, J., Elegiarum (1636)

    Jacques du Jardin SJ, Elegiarum sacrarum libri tres (Münster: Raesfelt, 1636)

  • M-*Dusseldorf, Genii nuptiales (1642)

    Genii nuptiales (Cologne: Krafft, 1642), emblematic work, by Dusseldorf SJ college (Sommervogel 3, 308, 2)

    Via us.archive.org

  • M-*Folger Shakespeare Library, The Collation (blog)

    Goran Proot posted an article on Jesuit drama (theatre) on this blog site.

  • M-*Fontana, I pregii della Toscana (1701)

    F. Fontana, I pregii della Toscana (Firenze: Miccione & Nestenius, 1701)

    via Google.books

  • M-*Francis Dzierozynski (1779-1850)

    M. Neomisia Rutkowska,  A Polish Pioneer Jesuit in America

  • M-*Francisco Garau (1640-1701)

    Spanish text at exhibit at University of Navarra regarding contribution of Garau to emblematics.

  • M-*Germany, Arbosch, Geometriae planae Elementa theorico-practica (1763)

    Heinrich Arbosch, Geometriae planae Elementa theorico-practica : methodo breviore conscripta & praelectionis publicis in Gymnasio Aquisgranensi explanata, 1763. [Latin] [Univ. of Düsseldorf]

  • M-*Gracian

    M. Batllori, C. Peralta, Balthasar Gracián en su vida y en sus obras. (Zaragosa: Instituo Fernando el Catolico, 1969)

  • M-*Grégoire, Histoire des confesseurs (1824)

    Henri Grégoire, Histoire des confesseurs des empereurs, des rois, et d'autres princes, (Paris: Baudouin frères, 1824)

    Via Google.books - searching "jésuite" yields 63 hits.

  • M-*Hazart/Dirrhaimer, Kirchen-Geschicht (Wien, 1701)

    Digital copy of the German translation of third volume of  Hazart's work on church history:

    Hazart, Cornelius / Soutermans, Mathias: Kirchen-Geschichte, Das ist: Catholisches Christenthum, durch die gantze Welt außgebreitet, Insonderheit Bey nächst verflossenen, und anjetzo fliessenden Jahr-hundert, Darinnen kürtzlich beschriben wird, Jedes Lands Arth, und Gelegenheit, der Einländer Lebens-Sitten, eygenthumliche Secten, Satzungen, Staats-Wesen, Geist- und Weltliche Gepräng; besonders aber ... die erste Einpflantzung, das Auffnehmen, und die Erweiterung deß allda eingeführten wahren Christ-Glaubens ..., Bd.: 3,2, Kirchen-Geschichte der Gantzen Welt, ... Begreiffend Die Geschichten und Begebenheiten von Niderland, und Engelland,  Wienn in Oesterreich, 1701

  • M-*Hughes, Loyola and the educational system (1912)

    Thomas Hughes, Loyola and the educational system of the Jesuits, New York: Scribner, 1912 [c1892])

  • M-*Hugo, Hermann: Afectos divinos (1658)

    Hermann Hugo, Afectos divinos. En Vallid.: Gregorio de Bedoya,1658 [Bilbioteca Digital de Libros de Emblemas Traducidos]

  • M-*Imago virtutum Bellarmini (1843)

    Michael Sintzel (ed.), Imago virtutum Roberti Bellarmini ... a Marcelo Cervino (Sulzbach: Seidel, 1843)

    Via google.books

  • M-*Ingolstadt, Leges et statuta ... congr. Mariae (1735)

    Leges et statuta ... congregationis Mariae ... in collegiis Societatis Iesu ... instituta (Straubingen: Betz, 1735)

    Via Google.books

  • M-*Italy, Boscovich, National edition

    L'Edizione Nazionale Ruggiero Giuseppe Boscovich

    Site providing PDF files for works and correspondence of Boscovich. Also secondary literature and biographical data.

  • M-*Italy, Thematic Jesuit history (Genua-Pisani)

    Alessandro Pisani, Thematic presentation of Jesuit History (Italian only)


    at Biblioteca universitaria Genova

  • M-*Jesuit play, Gent (1629)

    Via Google.books

    Eustachius, drama como-tragicum ..., Gandavi: Dooms, 1629

  • M-*Jesuit theatre (F. Pohle)

    Pdf-document of dissertation of Frank Pohle, "...mera ossa et cadavera" Studien zum Jesuitentheater in Jülich-Berg, Ravenstein und Aachen (1601-1817), Aachen: Philosophischen Fakultät der Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen, 2006

  • M-*Jesuits and cinema

    Conference (French) by Philippe Rocher about "Des hommes noirs sur l'écran blanc : jésuites en mission au cinéma" [Lyon, 10 april 2014, organised by Conseil scientifique de la Collection jésuite des Fontaines]

  • M-*Juan de Mariana (John Laures, 1928)

    Full text of John Laures, The political economy of Juan de Mariana (New York: Fordham, 1928) [PDF]

  • M-*Kircher, Ars magni sciendi (1669)
    Athanasius Kircher, Ars magna sciendi in XII libros digesta : qua nova & universali methodo per artificiosum combinationum contextum de omni re proposita ... Amstelodami : apud Joannem Jansonium à Waesberge & viduam Elizei Weyerstraet, 1669 [Via Univ. Complutense ]
  • M-*La contre-lettre (1830)


    Duport et Édouard, La contre-lettre ou le jesuite (Paris: Letellier, 1830) [Univ. of Warwick, UK]

  • M-*La morale des jésuites... (1669)

    La morale des jésuites, extraite fidelement de leurs livres, par un docteur de Sorbonne...  Tome 3 (Mons: Waudret, 1669) [Google.books]

    tome 1 (veuve Waudret, 1669)

  • M-*Leges et statuta (Ingolstadt), 1735

    Leges et statuta cum variis precibus, ac piis exercitiis congregationis B.. Virginis ... quae in collegiis Societatis Jesu instituta, Straubingen, Betz 1735

    via Google.books

  • M-*Les jésuites criminels... (1739)

    Les Jésuites criminels de leze-majesté ... , Troisième édition. (A la Haye: Vaillant, 1759) [Google.books]

  • M-*Les jésuites marchands ... (1759)

    Les jésuites marchands, usuriers, usurpateurs... (A la Haye,:Vaillant, 1759) [Google.books]

  • M-*Letters Xaverius, Zubillaga (1979)

    Full text 1979 edition of Letters of Francis Xavier [c/o Mercaba]

    Felix Zubillaga (ed.), Cartas e escritos de San Francisco Javier. Unica publicación castillana completa segùn la edición crítica de "Monuymenta Historica Soc. Iesu" (1944-1945), Tercera ed. (Madrid: Biblioteca de autores cristanos, 1979)

  • M-*MacDonnell, Jesuits by the Tigris (1994)

    Joseph F. MacDonnell, Jesuits by the Tigris: Men for Others in Baghdad, Book 1, 1994. [Crossworks, Holy Cross ]

    ... documents the Jesuit Mission to Iraq, administered by the New England Province of the Society of Jesus, particularly two schools operated in Baghdad: Baghdad College (1932-1969) and Al-Hikma University (1956-1968).

  • M-*Mangioni, V. De religiosa paupertate (1639)

    Valentino Mangioni, De religiosa paupertate, (Cologne: Mylius, 1639)

  • M-*Marin Ioh., Tractatus de fide, ed. 2, t. 1 (1716)

    Ioh. Marin, Tractatus de fide divina, ed. 2, t. 1 (Madrid: del Barrio, 1716)

  • M-*Marin Ioh., Tractatus de fide, t. 2 (1709)

    Ioh. Marin, Tractatus de fide divina , t. 2 (Salamanca: Garcia, 1709) [Google.books]

  • M-*Marin Ioh., Tractatus de matrimonio t. 5 (1715)

    Ioh. Marin, Tractatus de Matrimonio, t. 5 (Madrid: del Barrio, 1715)

  • M-*Mascolo, Lyricorum sive Odarum ... , Naples 1625

    Giovanni Battista Mascolo, Io. Baptistae Masculi Neapolitani e societate Iesu Lyricorum sive Odarum libri XVI (Neapoli: Maccarano, 1625).

    Via Google.books

  • M-*Masculus, Stemma (1668)

    Masculus, Stemma D. N. Jesu Christi. Unsern lieben Herrn JC (München: Jacklin, 1668)

  • M-*Mastrilli, G. Trenta discorsi (1630)

    Gregorio Mastrilli, Trenta discorsi ... (Napoli: Longo, 1630)

  • M-*Naples, Jesuit college

    Three engravings for church of the college, via Portuguese digital library.

  • M-*Nieremberg, Historia naturae (1635)

    Joannes Eusebius Nieremberg, Historia naturae, maxime peregrinae, libris XVI. Distincta (Antwerp: Plantiniana, 1635) [via Lindahall digital]

  • M-*Osnabrück, Catena aurea (1631)

    Catena aurea virtutum episcopalium : anathema diuinae gloriae ad aras caelestium gratiarum affixum : nec non reverendissimo atque illustrissimo S. Rom. Imperii principi ac domino, D. Francisco Guilielmo episcopo Osnabrugensi et Verdensi, praeposito Ratisbonensi etc., comiti de Wartenberg, domino in Waldt, &c. : cum anno reparatae salutis humanae M.DC.XXXI. novi episcopatus Mindensis, novam mitram, clavemq[ue] sibi a sanctiss. d. n. Urbano papa VIII. oblatam ab invictissimo imperatore Ferdinando II. confirmatam, acceptaret, oblatum ac consecratum ab eiusdem Suae Celsitudinis Collegio Societatis Jesu Osnabrugi fundato (Osnabrück: Mann, 1631)

    Via archive.org

  • M-*Paraguay, La República Jesuitica

    Chapter Three of a history book on the web about Paraguay (V. Baruja, J. Péres Paiva, R. Pinto Sch.) (Spanish)

  • M-*Pichler, Theologia polemica (1737)

    Veit Pichler, Theologia polemica, ed. 5 , part 1 (Augsburg: Veith-Müller, 1737) [Google.books]

    other edition:  Theologia polemica (Venice: Pezzana, 1749) [Google.books]

  • M-*Pious practices (1881)

    Via www.archive.org

  • M-*Pira, Études sur ... Actes des saints par les ... Bollandistes (1850)

    Dom Pira, Études sur la collection des Actes des Saints par les RR. PP. Bollandistes... (Paris: Lecoffre, 1850) [Google.books]

  • M-*Possoz, 1862

    Alexis Possoz, Mgr. Jean Vendeville (Lille: Lefort, 1862) [Google.books]

    ...et notice sur le p. Éleuthère du Pont, de la Compagnie de Jésus, par le p. Alexis Possoz de la Compagnie de Jésus

  • M-*Recensio cryptogamarum vascularium provinciae Quitensis (1883)

    Sodiro, Luis, (S.J.). Recensio cryptogamarum vascularium provinciae Quitensis, 1883 [Biblioteca Digital del Real Jardín Botánico CSIC]

  • M-*Restivo, Arte de la Lengua Guaraní (1726)

    Pablo RESTIVO (1658-1740), Arte de la Lengua Guaraní (1724)

    Transcripción y presentación : Silvio M. LIUZZI (CELIA) -Edition en ligne : Jean-Michel Hoppan avec la collaboration de Marc Thouvenot et Silvio M. Liuzzi

    CELIA 2010

  • M-*Rhay, Animae illustres (1663)

    Theodor Rhay, Animae illustres (1663) [Heinrich Heine Univ. Düsseldorf]

  • M-*Ricciolo, Evangelium unicum, 1667

    Io. Bapt. Ricciolo, Evangelium unicum, Bologna: Beneti, 1667 [Google.books]

  • M-*Roth, Hugo, Via regia (1639)

    Hugo Roth SJ, Via regia virtutis ... (Münche, Leysser, 1639)

  • M-*Ruess, Ms (17th c.)

    Rüss, Caspar: P. Gasparis Ruess S.J., dicti Ruiz, ex pago Haustetten prope Augustam, relatio de itineribus (mission.) in India occidentali, anno 1618 conscripta ad Johannem abbatem S. Udalrici Augsburgensis - BSB Clm 26347, Augsburg, 17th c. [BSB-Hss]

    Ruess, Gaspar SJ (1585-1624) , cf. Sommervogel 7, 313, A

  • M-*Sarbiewski, 'De perfecta poesi'

    Text via Virtual Library of Polish Literature

  • M-*Sarbiewski, Carmina Selecta

    Transcript, via White Trash Scriptorium

  • M-*Satow, Jesuit mission press in Japan, 1888

    via Internet Archive, Princeton Theological Seminary

  • M-*Schoppe, Arcana Societatis Jesu (1635)

    Kaspar Schoppe, Arcana societatis Jesu publico bono vulgata, cum appendicibus utilissimis (1635)

  • M-*Schott, Kaspar S.J.

    Kaspar Schott sj (1608-1666); full text works on mathematics a.o. [Franconia-online]

  • M-*Schreiber, Der Jesuit und sein Zögling, 1862

    Full text of play, via dLibra.

    DjVu applet needed to view pages

  • M-*Selectae pp. Soc. Iesus tragoediae

    Selectae pp. Soc. Iesus tragoediae (Antwerp: Cnobbaert, 1634)

  • M-*Septem illustrium virorum poemata, 1672

    Septem illustrium virorum poemata (ed. altera) (Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1672)

     contains poetry about Jesuits from the "Pleias Alexandrina"

    1. Alexander Pollinus

    • ad Sfortiam Pallavicinum SJ (p.24)
    • ad Jac. Wallium SJ (30)
    • ad Joan. Rho SJ (37)

    2. Augustus Favoritus

    • de obitu Sidr. Hosshii SJ (43)
    • ad Sforz. Pallavicinum SJ (47, 121, 140)
    • ad Joan. Rho SJ (148)

    3. Ferdinand de Furstenberg

    • ad Franciscum van der Vecken SJ (188)
    • de moret Dionysii Petavii SJ (209)
    • ad Jac. Wallium SJ (211)
    • ad Jac. Balde SJ (228)
    • ad Joan. Wisse SJ (254)
    • ad Alex. Wilthemium SJ (261)

    4. Joann. Rotgerus Torchius

    • in funere Sidr. Hosschii SJ (313)

    5. Natalis Rondininus

    • in funus Sidr. Hosshii SJ (361)
    • in Dion. Petavii SJ obitum (367)

    6. Stephanus Gradius

    • de S. Francisci Xaverii (379)

    7. Virginio Caesarini

    More info (French)

  • M-*Sherlock, Antiquitatem hebraicarum dioptra (1651)

    Paul Sherlock, Antiquitatem hebraicarum dioptra (Lyon, 1651)

  • M-*SJ Coimbra, De anima Aristotelis, 1617

    Commentarii Collegii Conimbricensis Societatis Jesu, in tres libros De anima Aristotelis Stagiritæ, Cologne,  Heirs L. Zetznerus, 1617.

  • M-*St Omer, ancien Collège des Jésuites Wallons

    Restauration de la Chapelle de l'ancien collège des Jésuites WallonsSaint-Omer (62) Lot n°05 – Sculptures Maître d'oeuvre : Architecte en chef des Monuments Historiques MEMOIRE TECHNIQUE Geneste Paris.

    Technical paper regarding restoration of chapel of former Jesuit college in St Omer (French-speaking). September 2012

  • M-*Steinmetz, History of the Jesuits (3 v.; 1848)

    Andrew Steinmetz, History of the Jesuits: from the foundation of their society to its suppression by Pope Clement XIV.; their missions throughout the world; their educational system and literature; with their revival and present state (London: Bentley, 1848) (vol. 1) [Myheritage.nl]

    vol. 2 [archive org]

    vol. 3 [archive org]

  • M-*Stocklein

    Several full text volumes of J. Stocklein, Allerhand So Lehr- als Geist-reiche Brief, Schrifften, und Reis-Beschreibungen (v. 1726, 1729, 1735 ) [Univ. Düsseldorf] 

  • M-*Suarez

    Site with lots of info, including bibliography started by Jacob Schmutz, on F. Suarez, by Sydney Penner (Cornell)

  • M-*Suárez (Stanford Encycl. of Philos.)

    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - entry on Francisco Suárez ( © 2014 by Christopher Shields and Daniel Schwartz)

  • M-*Ticino, Epitome (1692)

    Ticino, Jacobo Epitome Historiae Rosenthalensis, Sive Compendiara Narratio De Origine, ac Cultu pervetustae B.V. Mariae Statuae, In Pago Rosenthal, Lusatiae Superioris (Praag: Univ. Carolo-Ferdin., 1692) [Univers. Halle]

  • M-*Ticinus, Epitome historiae Rosenthalensis (1692)

    Jacobus Ticinus, Epitome Historiae Rosenthalensis, Sive Compendiara Narratio De Origine, ac Cultu pervetustae B.V. Mariae Statuae [...], Pragae : Universitas Carolo-Ferdinandea, 1692  [ULB Sachsen-Anhalt]

  • M-*UK, British Armorial bindings

    Splendid tool for researching earlier (British) provenances. Searches certain Jesuit books and their former owners in the UK.

    Maintained at the University of Toronto (by John nMorris, continued and edited by Philip Oldfield).

  • M-*USA, World Digital Library

    Searching for "Jesuit" yields maps, books, illustrations related to the Jesuits.

    The World Digital Library (WDL) is a project of the U.S. Library of Congress, carried out with the support of the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO), and in cooperation with libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions, and international organizations from around the world.

    The WDL makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from all countries and cultures.

  • M-*Vander Veken, Tractatus de simplicitate, 1648


    Franciscus van der Veken, Tractatus scholastici de simplicitate et libertate divina, Cologne 1648

    via DFG viewer

  • M-*Vander Veken, Tractatus de simplicitate, 1648

    Franciscus Vander Veken, Tractatus scholasticus de simplicitate et libertate divina, Cologne 1648

    via Wolfenbüttel Digital Library

  • M-*Vervoort, Ben

     Ben Vervoort, Jezus, ben jij dat?Het verhaal van een roeping. (Nijmegen: Valkhof Pers, 1998) [Dutch: Jesus, are you the one? The story of a call]

  • M-*Vieira, bibliography (Centre Sèvres, Paris)

    Antonio Vieira s.j. (1608-1697)
    Bibliographie des œuvres conservées dans la bibliothèque du
    Centre Sèvres – Facultés Jésuites de Paris

  • M-*Vieira, Inácio S.J. (1678-1739)

    Via Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, full text books of fr. Inácio Vieira S.J.

  • M-*Vondel's poems on some Dutch Jesuits

    Dirges (in Dutch) by Vondel on Frs Henrik Halman S.J. and August van Teylinghen S.J.

  • M-ABC radio national (2006-01-15)

    A Backpacker's Mission.

    Travel through South America in search of the legacy of the Jesuit missionaries.

    (Sarah Kanowski, reporter; with full transcript of broadcast)

  • M-anti-jesuitica

    Personal website of Alois Payer, dedicated to Religionskritik, with lots of caricatures and texts ridiculing the Jesuits

  • M-Antwerp, Carolus Borromeus church and Rubens
  • M-Argentina, Estancias Jesuíticas

    Jesuit sites in Argentina (Spanish).

  • M-Argentina, Jesuit Missions architecture

    Blog by prof. Norberto Levinton.

  • M-Austria, Innsbruck, Jesuit church
  • M-Austria, List of famous Jesuits, Jesuit Saints and Blessed Jesuits

    Bedeutende Jesuiten (on Austrian SJ website). See also Heilige und Seelige Jesuiten (in German)

  • M-Bauhusius, Epigrammatum Libri V (1620)

    Bernard Bauhuis, Bernardi Bauhusii Antverpiani è Societate Iesu Epigrammatum Libri V. Editio altera, auctior. Antverpiae, Ex Officina Plantiniana, Apud Balthasarem Moretum & Viduam Ioannis Moreti, & Io. Meursium, 1620  [Textes.rares]
    Not a complete scan

  • M-Bayer, Joseph S.J. (+1730) - Equinoctial dial

    Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, UK - Inventory no. 43331
    Equinoctial Dial, by Joseph Bayer, Germany, 18th century 
    Appropriately for a Jesuit dial there is the inscription "Nomen Domini A Solis ortu Usque ad occasum Laudabile". Octagonal base; folding latitude arc begins at about 10°; part-circle hour band in circular ring; adjustable plate for magnetic variation; three feet.
    Materials: Gilt and silvered brass
    Size: 79 × 71 mm - Inscription: "Josephus Baÿer / Soc: Jesu / fecit" on underside of compass bowl

    Enter the Inventory number in the Comprehensive search form, in order to see the compass.

  • M-Belgium, Latin (jesuit) schools

    site (only in Dutch) of the Belgian national Archives (Rijksarchief), referring to a publication:

    VANHOUTTE Jürgen, VAN DER EYCKEN Johan en PUT Eddy, D'HOKER Mark (red.)
    Latijnse scholen in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden (16de-18de eeuw), Repertorium en archiefgids, Vlaanderen en Brussel (Studia 116). Brussel, 2007. Publicaties van het Rijksarchief: 4587  [Archival guide to 'latin schools' (larger than jesuit schools)]

  • M-Belgium, ModerNum

    Overarching site of Modern Era (1500-1800) history researchers (history, art history, litterature, musicology) in French-speaking Belgium. Interesting for the announcement of events, the links page, and the listing of participating researchers, according to discipline.

  • M-Belgium, Relins (Religious Institutes) network

    Bibliography on the website of the Belgian Forum on the History of Religious Institutes; Contains some jesuitica items.

  • M-Bibliographies
    A useful set of on-line bibliographies, developed by W. Harmless S.J. (Creighton Univ.). Noteworthy: The Reformation #7; Spirituality and Mission #4.
  • M-Bibliography Walter Ong

    Reposting of the bibliography of W. Ong S.J.

    Full wiki

  • M-Biographical Dictionary Chinese Christianity

    Jesuit entries in on-line Biographical Dictonary of Chinese christianity

  • M-Borja family

    Webpage of Institut Internacional d'Estudis Borgians.

    Family tree of St. Francisco de Borja (151-1572)

  • M-Boym, Michael (+1659)

    Michael Boym (1612 or 1614 - 1659) was a Polish missionary, Jesuit. During his journey to China he visited the coast of Mozambique (1644), in his days called Cafraria. His description of two Portuguese factories -- Sena on the Zambezi river and Mozambique Island -- is one of the most interesting and oldest Polish accounts of Africa. It is illustrated with five water-colours and two linedrawings by his own hand. The manuscript entitled "Cafraria, a P.M. Boym Polono Missa Mozambico 1644 Januario 11" is kept at the Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu in Rome under the signature Goa 34-I, ff. 150-160. The text has never been edited in a scholarly way.

  • M-Brasil, Bicentennial 2014
  • M-Buechel, Eugene SJ

    Fr. Eugene Buechel, S.J. - A Visual Biography
    Other references to Buechel archives and microfilms are found at the Marquette site

  • M-Burkhardt, Franz S.J.

    Franz Burkhardt  S.J. (1902-2002)

  • M-Calendar of SJ
    Calendar of the Society of Jesus especially of the German speaking provinces (Otto Syré).
  • M-Caminada, Jan (1926-81), olim SJ

    Johannes Leonardus Maria (Jan) Caminada (1926-1981) former Jesuit scholastic

  • M-Campion as Shakespeare

    This case is based on assertions that may at best be described as conjecture and is unfortunately reliant on circumstantial evidence, the same that can be said for all previous claims for alternative Shakespeares. The case put forward here is necessarily succinct and has not been elaborated upon in papers or books, for it seems presumptuous and indeed folly to devote too much time, energy and money to a theory that cannot be proved.

    Site maintained by Joanne Ambrose

  • M-Campion, Edmund S.J.
  • M-Canada, François du Creux (1596-1666)

    Blog notice regarding an illustrated volume, preserved at the Bibliothèque Diderot de Lyon, Historiae Canadensis seu Novae-Franciae (Histories of Canada or la Nouvelle-France), written by French Jesuit François du Creux, and published in 1664. (In French)

  • M-Canadian Martyrs Shrine, Midland, Ontario
  • M-Cardijn - the Jesuit connection
  • M-Cartographers open database

    The open cartographers database is a reference with over 2000 cartographers, publishers and mapmakers.
    You can browse the database by index in the table below, or you can search the database by entering search strings. The cartographers and mapmakers database is an open database, that means that you can add cartographers to the database. It is also possible to change or ad information on an existing record.
    Some Jesuits figure amongs these cartographers... maybe someone is called to add information...

  • M-Castiglione (Panarea)

    The primary purpose of Panarea Pictures is to develop the interest of both the academic community and the general public for the Jesuit painter Giuseppe Castiglione also known as Lang Shi Ning. Through the conservation of the collection of the works of Castiglione, Panarea is looking to promote not only the work of this extraordinary painter, but also to fervor the interest in the West for this westerner in the East.

  • M-Chile, Jesuit blessed and saints (Spanish)

    TESTIGOS DE SANTIDAD EN LA COMPAÑÍA DE JESUS. Santos, Bienaventurados, Venerables y Siervos de Dios. (620 pages, in Spanish only; date?)

  • M-China, Mission history pictures

    Jesuits during Boxer Uprising

    Jesuits pre-1911

    Jesuits post-1911

    Jesuits Taiwan


  • M-Chinese maps database

    Holds lots of maps made by or commissioned by Jesuits...

  • M-colonial history

    Portuguese and Dutch colonial history, with many references to Jesuit establishments. Written by Marco Ramerini.

  • M-Creijghton, J. H.C. (1901-1975)

    In Dutch

  • M-Czech Jesuits in the Americas
    Site of Bohemian and Moravian migrants to the New World, amongst them Jesuits. Scroll until you get to the Jesuit page. "During the anti-reformation period, while the Czech Protestants in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia were undergoing their greatest persecution, the Czech Jesuits took the initiative of launching their extraordinary ambitious missionary world-wide effort among Indians, Filipinos, Chinese, and Ethiopians."
  • M-Daniel Seghers SJ, painter (1590-1661)

    Overview of a series of flower paintings by brother Daniel Seghers SJ (1590-1661)

  • M-David, blog Giornale Nuovo

    Blog comments on images of Jan David's Veridicus Christianus (2007)

  • M-De Smet, Richard SJ

    Blog about fr.  Richard De Smet, Jesuit missionary in India

  • M-Dissertation Reviews
  • M-Dutch Revolt

    Gives extensive information in several languages about the Dutch Revolt (ca 1550 -- ca 1650) and its protagonists. Dutch version is most elaborate. Provides political context for much of the Jesuit activity in the area at that time.

  • M-Emblems and symbols
    The Jesuits were the principal disseminators of the symbolic language that was developed in emblems and allegories beginning in the sixteenth century. In the collection Studiolum, a CD-rom is available with full text emblem books and symbols of the Society of Jesus, introduced by Fr. G. Richard Dimler, S.J.
  • M-Ethiopia, The Jesuit presence in 17th century E.

    Site of London exhibit 2004.

  • M-F. Verbiest, map 1674

    1674 World Map of Ferdinand Verbiest
    kept in the National Library of Australia (at Canberra)

  • M-Fides Quaerens Internetum
    Portal site to christian theology on the web
  • M-Fiva, Nicolaus S.J.

    Nicolaus Fiva S.J. (+1640)

  • M-France, Bibl. Ste-Genevieve (printing cabinet)

    webpage with short description of holding of prints (estampes) at the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève in Paris. Allows research into prints, artists etc.

  • M-France, Bibliothèques univ. (links page)

    selected and annotated links page of the French universities.

  • M-France, Caen, English SJ college

    Some historical notes... (French)

  • M-France, Monumentum

    The main function of the site Monumentum is localizing the 'historical monuments' on a map and posting aeral photographs.

    Check for "jésuite" [on recherche page] to find the relevant Jesuit monuments (Colleges etc.) all over France.

  • M-Francis Xavier in Japan

    Site of Prof. Britto (Sophia Univ. Tokyo) with lots of online articles.

  • M-Francisco Suárez (1548-1617)

    Spanish summary text of exhibit at University of Navarra on Francisco Suárez and his writings. (April 2017)

  • M-Friedrich-Spee-Gesellschaft (Trier)

    Site dedicated to the work and person of Jesuit Friedrich Spee von Langenfeld (1591-1635) (German)

  • M-Funchal, Jesuit College
  • M-Gailland and the Potowatomi

    Maurice Gailland S.J. (1815-1877)

  • M-Gerard Manley Hopkins (Collected works)
  • M-German Jesuits (Wikipedia)
  • M-Guatemala, Sitio escolástico

    Spanish site of scholastic thought. many Jesuits authors.

    Maintained by Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala city.

  • M-Hans Urs von Balthasar Stiftung
  • M-Hanxleden, Grammatica Grandonica

    Grammatica Grandonica, the lost manuscript of Hanxleden's Sanskrit grammar rediscovered (abstract)

    Lecture at World Sanskrit Conference [Jan 5 to Jan 10, 2012] New Delhi, India, by Toon Van Hal, Christophe Vielle, Jean-Claude Muller

    Links by Paolo Aranha: images of the manuscript

    The wikipedia english page on Hanxleden

  • M-Heidelberg, Jesuit church

    Image of church and college (f 161v). Also image of Schola inferioris (gymnasium) on f 18v. Via University of Heidelberg server

  • M-Hervás y Panduro

    Subsite of the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes (dirAntonio Astorgano Abajo): biography, bibliography, secondary literature, links, all about Hervás y Panduro.

  • M-History of Low Countries

    site maintained by Alexander Ganse at the Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, with lots of external links and references.

  • M-Hongnant, Claude

    information about a Jesuit-journalist via the Online Dictionnaire de journalistes

  • M-Italy, expulsed Spanish Jesuits

    Blog regarding impact of work of Spanish expulsed Jesuits in Italy: Mateu Aymerich (1715-1799) and Antonio de Torres (17xx-17xx).

    This blog traces the cultural history of the Classical Studies in modern and contemporary Spain.

    Framed in a broader project, whose main aim is to trace a cultural history of the Classical Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spain, this blog analyses the process of construction and conceptualization of the Classical Philology, from the beginning of the eighteenth century, with the backdrop of the called “Controversy of the Spanish Science”, until its culmination in 1932 and 1933 - See more at: http://clasicos.hypotheses.org/414?utm_source=alert#sthash.83SScnSz.dpuf
    Framed in a broader project, whose main aim is to trace a cultural history of the Classical Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spain, this blog analyses the process of construction and conceptualization of the Classical Philology, from the beginning of the eighteenth century, with the backdrop of the called “Controversy of the Spanish Science”, until its culmination in 1932 and 1933 - See more at: http://clasicos.hypotheses.org/414?utm_source=alert#sthash.83SScnSz.dpuf
    Framed in a broader project, whose main aim is to trace a cultural history of the Classical Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spain, this blog analyses the process of construction and conceptualization of the Classical Philology, from the beginning of the eighteenth century, with the backdrop of the called “Controversy of the Spanish Science”, until its culmination in 1932 and 1933. - See more at: http://clasicos.hypotheses.org/414?utm_source=alert#sthash.83SScnSz.dpuf
    Framed in a broader project, whose main aim is to trace a cultural history of the Classical Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spain, this blog analyses the process of construction and conceptualization of the Classical Philology, from the beginning of the eighteenth century, with the backdrop of the called “Controversy of the Spanish Science”, until its culmination in 1932 and 1933. - See more at: http://clasicos.hypotheses.org/414?utm_source=alert#sthash.83SScnSz.dpuf
    Framed in a broader project, whose main aim is to trace a cultural history of the Classical Studies in Modern and Contemporary Spain, this blog analyses the process of construction and conceptualization of the Classical Philology, from the beginning of the eighteenth century, with the backdrop of the called “Controversy of the Spanish Science”, until its culmination in 1932 and 1933. - See more at: http://clasicos.hypotheses.org/414?utm_source=alert#sthash.83SScnSz.dpuf
  • M-Italy, Genua, Jesuit college

    History  of ancient Jesuit college in Genua, now the University library.

  • M-Jacob Balde

    Jacobus Balde Bibliography

  • M-Japonica in the Jesuit drama in the Southern Netherlands

    Full text of article (2002: Proot, Verberckmoes), cited in P. Begheyn bibliography (2007; # 432).

  • M-Jesuit architects/architecture

    German site with references to architectural structures and their creators. E.g. Ange-Etienne Martellange a.o. Look for Jesuit constructions...

  • M-Jesuit Art
    Marvelous site giving access to countless images of Jesuits, and showing the complete oeuvre of D. Seghers (1590-1661), A. Pozzo (1642-1709), G. Valeriano (1542-1596).
  • M-Jesuit astronomers
  • M-Jesuit caricatures

    Site maintained by Alois Payer, Tübingen, Germany

  • M-Jesuit chronology (illustrated)

    Jesuit chronology supported by multiple images (in French)

  • M-Jesuit humor

    The ultimate blog of Jesuit humor

  • M-Jesuit martyrology (Italian)

    Site of Roman Curia. Jesuits martyrs according to historical period.

  • M-Jesuit mathematics in the Clementinum- Prague exhibit, 2002
  • M-Jesuit missionary architecture

    Architecture of Jesuit missions. Presentations at international congresses. Dissertations at the university and scientific publications.

    Blogspot by architect dr. Norberto Levinton (Argentina).

  • M-Jesuit prints (art)

    Prints for sale at Bridgeman art library

  • M-Jesuit prints_2 (art)

    Antique Prints of Jesuits. Very interesting portraits of some the most well-known Jesuits from the early times of the Society of Jesus (for sale)

  • M-Jesuit prize books, the Netherlands

    Site of former exhibit (1999: Een kast vol prijzen) of Jesuit prize books at University of Maastricht, the Netherlands (in Dutch only).

  • M-Jesuit saints and martyrs (Singapore Jesuits)

    Site operated by the Singapore Jesuits, offering commemorative notes on particular Jesuit saints and martyrs according their death anniversary.

  • M-Jesuit Sciences (ECHO-digitisation project)

    Jesuit Sciences is a subdivision of the project ECHO (European Cultural Heritage Online). Jesuits on Statics, Dynamics, Mathematics and astronomy between Galileo and Newton. Jesuit mathematical texts about weight, equilibrium, machines and motion from approximately 1630 to 1685 represent an interesting intersection between two different, but inter-related, clusters of problems. While these texts contain relevant information about the nature and internal development of the science of mechanics, they also clarify the more contextual issue of the status of science in the Catholic world between Galileo and Newton.

  • M-Jesuit scientists (Wikipedia)
  • M-Jesuit stamps

    Jesuits commemorated on stamps worldwide.

  • M-Jesuit thesis print (Princeton)

    Jesuit Thesis Print • Douay, 1753 (Rare Book Collections @ Princeton).htm

  • M-Jesuit works' exhibit in Portugese library

    This site shows an exhibit on drawings, held at some time in Lisbon: "A Ciência do Desenho. A Ilustração na Collecção de Códices da Biblioteca Nacional". Via 'Autores' you'll come across the following S.J.: Cristóvão Galo, Simão Falónio, Lourenço Kaulen, Bartolomeo Ricci.

  • M-Jesuitica in Unesco

    Enter 'jesuit' in "advanced search" window and view all Jesuit-linked items within Unesco archives (World Heritage a.o.)

  • M-Jesuits and Baroque Art
    "Baroque vision Jésuite, du Tintoret à Rubens" -- Site in French related to an exhibit held in 2003 at the "Musée des Beaux-Arts" in Caen, France.
  • M-Kamel discovered philippine orchid
    Another flower first discovered by Bro. Georg Kamel. See elsewhere on the site for his relation to the Camelia.
  • M-Kino, Eusebio Francisco

    Kino Heritage Society pages

  • M-Kircher (Athanasius Kircher Society)

    Portal to different subsites linked to A. Kircher: *The Correspondence of Athanasius Kircher (Int. project) *full text of China Illustrata (Amsterdam, 1667) *Contributions from the museum of jurassic technology.

    A set of full-text Kircher books can be traced via The Philological Museum (see Links section).

  • M-Kircher and minerals

    Kircher's books as they feature in the Library of Curtis Schuh's Biobibliography of Mineralogy.

  • M-Kircher in the Voynich Ms (Yale)

    Philip Neal's Voynich Manuscript Pages

  • M-Kircher letters
    A digital library of transcriptions of some letters of Athanasius Kircher 'an Herzog August... Lateinische Briefe (1650-1666)', held at the Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany (German, Latin, English commentary)
  • M-Kircher links, with a geoscience bias

    Exhibit in 2002 at the Würzburg University where Kircher once taught: Magie des Wissens. Athanasius Kircher 1602-1680: Universalgelehrter-Sammler-Visionär (English).

  • M-Klein, Wilhelm SJ

    Go to "Forum P. Dr. Wilhelm Klein" via the Germanicum button to the left side of the page...

  • M-Klosterbuch NRW (Germany)

    Access to electronic version of Klosterbuch (Book of cloisters and convents) in Nord-Rhein-Westfalen, Germany. Via Kollationsdatenbank (data in Access file) and a search on 'Jesuiten' one is led to the different SJ places.

    http://www.lvr.de/kultur/regionalgeschichte/klosterbuch/ (link being revised)








  • M-La China en España (1555-1900)

    Site provides texts of Spanish persons that went to China, among them S.J. missionaries. Follow the links of the XVIth and XVIIth century to the full transcriptions of texts. Available in Pdf.

  • M-Lallemant Jerome

    Biography, excerpted from database/website dedicated to "Early Encounters in North America".  Other Jesuits can be found as well. Search via "authors".

    Only searchable with 'log in" c/o Alexander Street Press.

  • M-Lammens, Henri S.J.

    From the biographical collections of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences (KAOW-ARSOM), Brussels.

  • M-Lonergan bibliography

    Primary bibliography of Lonergan sources.

  • M-Magis (International Ignatian Youth Movement)
  • M-Manley Hopkins archive

    This Gerard Manley Hopkins Archive, a free resource for students, scholars and lovers of Gerard Manley Hopkins' poetry worldwide, has developed from Lectures and activities of the Gerard Manley Hopkins Festival in Newbridge. The Archive is now the leading world resource for Hopkins scholarship, receiving no fewer than 70,000 visitors per year.

  • M-Manoel de Moraes, olim SJ (1596?-1651?)

    Site in Portuguese; the story of a Brazilian (ex-)Jesuit who turned Calvinist

    His life, translated by Richard F. and Isabel Burton in English (1886) : J. M. Pereira da Silva, Manuel de Moraes: a chronicle of the seventeenth century.  London : Bickers & son, 1886. [Archive.org / Brigham Young Univ.]

  • M-Map of Seneca villages
    Jesuit and French contacts with the Seneca people (Rochester area, U.S.A.) 1615-1708. The Seneca were part of the Iroquois League of Nations (1712). Historical research and guide to the map by Alexander M. Stewart; map drawn by Helen M. Erickson - Third Edition, May 1955; guide to the map transcribed and edited by John S. Allen, March 1997
  • M-Map Philippines (P. M. Velarde S.J.)

    Pedro Murillo Velarde S.J. (1696-1753). Map in Olomouc Library (Czech Republic).

  • M-Maryland's Jesuit Plantations 1650-1838

    Contains writings of Joseph Mobberly, a Jesuit Brother who spent time on many of the Jesuit owned plantations in the Chesapeake area (Maryland).

  • M-Menard, René (1605-1661)

    René Menard was a French Jesuit missionary who worked in the Great Lakes region of North America among the Hurons, Algonquins and Iroquois. He was one of the first Europeans to set foot in many of the places he visited. The biography of Menard published here casts light on an underappreciated segment of the history of the Great Lakes region, and is among other things a chronicle of epic canoe voyages. The author is Alexander M. Stewart, who undertook some of them himself and writes of them with unusual insight and sensitivity.

  • M-Mendez de Loyola, Balthasar

    Balthasar Mendez de Loyola (1531-1567) [French]

  • M-Missionaries and mandarins: Jesuits in China
    Rome not only collected the books from many foreign cultures; in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it became the center of missionary enterprises that spanned the world. In China, Jesuits like Matteo Ricci and Adam Schall von Bell performed an incredible task of translation and interpretation. They learned the language; they made converts, some of high rank; and, in order to impress the cultivated Chinese elite with western forms of knowledge, they translated into Chinese the classical western science of cartography and the radically improved astronomy of Galileo. They also argued to their western superiors that Chinese classics had a core of values and tenets that matched those of Christianity. Eventually the Jesuits' openness to China led them into trouble; but for the first century and more of their mission, they did a remarkable job of bringing western forms of knowledge to China and Chinese forms of thought to the West. The Vatican preserves remarkable materials from both sides of this cultural exchange.
  • M-Montcheuil, Yves de

    Yves de Montcheuil (1900-1944)

  • M-Music from time of Matteo Ricci

    For an introduction to and the background of a program (still in draft), entitled "Music from the Time of Matteo Ricci" by the qin-player John Thompson that differs from the ensemble Musique des Lumières (cf. HCC p. 860)

  • M-Nadal, images Adnotationes
  • M-Netherlands, Hoosden (former SJ residence)

    M-Netherlands, Hoosden (former SJ residence) [Buitenplaatsen in Nederland]

  • M-Netherlands, Maastricht, Jezuïetenberg

    Images of underground marl mine, near Maastricht, the Netherlands, in which Jesuit students aranged a museum in earlier centuries.

  • M-Netherlands, Ravenstein

    Information about the latin school in Ravenstein and the presence of Jesuit fathers in the Ravenstein parish (1636-1863). [in Dutch]

  • M-Nieremberg, 'De la differencia' in Guarani, 1705
    This article by Franz Obermeier is about the iconography of the first Argentinian imprint, an edition of Juan Nieremberg's "De la diferencia entre lo temporal y eterno" in Guarani, printed in the Jesuit reducciones in Paraguay 1705. These reducciones, Jesuit missions in nowadays Argentine and Paraguay, were villages controlled by Jesuit fathers in which the Indians, mostly Guarani, were instructed in religion, arts and crafts. In 1705 the Jesuits installed a printing press. Under their supervision, the Nieremberg edition was printed by the Guarani Indians. With more than 40 copperplate engravings it is a masterpiece of early South American printing and the earliest surviving book printed in Argentine.(PDF-German)
  • M-Oderico, Gaspare Luigi

    file on G. L. Oderico SJ (1725-1803) [University of Genua, Italian]

  • M-Paraguay, Portal Guarani

    Site containing lots of historical information and resources regarding the Jesuit missions amongst the Guarani people.

  • M-Pedro de Ribadeneyra (exhibit Navarra)

    Spanish summary text of exhibit held at university of Navarra ini 2011. Shows many title pages of printed works.

  • M-Peru, Art and Jesuit spirituality in Peru

    Virtual exhibit arranged by the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya.

  • M-Philippines, George Willman S.J.

    George J. Willmann S.J. (1897-1977)

  • M-Philippines, Jesuit churches
  • M-Postulation Adolphe Petit (1934)

    Archives of the files on the postulation (1934) of Adolphe Petit SJ (1822-1914) held at Kadoc, Leuven, Belgium (ODIS)

  • M-Rahner 1956

    ABC Radio National broadcast pertaining to the publication of Karl Rahner's volume 3 of his Theological Investigations,  focusing on the organic unity of theology and spirituality.

  • M-Rahner, Karl (archives)

    Archives of Karl Rahner, since 2004, in the Archiv der Deutschen Provinz der Jesuiten

    • Karl-Rahner-Archiv (KRA): Nachlass Pater Karl Rahners SJ (1904-1984).

    Scientific leader: P. Dr. Andreas Batlogg SJ.
    Mail: karl-rahner-archiv(at)jesuiten.org

  • M-Rahner, Karl 2* (1904-1984)

    Univ. of Freiburg pages on Rahner

  • M-Ricci dictionary of Chinese language
    The greatest Chinese-French dictionary ever realised (French).
  • M-Ricci exhibit (Centre Sèvres)

    Sur les traces de Ricci (past exhibit at Centre Sèvres, Paris)

  • M-Ricci's editor

    The following webpage from the Archives of the Pontificia Universita Gregoriana (Rome) explains in Italian the project of cataloguing and preserving the archives of Pasquale D'Elia, editor of Matteo Ricci's texts. They include his notes, letters, photographs, reproductions of other archival materials etc.

  • M-Rubens's frontispieces (Clark)

    A collection of frontispieces authored by P.P. Rubens, including a lot of Jesuit books. Site of Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (Williamstown, MA).

  • M-Saint Francis Xavier (Univ. Navarra exhibit)

    Spanish summary text of exhibit on SFX at University of Navarra (2006).

  • M-Salvador Castellote (Suarez scholar)

    Bibliography of scholar Castellote pertaining to his lifelong study of the works of F. Suarez S.J.

  • M-San Francisco de Javier Quinto Centenario
    Special website related to Francis Xavier (Spanish).
  • M-Sarbiewski in Lithuanian Classic Literature
  • M-Scribani in BBKL

    Entry on Scribani (German) by Jos Vercruysse S.J., in volume XXXI (scheduled to appear in print in 2010).

  • M-Segesser

    The Letters of the Swiss Jesuit Missionary Philipp Segesser (1689-1762). Scholarly edition and English translation of the letters by Albrecht Classen.

  • M-Shrine at Loyola, Spain

    Shrine houses archives and library. Virtual tour possible

  • M-SJ and science in Portugal

    Site in Portuguese, especially interesting for secondary sources about educational and scientific developments related to S.J. in Portugal, developed by Henrique Leitão.

  • M-SJ and seismology
  • M-SJ colleges in Bayern (architecture)

    Ordenskollegien der Gesellschaft Jesu unter Kurfürst Maximilian I. von Bayern (1598 bis 1651) -Untersuchungen zur Kollegarchitektur im 17. Jahrhundert

    Doctoral dissertation of Dr. Wolfgang W. Scheibel (München), Faculty "Germanistik und Kunstwissenschaften", Philipps-Universität Marburg,1999. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schütte

    Discusses architecture and curriculum of Jesuit colleges in Bayern in its historical context (in German).

  • M-Smet , Cornelis (1740-1812)

    Flemisch Jesuit, writer of a number of Dutch literary works, besides Latin and French (in Dutch, part of 'Biographisch woordenboek der Noord- en Zuidnederlandsche letterkunde' by F. Jos. van den Branden en J.G. Frederiks).

  • M-Spanish S.J. metaphysics, 1540-1767

    La quérelle des possibles. Recherches philosophiques et textuelles sur la métaphysique espagnole, 1540-1767. Table of contents of a doctoral dissertation by Jacob Schmutz, 2003 (Brussels-ULB, Paris-Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes).

    Access via ULB-Université libre de Bruxelles


  • M-Spanish S.J. theater (XVI c.)
    Full text of the 'Comedia de Santa Catalina' and 'Comedia Tanisdorus' by Hernando de Avila S.J. (° Málaga, 1558 - unknown to De Backer-Sommervogel), edited by Cayo González Gutiérrez (Pdf).
  • M-Spee bibliographies

    Selected bibliographic items on Friedrich von Spee, via the Univ. of Trier research group and Historicum.net (Spee Jahrbücher and Auswahlbibliographien)

  • M-Stadlin, Franz S.J.

    via SinOptic, Swiss site in french, dedicated to China studies

    Franz Stadlin S.J. (1658-1740)

  • M-Stendahl and the 'Jesuit'

    Article in French, published in "Etudes de la langue et littérature française", no.64, Société de la langue et littérature française, Tokyo, 1994 by Yuichi Kasuya.

  • M-Stephens, Thomas SJ

    Indian blog related to the works of fr. Stephens. Includes bibliography and secondary literature.

  • M-Teilhard de Chardin
    Selected writings of Teilhard de Chardin. This electronic edition was realized by Jean-Marc Simonet on the basis of tomes II and III of the "Oeuvres de Teilhard de Chardin", published by Éditions du Seuil, in 1956-57 and regrouped in a new volume, entitled, Écrits scientifiques.
  • M-The expulsion of Jesuits from Spain

    This site is the result of a project (1998-2001) run by the Department of Medieval and Modern History at the University of Alicante (Spanish).

  • M-The Jesuit Post (blog)

    Speaking with our peers, young(-ish) adults, and using a variety of digital media, The Jesuit Post offers a Jesuit, Catholic perspective on the contemporary world. We aim to show that faith is relevant to today’s culture and that God is already at work in it. Our work focuses on both sacred and secular issues because we’re convinced that God’s does too.

    Our guiding principle springs from the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola: write “as one friend speaks to another.” We write as we would speak to others in Jesuit community: funny while still serious, deeply profound and yet light and accessible.

    TJP is a project of Jesuits in formation. Nearly all of the contributors are not-yet-ordained Jesuits studying theology or philosophy, or working in our Jesuit ministries. Several recently ordained Jesuits also contribute to our work. On the whole, about 50 Jesuits are currently involved in the project.

  • M-Two videos on suppression/restoration Jesuits

    Watch this brief videos as Matt Dunch, S.J. discusses the suppression/restoration of the Society of Jesus.

  • M-UK, British Teilhard Association

    British Teilhard Association

  • M-UK, National Portrait Gallery

    Images of Jesuits at London's National Portrait Gallery

    Search 'jesuits'



  • M-USA, Chicago, Jesuits and the Sciences 1540-1999

    Based on a 1996 exhibit in Cudahy Library by Rare Book Cataloger Eric Holzenberg. Online exhibit created by Michael White, Science Librarian, with assistance from Br. Michale Grace, S.J., University Archivist. Updated in 2011 and 2013 by Kathy Young, University Archivist/Curator of Rare Books.

  • M-USA, Georgetown_Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation
  • M-USA, Gonzaga: Jesuit book stamps

    A example of provenance research ...

  • M-USA, Jesuit scientists on solar physics

    From the HAO (High Altitude Observer, Boulder COL), all references to Jesuit scientists linked to solar physics (Scheiner, Clavius, Secci)

  • M-USA, Marquette University, Bernard Lonergan Archive

    The website offers a digital repository of primary materials related to the work of Jesuit philosopher/theologian Bernard Lonergan: archival papers and audio recordings of lectures.

  • M-USA, Tucson, Ms. Kino Report (1699)

    Fr. Eusebio Kino Report, 1699. Report of an exploration, written at Mission Dolores, Pimeria Alta, 1699 (pictures of part of ms, with transcription, and search possibilities).

    University of Arizona, Special Collections, University Library

  • M-USA, UW-Madison Memorial Libr. exhibit

    Jesuits and the Construction of Knowledge, 1540-1773 : exhibit  in Special collections, UW-Madison Memorial Library. 

    As missionaries, scholars, teachers, authors, and members of learned academies, members of the Society of Jesus exerted great influence on the world of early modern European learning. Though such activities attracted critique both thoughtful and scurrilous, the wide scope of Jesuit contributions to scholarship in fields from astronomy to zoology, from linguistics to music, invites re-examination. This exhibit, drawing on extensive holdings in Special Collections of illustrated works by Jesuit authors, explores their role in the construction of knowledge from the establishment of the Society of Jesus in 1540 through its papal suppression in 1773.

  • M-Van den Enden, Franciscus (1602-1674) olim SJ

    Site maintainded by Frank Mertens, Ghent University, Belgium.

    Franciscus van den Enden (1650-1700) entered the novitiate in Mechelen in 1617 and was dismissed in 1633. As a former jesuit, he is known as a Neo-Latin poet, physician, art dealer, philosopher, teacher of Spinoza and conspirator against Louis XIV.

  • M-Vatican maps

    Jesuit maps in exhibit  Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture  (Library of Congress, 1993)

  • M-Vatican Observatory (astronomy)

    Site describes a.o. the history of the Observatory and the role played by many Jesuit scholars.


  • M-Verplancken, Luis G. SJ (1926-2004)
  • M-von Balthasar, Hans Urs (1905-1988)
  • M-Walter Ong Project, Saint Louis University

    Digital project preserving the legacy of Walter Ong.

  • M-World of Ignatius

    The World of Ignatius of Loyola. A pictorial history with short commentaries.

  • M-World Union of Jesuit Alumni(ae)
    The "World Union of Jesuit Alumni(ae)" (or "ASIA": "Antiqui Societatis Iesus Alumni") was established on July 31, 1956 at Bilbao (Spain) during the Congress of Loyola held on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Its purpose is to unite, in one common apostolic effort, the spiritual and cultural forces of all former students of all Jesuit educational institutions, joined together in their local, regional, national and international organizations.
  • M-Xantenius, rector in Trier univ.

    A snapshot from the Trierisches Archiv, Ergänzungsheft XVI, (1917) [Dilibri Rheinland-Pfalz]

  • M-Xavier in Japan

    Excerpt (Dutch) from A. van Wickeren, Dutch Portuguese Colonial history, Part 12, chapter 5

  • Periodicals (top)
  • P-***Belgium, ARSC

    ARSC [Association des Revues Scientifiques et Culturelles] is a non-profit organisation destined to review the output of scientific and cultural journals being edited in Belgium (Dutch and French-speaking), Spain, France, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Quebec, Switzerland a.o.

  • P-***Canada, Érudit

    Érudit, portal to Canadian journals (scholarly and cultural), dissertations (Université de Montreal), books, proceedings, etc.

    Allows for refined research.

  • P-***Central and Eastern Europe, CEEOL.com

    The Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L.) is an online archive which provides access to full text PDF articles from 878 humanities and social science journals and re-digitized documents pertaining to Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European topics.
    For retrieving jesuitica related publications perform various queries in the Advances Search section.

  • P-***DOAJ (search engine)

    Directory of Open Access Journals

    Go for 'jesuit' and/or "S.J." and  find large amounts of secondary jesuitica-related literature

  • P-***France, Cairn.info

    Cairn.info grew out of the desire of four editorial centres (Belin, De Boeck, La Découverte and Erès), all publishing and distributing scientific magazines in the human and social sciences, to join forces in order to be present on the internet, and to offer their services and skills also to others. In February 2006, the Bibliothèque nationale de France joined the project, in order to enhance the development of a digital platform for materials in French.

  • P-***France, PERSÉE search engine

    Persée is a program created for the digital publication of scientific journals in the field of the humanities. The entire printed collection of journals is digitized and published online through a portal which offers access to the collections as well as advanced functionalities which facilitate and enhance use of the portal’s resources. The journals are selected by an editorial board, thereby guaranteeing the collection’s scientific coherence.

    Gives access to articles, reviews, theses, other publications full text, respecting rights of the authors. Searchable in many ways (time frame, keywords, titles, text of articles).

  • P-***Germany, Index theologicus (Tübingen)

    The theological database "Index theologicus" contains

    • document descriptions of
    • essays from Festschriften and congress publications

    The database focuses mainly on articles written in Western European languages. Updated every night.

  • P-***Germany, Pespectivia.net

    Perspectivia.net, the international cross-epochal online publication platform for the institutes of the "Foundation of German Humanities Institutes Abroad" (DGIA) and their respective cooperation partners.

  • P-***JJS

    The newly announced journal dedicated to Jesuit studies (Journal of Jesuit Studies) and scheduled to start publication in 2014, has its own facebook page, with announcements of new publications and events. [updated]

  • P-***JournalSeek

    Genamics JournalSeek is the largest completely categorized database of freely available journal information available on the internet. Journal information includes the description (aims and scope), journal abbreviation, journal homepage link, subject category and ISSN. Searching this information allows the rapid identification of potential journals to publish your research in, as well as allow you to find new journals of interest to your field.

  • P-***Netherlands, Narcis

    Narcis is the gateway to Dutch scientific information.

  • P-***Periodicals via SJ portal

    Takes you a to a lot of SJ-supported periodicals ...

    This jesuitica.be site  will only post periodicals not incorporated on the SJ portal site ...

  • P-***Project MUSE

    Research via MUSE-Scholarly Journals online yields lots of jesuitica

    Project MUSE is a unique collaboration between libraries and publishers, providing 100% full-text, affordable and user-friendly online access to a comprehensive selection of prestigious humanities and social sciences journals. [...] Currently, MUSE provides full-text access to current content from over 400 titles representing nearly 100 not-for-profit publishers.

    Today, MUSE is still a not-for-profit collaboration between the participating publishers and MSEL, with the goal of disseminating quality scholarship via a sustainable model that meets the needs of both libraries and publishers. At this time, Project MUSE subscriptions are available only to institutions.

    Research results are exportable.

  • P-***Revue.org

    Revue.org - centre for open electronic publishing

  • P-***SCIELO (search engine-online journals)

    Scientific Electronic Library Online: this portal site to much of Brazil's, other Latin American countries', and Spain's scientific journals opens vast possibilities for research.

  • P-***Spain (Catalunya) RACO

    RACO (Catalan Journals in Open Access) is a cooperative repository where can be consulted, in open access, the full-text from articles of scientific, cultural and erudite Catalan journals.

  • P-***Spanish, Dialnet (search engine)

    Dialnet is a portal to Spanish scientific literature. Interesting for secondary jesuitica related articles. Many search options. With Isbn and links to the archives of the journals excerpted.

  • P-***Spanish-Portuguese, Redalyc (search engine)

    Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal.

    for Spanish and Portuguese secondary literature; searchable by journal or article, title, author, year, etc.

    maintained by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

  • P-***Switzerland, e-manuscripta

    Searches manuscript full text files from Swiss institutions, related to Jesuits.

  • P-***ZEVeP (e-book portal)

    ZEVeP: the main E-book download portal. Searchable from different angles.

  • P-**Africana Periodical Literature Bibliographic Database

    searching for 'jesuit' renders a number of lesser known articles...

  • P-**Asia Journals online
  • P-**Belgium, BALaT (art)

    BALaT (Belgian Art Links and Tools): Belgium's art history at a single click, with downloadable photos. Search engine BALaT, hosted by the KIK-IRPA institute in Brussels. For art historians, on the works of art, held in Belgium, featuring anything Jesuit. Use both "Jezuiet" and "Jesuit(e)"  in searching for relevant items.

  • P-**Brepols Online

    Brepols Online database of articles published by the publisher, searchable for 'Jesuit' or any 'Jesuit person'

  • P-**Canada, CCHA publications
    CCHA Study Sessions: 1966 through 1983-84

    Accesses the different publications issued by the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, with back issues. Plenty of Jesuit related items.

  • P-**Europe, CEJSH

    The objective of the Central European Journal Of Social Sciences And Humanities (CEJSH) was to establish an electronic, open-access database publishing English abstracts of articles and reviews that appear mostly in national languages in scientific journals devoted to social sciences and humanities in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

    Allows for multiple kind of searches into jesuitica.

  • P-**Europe, Gazettes européennes du 18e siècle

    Portal website to numerous 18th century periodicals. May contain interesting material on the suppression of the Jesuits

  • P-**France, Dictionnaire des journaux (1600-1789)

    Various periodicals are gathered here. Notable periodicals concerning Jesuitica include a.o.:
    - Annales de la Société des soi-disant jésuites (1764-1771)
    - Les relations des jésuites (1632-1673)

  • P-**German language journals, 18-19c.

    Search engine based on digitalized German language journals and reviews, Univ. of Bielefeld.

  • P-**Germany, Digital historical journals

    German journals, 18-20th c., searchable via this site "Journals@UrMEL". Go for Jesuit names or generic terms.

  • P-**Germany, DigiZeitschriften

    German digital journal archive

  • P-**Germany, SSOAR

    Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) is a steadily growing collection of full-text social-science documents, and understands itself as secondary publisher of reviewed literature.

  • P-**Italy, BiASA

    Full text Italian journals related to art history

  • P-**Journal des Sçavans (via Gallica)

    Journal des Sçavans [1665-1940, almost complete] [Gallica]

    Interesting for analysing the context of Jesuit writings: enter "jésuite" in left search window "rechercher dans cette périodique"

  • P-**Nature (search module)

    Searching for articles containing references to the Jesuits, via the search module of the journal Nature

  • P-**NDLTD

    The Global ETD Search service is a free service for researchers to find electronic theses and dissertations. This service is provided by the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations. 

  • P-**Netherlands, Brabant

    Search reveals data about Jesuits from, or once active in Brabant (Netherlands)

  • P-**Netherlands, Periodicals 1850 - 1940

    Seaching for "jezuiet" (jesuit related items) in Dutch periodicals, covering 1850-1940. Website interface only in Dutch.

  • P-**Plos One

    PLOS ONE (eISSN-1932-6203) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication. PLOS ONE features reports of original research from all disciplines within science and medicine. Archives were searched for jesuit-related articles

  • P-**Publications on (Art )history

    Searches articles, reviews and books according to titles, authors, journals

  • P-**Revista RELaT

    Latin-American site with lots of full-text articles. Search for a names of Jesuit authors: "autores frequentes" (Sobrino e.g.)

  • P-**UCAT (emblem books)

    UCAT, the Union catalogue of emblem books, maintained by Peter Daly, (McGill Univ.). Searchable for jesuit emblem books, and their bibliographic description.

  • P-**UK, Internet Library of Early Journals

    A digital library of 18th and 19th Century journals, ILEJ, the "Internet Library of Early Journals" was a joint project by the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford. It finished in 1999 and no additional material will be added. The core collection for the project are runs of at least 20 consecutive years of:

    Three 18th-century journals   Three 19th-century journals
    • Gentleman's Magazine
    • The Annual Register
    • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
    • Notes and Queries
    • The Builder
    • Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

    Some of these journals hold a lot on Jesuits.

  • P-**USA, Review for Religious

    Digital Archive of all the issues of Review for Religious is being hosted by the Pius XII Library at Saint Louis University.

    Copy and paste the link into your web browser. The materials in this archive can be downloaded without charge. Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute individual articles for personal, classroom, or workshop use. Copyright for the articles published in Review for Religious is held by the Missouri Province of the Society of Jesus. Please credit Review for Religious, reference the volume, issue, and page number, and cite Saint Louis University Libraries as the host of the digital collection.

    Instructions on how to access the files

  • P-**Vérsila digital library

    Vérsila: a maior indexador digital Acadêmica do Hemisfério Sul [ A major aggregator of digital academics from the Southern Hemisphere]. Major collections in Spanish and Portuguese.

  • P-*Argentina, IHS, Antiguos jesuitas en Iberoamérica

    New journal dedicated to the study of the Jesuits in the Americas.

  • P-*Brasil, dissertations

    Teses e Dissertações sobre a Companhia de Jesus no banco da Capes

    Theses and dissertations about Jesuits in Brasil, at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro–Departamento de História (1995-2009)

  • P-*Cardoner

    Online version of Dutch-language journal about Ignatian spirituality (Dutch and Flemish Provinces)

  • P-*Choix des Lettres édifiantes (Missions du Levant, t. 2) (1809)

    Missions du Levant, t. 2 (Paris, Maradan-Nicolle), 1809  [Google.books]

    Missions de la Chine, t. 3 (Paris:Maradan, 1808)


  • P-*Civiltà Cattolica, v. 5 (1851)

    Second year, vol. 5.

    Sixt year, vol. 10 (1855)

    Eight year, series 3/vol. 6 (1857)

    Ninth year, series 3/vol. 12 (1858)

    Nineteenth year, series 7/vol. 3 (1868)

     Check regularly Google.books in order to see what volumes become available in full-text mode.

  • P-*Germany, Ingolstadt, Sammelblatt des Historischen Vereins








    Search more jesuit related articles (search for "jesuit",  "jesuiten", or "sj" or specific name)

  • P-*Italy, IHSI publications

    INSTITUTUM HISTORICUM SOCIETATIS IESU (IHSI) Catalogue of Publications (2012)

  • P-*Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal (Regis Univ.)

    Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal (JHE), a scholarly online, open access journal. An initiative of Regis University, JHE is scholarly and peer reviewed, and focuses on the development, advancement and critique of higher education in the Jesuit tradition.

  • P-*Journal des Savants, 1816 (full text)
    Seconde édition.
  • P-*Lettres édifiantes (1746)

    sur la visite apostolique de M. de la Baume  [...] en Cochinchine 1740 [...] (Venice: Barzotti, 1746) [Google.books]

  • P-*Lettres édifiantes (Mémoires de la Chine), t. 10

    t. 10 [Google.books]

    t. 11

  • P-*Lettres édifiantes et curieuses

    Detailed and worked out table of contents for certain volumes of different editions of the Lettres édifiantes [La bibliothèque numérique/Voltaire]

    Different access to various editions/volumes of the Lettres édifiantes et curieuses  [Archive.org]

    Short explanation on Wikipédia (French-Italian] about the Lettres édifiantes et curieuses.

  • P-*Monumenta Serica

    The important sinological journal Monumenta Serica, rich in materials on the history of Chinese-Western Relations, has gone fully online on the popular academic database JSTOR. Coverage includes all the journal issues and articles in PDF format from issue no. 1 (1939) to issue no. 53 (2005).


    Search titles of articles via site of Monumenta Serica

  • P-*New Jesuit Review

    New review dealing with spirituality

  • P-*Sílex, Univ. Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Peru
  • P-AHSI indices 1932-

    Online index of all volumes (1932 till now) of the AHSI journal (Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu), managed by the Fondazione Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica " F. DATINI "

  • P-Books by French Jesuits
    Books written by Jesuits belonging to the French provinces (French).
  • P-Bulletin abstracts of Centro História de Além-Mar (Lisbon)

    The Bulletin of Portuguese - Japanese Studies, which was launched in December 2000 and is published twice a year in June and December, aims to be an academic publication of Portuguese-Japanese studies published in English with an international character. The journal is of particular interest to the history of the Jesuits in East Asia. Abstracts in English and Portuguese.

  • P-Civilta Cattolica

    Access to Civiltà cattolica archives of articles, searchable by author, date, issue number...

    Research page

  • P-Company Magazine (Web)
    Company is a quarterly magazine of the U.S. Jesuits containing articles about the Jesuits, their colleagues and friends, as well as their joint works. This is the Web version of that magazine.
  • P-Congo-Afrique
  • P-Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education

    Index to issues 1-25 (1992-2004).

  • P-Cuadernos de fe y cultura
    Serie of monographs about faith and culture, published by the Mexican Jesuit University ITESO.
  • P-EAPI Review
    Periodical from the East Asian Pastoral Institute (Manila, Philippines).
  • P-Études archives

    You are a journalist, a historian or a student and looking for a particular article from the journal Études? Look at the on-line archives of these articles at www.cairn.info.  For 3 € you can download what you need. Subscribers to Études can download from the archives for free.

  • P-Gesuiti in Italia
    Access to the magazines published by the Italian Jesuits. Pdf-files of the magazine 2003-today. All about the SJ in Italy.
  • P-Haub, Rita (publications' list)

    PDF file

  • P-IHSI, Publications Catalog 2013
  • P-Index Manresa (vol. 79-)

    Index of  volume 79 onwards  of the Journal Manresa.

    Index of  years since 2007


    former link: http://www.jesuitas.es/pages/compaF1EDa-de-jesFAs/publicaciones/manresa/indices.php

  • P-Jesuit USA News
    The electronic newsletter JesuitUSA News is brought to you by Company Magazine. It is free and available to all interested persons.
  • P-Journal of Jesuit Business Education

    The Journal of Jesuit Business Education is a the peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal of the Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (CJBE). The journal is dedicated to the distribution of scholarly work and commentary with a focus on the distinctiveness of business education in the Jesuit tradition. A Publication of Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education, Saint Joseph’s University Press 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131

  • P-Kaspar, Oldrich (Publications' list)

    Kašpar, Oldřich is a hispanist-ethnologue at the Prague University. For some specific Jesuitica items, click pdf-file below:

    Kašpar jesuitica files

  • P-La civiltà cattolica

    Monthly in Italian.

  • P-Landas (Philippines)

    Theological journal issued by the Loyola School of Theology in Quezon City.

    LANDAS Archive

  • P-Mexico, Publications of Mexican Jesuits
  • P-Mirada global
    A new web site, created as the result of collaboration among several Jesuit reviews in different countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. The site intends to foster discussion and reflection on the challenges of today's world (English, Spanish, Portuguese).
  • P-Miscelánea Comillas

    Miscelánea Comillas: Revista de teología y ciencias humanas

    List of contents from 1943 onwards ... via Dialnet

  • P-Monumenta Nipponica
    Quarterly from the Sophia University, Tokyo.
  • P-Nouvelle revue théologique

    Review published by the Jesuits in Brussels (French).

  • P-Pensamiento

    Philosophical review published by the Pontifical University Comillas, Madrid.

  • P-Projet

    Recherche et action sociale (Research and social action). Projet seeks to decipher the political and social issues of a complex society in order to support those who set up actions towards a more human society.

  • P-Promotio Iustitiae

    Helps to get to lots of articles by Jesuits on issues of social justice. Full text of archived issues no longer available.

  • P-Rassegna di Teologia

    Bimonthly journal published by the Jesuit Faculty of Theology in Naples (Italian).

  • P-Recherches de Science Religieuse (RSR)

    Indexes in French and English

  • P-Relations (F.-Canada)

    The monthly Relations (8x) is published by the "Centre justice et foi", a centre for progressive social analysis founded and supported by the French-Canadian province of the Jesuits.

  • P-Renlai

    Chinese-language monthly, which aims at fostering a genuine cultural and social debate within the Chinese world (site: Chinese-English)

  • P-Renlai

    A pan-Asian magazine of cultural, social and spiritual concerns. Jesuit review in Chinese. E-renlai with summaries in English.

  • P-Rivista La Gregoriana

    Periodical in Italian from the Gregorian University, Rome

  • P-RSR

    Recherce de sciences Religieuses: (Jesuit) authors

  • P-Signum
    Journal published by Swedish Jesuits.
  • P-Spanish SJ

    Publications published by the Spanish Jesuits.

  • P-Stimmen der Zeit
    Monthly in German, published by the German Jesuits.
  • P-Streven (Belgium)

    Monthly in Dutch about cultural and societal issues, destined for readers in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium).

    Contains archives: titles and authors (archief)  up to 1970.

  • P-Studia Bobolanum, Poland

    Journal from the Polish Jesuits, with articles in different European languages.

  • P-Studies (Ireland)

    Irish Jesuit quarterly.

  • P-TeatrEsco (Spain)

    Site and journal dedicated to school theater in Spain. Contains a lot of references to Jesuit theater. ISSN: 1699-6801

    Search for Jesuit theater in Spain? (enter "Jesuit" in the lowest box)

  • P-The Way
    International quarterly of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits.
  • P-Theologie und Philosophie
  • P-USA, CARA blog_Jesuit geography/demography

    Nineteen Sixty-four is a research blog for the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University

  • P-USA, Ignatian News Network
  • P-Zeitschrift für Katholische Theologie (ZKTh)

    Theological journal from the Innsbruck faculty. History of the journal, archives (2007-)

  • P-Zupanov, Ines (Publications' list)

    Prof. Županov (Paris) has two books regarding the history of SJ in India, and many interesting articles. Here are some Pdf-files from these publications.

  • R-*Italy, Coindico - Indipetae (19th c.)

    Research dealing with the Indipetae of the New Company (after 1814), opening up new resources. At first, the Italian letters will be examined and be made available in digital form. Later on, the entire collection should be made available.

    This research tool is part of a larger research project Coindico, which is analysing from a historical perspective how Europe related to the rest of the world through Catholic missionary practices, commercial strategies and colonial ideologies throughout the modern era.

  • Research centres/programs (top)
  • RC-**Germany, Mannheim - Digitalization of Travel Accounts from the Desbillons Collection

    Project „Digitalization of Travel Accounts from the Desbillons Collection

    Mannheim University Library (Germany), with the assistance of a grant by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, is digitizing travel accounts from the Debillons collection. These digitized texts are important resources especially for the history and cultural history of Latin America, North America and Asia during early modern history and the activities of the Jesuits in these countries.

    The Desbillons collection is the most important historic collection in the holdings of Mannheim University Library and represents the most comprehensive collection of 18th century French literature outside of France. The French Jesuit priest François-Joseph Terrasse Desbillons (1694 – 1778) left France in 1764 after the prohibition of his order and moved to Mannheim following an invitation by the elector Carl Theodor. He was well known to the contemporary audience as a writer of fables, considered himself an opponent of the enlightenment, and brought with him a large, continuously expanding collection of books to Mannheim. His collection comprises all fields of knowledge at that time and includes books about history as well as ethnography, theology, law and literature. The conveyed titles reflect the Jesuit activities outside of Europe.

  • RC-**Germany, Welt und Wissen auf der Bühne -Theatrum-Literatur der frühen Neuzeit

    see Andreas Brunner, a.o. [www.theatra.de]

    jesuits mentioned in texts

  • RC-**Italy, Fondazione Intorcetta

    Site, run by the Fondazione Prospero Intorcetta Cultura Aperta, ... with the multiple aim to emphasize the historic figure of Prospero Intorcetta (1625-1696), a Jesuit of Piazza Armerina who was missionary in China (he has been the first to translate Confucio’s works in Latin). Besides the Foundation aims at the promotion and enhancement of the region, from where he was native... The site equally pays attention to other Sicilian Jesuits.

    Full texts (primary and secondary texts) available under tab 'Prospero Intorcetta SJ' (Biografia, Documenti, Opere).

  • RC-Africa, Jesuit Historical Institute In Africa

    JHIA: An institute dedicated to documenting, researching and disseminating scholarly findings about the Society of Jesus and the development of Christianity within the political, cultural and religious context of Africa and its adjacent islands.

    JHIA's Africa Thesis Bank accepts old and new masters and doctoral dissertations from anywhere in the world insofar as they touch on the histories, cultures and religions of Africa and its adjacent islands. The bank aims to preserve in Africa what has been researched about Africa. It also enables scholars to easily identify areas that have been researched on by others. Depending on the conditions set by those who freely deposit their works in the bank, other researchers may also access the dissertations in different formats.



  • RC-Belgium, Liège, Transitions

    Transitions. Centre d’études du Moyen Âge tardif & de la première Modernité

    Interdisciplinary research project at the Université de Liège, dedicated to study the transition (political, cultural etc.) from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Age.

  • RC-Belgium, UCL, Princes' cradles

    Study of celebrations produced by Jesuits on the occasion of princely births during the seventeenth century in Europe. The corpus is composed of neolatin poems, confronted with other types of literary or artistic creations: prose texts, texts in national languages, emblems, ephemeral architectures and spectacles. Special attention is given to symbolic and allegorical figures that provide the link between these widely varying productions and constitute a meaningful discourse on the ideological level. The project aims to highlight specific literary, artistic, political, religious and educational issues.

  • RC-Belgium-Italy: World of Wonders

    Research project by Minou Schraven

  • RC-Brasil, Jesuitas nas Americas

    Facebookpage of Grupo de Pesquisa: Jesuitas nas Americas (Unisinos, São Leopoldo, RC, Brasil). This research group is interested in building a web of research groups and institutes in different Brasilian states. Research focuses on the Jesuits in the Americas.

  • RC-Canada, Amerindian manuscripts digitalisation

    The Jesuit Archives in Canada are presently undertaking the next phase in the digitalisation of some very precious documents. The twelve manuscripts deal with language tools, and texts written by the Jesuits in the native languages of the First Nations of the 17th and 18th c.  These dictionnaries, grammars, tables of conjugation and religious texts in several native amerindian languages will permit researchers to better understand the cultures and languages of these North-American First Nations. These documents equally testify to the role played by the Society of Jesus in saveguarding the amerindian languages and its archives.

    Les Archives des jésuites au Canada entreprennent présentement la prochaine phase d’un projet de numérisation qui leur permettra de mettre en ligne certains de leurs documents les plus précieux. Les douze manuscrits concernés sont des outils de langues et des textes créés par les jésuites dans les langues des Premières nations aux 17e et 18e siècles. Ces dictionnaires, grammaires, tableaux de conjugaisons et écrits religieux en plusieurs langues amérindiennes permettront aux chercheurs de mieux comprendre les cultures et les langues des Premières nations d’Amérique du Nord. Ces documents témoignent également du rôle joué par la Compagnie de Jésus dans la sauvegarde des langues amérindiennes et de son engagement à préserver cette précieuse et fragile collection de documents d’archives. - See more at: http://www.jesuites.org/content/manuscrits-en-langues-am%C3%A9rindiennes-mis-en-ligne#sthash.RUsLvuA3.dpuf
    Les Archives des jésuites au Canada entreprennent présentement la prochaine phase d’un projet de numérisation qui leur permettra de mettre en ligne certains de leurs documents les plus précieux. Les douze manuscrits concernés sont des outils de langues et des textes créés par les jésuites dans les langues des Premières nations aux 17e et 18e siècles. Ces dictionnaires, grammaires, tableaux de conjugaisons et écrits religieux en plusieurs langues amérindiennes permettront aux chercheurs de mieux comprendre les cultures et les langues des Premières nations d’Amérique du Nord. Ces documents témoignent également du rôle joué par la Compagnie de Jésus dans la sauvegarde des langues amérindiennes et de son engagement à préserver cette précieuse et fragile collection de documents d’archives. - See more at: http://www.jesuites.org/content/manuscrits-en-langues-am%C3%A9rindiennes-mis-en-ligne#sthash.RUsLvuA3.dpuf
    Les Archives des jésuites au Canada entreprennent présentement la prochaine phase d’un projet de numérisation qui leur permettra de mettre en ligne certains de leurs documents les plus précieux. Les douze manuscrits concernés sont des outils de langues et des textes créés par les jésuites dans les langues des Premières nations aux 17e et 18e siècles. Ces dictionnaires, grammaires, tableaux de conjugaisons et écrits religieux en plusieurs langues amérindiennes permettront aux chercheurs de mieux comprendre les cultures et les langues des Premières nations d’Amérique du Nord. Ces documents témoignent également du rôle joué par la Compagnie de Jésus dans la sauvegarde des langues amérindiennes et de son engagement à préserver cette précieuse et fragile collection de documents d’archives. - See more at: http://www.jesuites.org/content/manuscrits-en-langues-am%C3%A9rindiennes-mis-en-ligne#sthash.RUsLvuA3.dpuf
    Les Archives des jésuites au Canada entreprennent présentement la prochaine phase d’un projet de numérisation qui leur permettra de mettre en ligne certains de leurs documents les plus précieux. Les douze manuscrits concernés sont des outils de langues et des textes créés par les jésuites dans les langues des Premières nations aux 17e et 18e siècles. Ces dictionnaires, grammaires, tableaux de conjugaisons et écrits religieux en plusieurs langues amérindiennes permettront aux chercheurs de mieux comprendre les cultures et les langues des Premières nations d’Amérique du Nord. Ces documents témoignent également du rôle joué par la Compagnie de Jésus dans la sauvegarde des langues amérindiennes et de son engagement à préserver cette précieuse et fragile collection de documents d’archives. - See more at: http://www.jesuites.org/content/manuscrits-en-langues-am%C3%A9rindiennes-mis-en-ligne#sthash.RUsLvuA3.dpuf
  • RC-CEDRAC, Beyrouth, Libanon

    Centre de Documentation et de Recherches arabes chrétiennes.

  • RC-Center of Concern, Washington
    The Center of Concern envisions a world in which every woman, man and child can survive, thrive, and contribute back to our communities, enhancing life for all who share the planet. Through research, analysis, networking, public education and advocacy, the Center works to advance more just, sustainable and authentically human development for all, especially for the marginalized and those in poverty.
  • RC-Centre d'anthropologie religieuse européenne (CARE, France)

    Research centre dealing a.o. with the S.J. (1540-1773).

  • RC-Centre Sèvres, Paris

    The "Centre Sèvres" offers philosophical and theological formation at the university level. Its is known by its specific pedagogical project: the Jesuit pedagogy as it can be lived today. Its strenghts are: -a personal study trajectory -students followed individually -credits for the courses followed. See special link for library.

  • RC-Centro Studi Martino Martini, Trento, Italy

    Centre for the study of the work of Martino Martini SJ (1614-1661), geographer and missionary in China. Publishing a.o. his Opera omnia. (Italian)

  • RC-CeRaS (Paris)
    Centre de recherche et d'Action Sociales - Centre for research and social action, founded by the Jesuits in 1903.
  • RC-Chili, Centro Padre Hurtado

    Centro de Estudios y Documentación "Padre Hurtado" de la Pontificia Universidad de Chile. The Centre will be studying the documents and documentation about P. Hurtado in a multidisciplinary way to establish the context in which he lived and his relevance.

  • RC-CIERA, MariAtlas

    Project regarding the making of a critical bilingual edition (original text-French) of Gumppenberg's Atlas Marianus of 1658.

    • First 'journée d'études': Arras, January 2009
    • Second 'colloquium': Neuchâtel, January 2010

    This research group is headed by Professor Olivier Christin and consists of the following members:

    Balsamo Nicolas (EPHE), Benz Stefan (Bayreuth), Boespflug François (Strasbourg), Castagnet Véronique (Arras), Deschamp Marion (Lyon II), Flückiger Fabrice (Genève), Ghermani Naïma (Grenoble), Hayaert Valérie (Tunis), Klein Boris (Lyon II), Martin Philippe (Nancy), Thomas Romain (Dijon), Zitslsperger Philipp (Berlin)

    CIERA (Centre d'études interdisciplinaires sur l'Allemagne) sponsors this project.

  • RC-ECCC, Warsaw, Poland
    ECCC is a scientific institute of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology "Bobolanum" in Warsaw run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The centre organizes professional training courses for different social groups of people.
  • RC-EHESS, Jesuits and guardian angels

    Research project undertaken by Mazurek Antoine, under the direction of Pierre Antoine Fabre (EHESS):  "La figure de l’ange gardien à l’époque moderne (Après le Concile de Trente)"

  • RC-EHESS, Jesuits in Chile

    Research project undertaken by Josefina Silva Santa Cruz, under the direction of Pierre Antoine Fabre

    "La formation de l’élite créole chilienne à travers l’éducation de la Compagnie de Jésus. Le Convictorio de San Francisco Javier, 1611-1767."

  • RC-English ex-S.J. (1773-1814)

    Research project of professor Maurice Whitehead regarding the educational activities of the English ex-Jesuits after the suppression.

  • RC-France, Communication manuscrite (1685-1789)

    Jesuit correspondence is part of the overall project.

  • RC-France, Montpellier, Centre Interdisciplinaire d'Étude du Religieux

    [Interdisciplinary Centre for Studies of the Religious] [French]

  • RC-Germany, Muenster, Emblems Religion and Politics

    The multimedia genre of Neo-Latin (and multilingual) emblem literature as a mediator of political and religious thought, c. 1530 to c. 1670.

    Project within the Exzellenzcluster "Religion und Politik", at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität

  • RC-Groupe de recherche sur les Lettres du Japon

    The "Lettres du Japon" are often presented as being the ancestors of the "Jesuit Relations" of Canada. They are precious documents for studying the missionary rhetoric, the circulation of edifying texts, and for the analysis of the development of the problem of the 'Other' in the 16th and 17th c.

    The project, sponsored by a.o. the Centre Sèvres, UPX (Nanterre), the University of Waterloo and the Canada Research Council, aims at digitising all of this material.

    Any feedback on this project and on the content of this letters is welcome in the mailbox of prof. Guy Poirier.

  • RC-India, Goa, Xavier Centre of Historical Research
  • RC-India, Goethals Library & Research Centre

    The Goethals Indian Library and Research Centre (Kolkata/Calcutta) has a threefold function: a Library, a Research Centre and a minor Archives division on St. Xavier's College and the Jesuits and Christian mission in India, particularly West Bengal.

  • RC-Italy, Fermo, Centro Teodorico Pedrini

    Italian site: Centro Studi Teodorico Pedrini – Fermo


  • RC-Italy, Milano, Fondazione Martini

    Foundation in Milan, supported by the Italian Proviince of the Jesuits, to promote the legacy of the late Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.

  • RC-Italy, Rome: Clavius project

    The digital conservation project at the Historical Archives of the Gregorian University in Rome regarding the correspondence of Clavius with various contemporary scholars.

  • RC-Jesuits and China

    Christianity in China. Western Culture in front of the Far East. Adaptionism, Syncretism and Simulation. The specific case of a small and important group of French Jesuits: the Figurists.

    Project context and objectives

    We know that the literature produced by Jesuits in China, and their brethren's 'bricolage' in Europe created the myth that China had higher ethics and morals than Europe. China slowly made its way in enlightenment and libertine thought, as evidenced by a virtuous society of atheists. Such presumed Chinese atheism fed the debate on morality not depending upon religion. In France and Europe, the Jesuits' histories of China were then used by libertine authors in writings on religious tolerance, freedom of speech, human rights, and a new interpretation of world history. This debate is still valid today when democratic societies are represented as a post-secular society in which the process of secularisation seems to be stopping or in which people discuss around the origin and roots of their social system. The impact of the 'discovery' of China could be considered as an anticipation of today's discussion topic about religions and their role in society and atheism as an alternative European tradition. A recent manifestation at the National Mall, in Washington DC, proposed the question in in present-day terms: atheist and secular Americans gathered for a rally where they celebrated their lack of religious affiliations.

    My research is focused on how the Jesuits initially 'constructed' China for the Europeans, and were the first to use the word 'atheism' for part of the Chinese people's religion, with substantial changes during the course of their mission, from Matteo Ricci to the Jesuit intellectual, currently known as 'Figurism'. Later on, they fought strenuously against the European idea that used 'China' as a synonym of 'atheism'. In other words, the Jesuits first described as atheist some aspects of Chinese culture - adopting categories of atheism established by the tradition of the Fathers of the Church - and subsequently they defended China from the accusation of atheism. In so doing, they contributed the parameters for a new and more sophisticated definition of atheism, relative to idolatry and superstition - terms that were often used to qualify the religious systems encountered during the discovery of the New Worlds.

    Atheism, it seems, is a feature or symptom of the modernity that is traumatically coming to birth. If theism is one of the certainties that European modern society is losing, then atheism is one of those certainties it is attempting to acquire. In this sense, atheism is an inescapable aspect of modernity; atheism and modernity seem to be inextricably linked.

    With the construction and 'invention' of a different atheism, the Jesuits defended their mission in China and their decision to relate ancient or contemporary Confucianism to Christianism. Their many defensive weapons soon included a propaganda that examined how the accusations of atheism made against China influenced European atheism. Should China be officially condemned for its atheism, European atheists could have gleefully claimed that a virtuous society could exist without religion. But defending a common source for Christianism and Confucianism would sever Confucianism from Spinozism, save the Jesuits' mission in China and halt the progress of moral atheism in Europe.

  • RC-Jesuits and globalization (Georgetown Univ.)

    Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs

    This three-year project will examine the historical contributions of the Society of Jesus and in our increasingly global era. It will bring together leading scholars and practitioners to explore Jesuit innovations and legacies in the areas of mission, education, and justice. A symposium will address each thematic area and the project will culminate in a capstone conference—to be held in 2014, the bicentennial of the reestablishment of the Jesuit order—and in an edited book and a monograph.


  • RC-João Rodrigues in Japan
    Research grant obtained by Qi Li Ping.
  • RC-KTU project (Netherlands)

    Project: History of the Jesuits in the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th century

  • RC-Lonergan Inst., Seton Hall Univ.
  • RC-Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto

    Supported by the Jesuits in English Canada, the Institute was founded in 1985 with a mission “to preserve, promote, develop and implement” the work of Canadian philosopher and theologian Bernard Lonergan, S.J. (1904-1984).

  • RC-Macau Ricci Institute
    Look in particular for the "Acta Pekinensia" project page: transcription, English annotated translation and editorial preparation for publication of the work of the German Jesuit Kilian Stumpf (1655-1720).
  • RC-Mainz project "SJ in Latin America"

    This site gives an overview of the hitherto published articles resulting from the research being done. Go for "Projektbeschreibung": follow "hier" (MsWord article in German)

  • RC-Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
    The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University is one of the preeminent centers for research and dialogue on ethical issues in critical areas of American life. The center's focus areas are business, health care and biotechnology, character education, government, global leadership, technology, and emerging issues in ethics. Articles, cases, briefings, and dialogue in all fields of applied ethics are available on this site.
  • RC-Mission & Interreligious Dialogue (USA)

    Documentation, reports, and interconneconnections on interreligious dialogue in the ministries connected with the Jesuits in the United States.

    "The Society of Jesus' initiative in interreligious dialogue in the United States began in 1997, and will continue to develop through national planning in coordination with efforts initiated in Rome and in other regions of the Society. At this site we will keep a brief record of past and current initiatives."

    OCIPE is the Catholic European Study and Information Centre. It was founded in 1956 in Strasbourg and is run by the Jesuits. In addition to the main representation in Brussels, there are three offices in Strasbourg, Warsaw and Budapest.
  • RC-project Pia desideria

    The Religious Emblem Tradition in the Low Countries in the Light of Herman Hugo's Pia desideria

    The development of the love emblem in the Netherlands, from c. 1600 onwards, can be seen a as manifestation of the successful literary relationship between the northern and southern part of the Low Countries. The heyday of love emblems also brought the publication of several volumes containing both emblems and songs. Hooft's Emblemata amatoria is one example (with 71 pages devoted to emblems and 73 to songs and sonnets), but also the less ambitiously published Cupido's lusthof (Cupid's Garden of Delight) of 1613. Combination volumes like these allowed for optimal social use.
    In 1615 the love emblem acquired a new dimension with the publication of Vaenius's Amoris divini emblemata, a free adaptation of his previously published Amorum emblemata. Religious love emblematics was thereafter to a large extent influenced by Cats's Sinne- en minnebeelden (first published in 1618) and by Hugo's Pia desideria (1624). Hugo's Pia desideria would become the most influential emblem book published after Alciato's Emblematum liber (1531): the book was reprinted 49 times, and 90 translations and adaptations were published all over Europe.
    Yet, the relationship between the profane love emblems, Vaenius's Amoris divini emblemata en Hugo's Pia desideria have never been studied systematically, although some partial efforts were made. The way in which the Pia desideria was used to help shape and form the Contra-Reformation in the South, as well as the way in which these emblems manifested themselves in the North have not been the focus of recent research. The 'Pia Desideria Project' is aiming to change this situation by publishing:

    • a doctorate thesis on the position and role of the Pia desideria in the South (by Lien Roggen, supervised by Marc van Vaeck)
    • a doctorate thesis on its role in the North (by Feike Dietz, supervised by Arie Gelderblom and Els Stronks, titled 'Emblematic Dynamics in the Seventeenth Century: Word, Image, Religion' )
    • organizing a conference to conclude to project, focusing on related research on the Pia desideria in the rest of Europe (organized by Marc van Vaeck en Els Stronks)
  • RC-Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History
    The Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History (San Francisco) studies the history of early Christianity in China, with emphasis on the Jesuit missions of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. With link to online catalog. See also their ressources/publications with the special issues of the 'Pacific Rim Report'.
  • RC-Ruusbroeckgenootschap, Antwerp

    Research about medieval spiritual developments (Dutch).

  • RC-Skarga Project

    The purpose of the Skarga Project is to re-examine Jesuit projects in early modern Poland and, more broadly, in East-Central Europe both in the traditional scholarly context that sees them as agents of the Counter Reformation as well as in newer approaches that see them as agents of modernity in a variety of enterprises.

  • RC-Société des Bollandistes

    Christian hagiography. Site of Bollandist Society, Brussels, Belgium.

  • RC-The Cwm Jesuit library at Hereford Cathedral

    An exciting new project is now being led by Hannah Thomas to analyse the little-known Jesuit Library of the Cwm, now housed at Hereford Cathedral. The project is a joint venture between Hereford Cathedral and Swansea University, funded by the AHRC, to set the Jesuit Library in its proper historical context, both from a religious perspective and its importance to the history of the region.

    You can follow Hannah's progress over this three-year project on her blog.

    Hereford Cathedral Library Catalogue

  • RC-The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, Dublin
    The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice is a centre for social research and action which seeks to respond to situations of structural injustice. It is sponsored by the Irish Jesuits.
  • RC-The Jesuit mission at the Mughal court (1580-1773)

    European Representations of India and Islam: The Jesuit mission at the Mughal court (1580-1773)

    Research project at the UNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRA (Barcelona) [2013-2017]

    The goal of this 48 months proposal is to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the ways Islam and the Mughal Empire were interpreted and represented in Europe during the early modern period. The chronological delimitation of the subject of this project includes the late sixteenth-century, and the whole seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This period corresponds to the end of the Portuguese monopoly on the sea route to India, the arrival of the English, Dutch and French companies in Asia, the great missionary experiences of the Jesuits in Asia, the expansion and decline of the Mughal Empire in India, the Enlightenment and the emergence of Indology and Orientalism as academic disciplines. The applicant is a specialist on the European presence in India during the early modern period. Although this project starts in that disciplinary field, one of its aims is to develop a distinctive historiographical approach based on a systematic interaction with disciplines such as anthropology and sociology, by adopting a conceptual framework based on the concepts of ‘contact zone’ and ‘go-between’. Through this interdisciplinary approach, this project aims to contribute to the current debates on Orientalism and Islam.

  • RC-USA, Boston colloge, Lonergan Institute
  • RC-USA, Institute of Jesuit Sources, Boston College

    Goal of the Institute: bringing the Catholic and Jesuit intellectual tradition into dialogue with all of the forms of contemporary culture.

    article America 2014

    Institute of Jesuit Sources (IJS, formerly at St Louis, Missouri) to move to Boston College (2014) as part of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies(IAJS).

  • RC-USA, Pieter-Jan De Smet S.J.

    Blog by Edward Englestad regarding his research internship regarding the Jesuit Pierre-Jean De Smet (2013). Interesing for its trying to find new digital ways and means to visualize historical data.

  • RC-Woodstock center, Washington

    The Woodstock Theological Center is an independent nonprofit institute at Georgetown University that engages in theological and ethical reflection on topics of social, economic, business, scientific, cultural, religious, and political importance. Drawing on the Roman Catholic tradition, the Woodstock Center is ecumenically open, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative with, among others, the business community, government, religious groups, universities, other research centers, and the media. The Woodstock Center aims to be attentive to Scripture's concern for the poor and the powerless. Its work is a particular instance of the contemporary mission of the Society of Jesus: the service of faith through the promotion of justice.

  • Spirituality (top)
  • S-**Ignatian Spirituality (Loyola Press)

    All sorts of articles in full text available, related to Ignatian Spirituality.

  • S-**Review of Ignatian Spirituality (full text all articles)

    All articles are downloadable in PDF.

    At present unavailable. Is being looked into (8/2014)

  • S-*Dunne, Spirituality and the arts
    • Find the article 'Spirituality and the arts' on prof. Tad Dunne's website: a correspondence over several years with Jerry Graham, SJ about spirituality and the arts, with particular emphasis on Jesuit spirituality.
    • Equally available there: Spiritual wisdom in the Letters of St. Ignatius. (Earlier published by Loyola University Press, Chicago in 1959, ed. by William J. Young)
  • S-*journals of spirituality

    Series of Jesuit Journals devoted to Jesuit spirituality (update 2011)

  • S-*von Balthasar and S.E.

    Article by W. Löser S.J. (1999)

  • S-Belgium, K.U.Leuven, Institute for the study of Spirituality

    The main purpose of the Institute for the Study of Spirituality is the study of Christian spirituality in its different (literary and non-literary) sources. The area of research covers both the history of Christian spirituality and its content. The preferred method is the study of the sources according to each author's own terminology and his or her own hermeneutical framework, in contrast to external hermeneutical approaches, such as psychoanalytical or sociological approaches.

  • S-Belgium, Capuchin Study Centre

    Study and Documentation Centre "Capuchins in the Low Countries" at the KU Leuven, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

  • S-Belgium, Gent, Etty Hillesum research centre
  • S-Bibliografia Ignaziana (2000-2009)

    Ignaziana offers to its readers accurate lists of books and articles published on Ignatian spirituality and mysticism between 2000 and 2009. Originally, these appeared in Manresa. We are very grateful to the Editor, JOSÉ ANTONIO GARCÍA SJ, for this permission, and also to CARLOS COUPEAU SJ, co-ordinator of the Grupo de Espiritualidad Ignaciana, for drawing up this bibliography. Go to "Bibliography" (29-12-06).

  • S-Cartusiana (Netherlands)
  • S-Germany, Institut der Orden

    Institute for German-speakers, offering education to people involved in ministry and dealing with spirituality.

  • S-Ignatian spirituality

    IgnatianSpirituality.com, a service of Loyola Press

  • S-Institut für Spiritualität, Münster
  • S-Italy, Padova, Scuola di Spiritualità

    Run by OFM Conventuals

  • S-Italy, Roma, Teresianum

    Institute of carmelite spirituality

  • S-Italy, Rome, Ignatian Spirituality Centre

    The first mission of the Centre is to offer an academic program of courses and seminars to the Institute of Spirituality [Gregoriana] students. Moreover, the Centre could organize round tables, workshops, etc. about different aspects of ignatian spirituality, using a wider perspective than the academic one.

  • S-Netherlands, Nijmegen, Titus Brandsma Institute

    Institute for study of spirituality, with special emphasis on the study of the Modern Devotion movement (Dutch/English).

  • S-Norway, ENID

    The European Network on the Instruments of Devotion (ENID) is an international research network coordinated from the University of Bergen, Norway. ENID focuses on the instrumentality of Christian piety and devotional practices, from 14th century 'Devotio Moderna' to Vatican II in the 20th century.

  • S-Online Spirituality Resources

    Page of resources, via Creighton Univ.

  • S-Porto, Centro interuniversitario de historia da espiritualidade

    also links to review Via Spiritus. Revista de História da Espiritualidade e do Sentimento Religioso

  • S-Spirituality International (SPIRIN)

    Spirituality International is a web community in which scientists, lecturers, students and professionals in the field of spirituality are given an opportunity to exchange information and engage in discussion. This academic forum is multidisciplinary in structure and multicultural in approach.

  • S-Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits (Periodical)

    Full text. Archive of back issues.

  • S-Switzerland, Bad Schönbrunn, Lassalle Haus

    Centre for spirituality and dialogue between Eastern and Western spiritual traditions (German). Access to Global World Foundation/Weltethos (also in English).

  • S-text Spiritual Exercices (Eng.)
    The spiritual Exercices of St. Ignatius of Loyola, translated into English from the Latin autograph by Fr. Elder Mullan S.J.
  • S-The Ignatian way of prayer
  • Jesuit links (top)
  • SJ-**Belgium, North-Belgian Province (ODIS)

    Files of North-Belgian Jesuit Province, in ODIS database.

  • SJ-*Jesuit colleges worldwide (guide archives)

    Guide (in Italian) to the archives in Rome (ARSI), pertaining to the Jesuit colleges worldwide. Ordered alphabetically per college (check various spellings).

    Inventarium seriei quae inscribitur "COLLEGIA" in Archivio adservatae cui titulus Fondo Gesuitico al Gesù di Roma a Doctore Pio Pecchiai diligenter confectum annis 1938-39 PETRO TACCHI VENTURI S.J. Archivii Custode (263 p.)

  • SJ-*Jesuit Historiography Online (Brill, Open Access)

    Jesuit Historiography Online (JHO) is an Open Access resource offering over seventy historiographical essays written by experts in their field. Aimed at scholars of Jesuit history and at those in all overlapping areas, the essays in JHO provide summaries of key texts from the earlier literature, painstaking surveys of more recent work, and digests of archival and online resources. Crucially, the scope of the essays is global: they cover both Anglophone and non-Anglophone sources and scholarship from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The result is much more than a bibliographical check-list: authors explore trends in Jesuit historiography and provide a nuanced, systematic, and in-depth analysis of what has been written—when, why, and by whom—about arguably the most prolific, diverse, and wide-ranging religious order within the Roman Catholic tradition. JHO is available in Open Access thanks to generous support from the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College.

    Articles per regio/country and thematic!


  • SJ-*Jesuits in Low Countries_historiography (Vanden Bosch)

    Brill Historiography Online

    Gerrit Vanden Bosch, Jesuits in the Low Countries (1542–1773): A Historiographical Essay

    Historiography about Jesuits in Belgium and the Netherlands

  • SJ-*Philippines, Labor evangélica (Colín-Pastells, 1904)

    Francisco Colín, Labor evangélica, ministerios apostolicos de los obreros de la Compañía de Jesús en las islas Filipinas (Nueva edición ... por Pablo Pastells, s.j.). Barcelona: Henrich y compañía, 1904 [via archive.org]

  • SJ-*Ratio, 1603

    SJ Archiv Wien, Ratio atque institutio studiorum societatis Iesu, Neapel 1603

  • SJ-*Roothaan archives (Rome)

    Guide to the archival fund of P. Jan Philip Roothaan SJ (1785-1853) (c/o ARSI, Rome)

  • SJ-*USA, New England Jesuit Province Archives, Finding Aids for Record Groups

    These finding aids are for the Record Group Collections of the New England Jesuit Province Archives. These are the records of administrative units of the Province. A finding aid is the access tool to the collections and materials at the New England Jesuit Province Archives. A finding aid is a description of the collection and includes collection name, identifier, dates, size and arrangement of the collection, background material, and a listing of the contents of the collection by folder title and box number. The finding aid does not contain the actual documents of the collection.

    Finding Aids

    RG 10.03 Cranwell School Records, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; and Cranwell Preparatory School, Lenox, Mass.

    RG 10.08 Holy Trinity Church, Boston, Mass., Finding Aid, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; and Holy Trinity Parish, Boston, Mass.

    RG 10.09 Immaculate Conception Church, Boston, Mass., Finding Aid, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; and Immaculate Conception Church, Boston, Mass.

    RG 10.19 St. Mary's Church, Boston, Mass., Finding Aid, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; and St. Mary's Parish, Boston, Mass.

    RG 10.19 St. Philip Neri School for Delayed Vocations Records, Finding Aid, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; and St. Philip Neri School for Delayed Vocations, Boston and Haverill, Mass.

    RG 10.24 Xavier High School Records, Finding Aid, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; and Xavier High School, Concord, Massachusetts.

    RG 11.1 Mission Offices Records Description, New England Jesuit Province Archives and New England Province of the Society of Jesus.

    RG 11.1 Missions Offices Records, Series: Assistancy-wide Organizations, New England Jesuit Province Archives and New England Province of the Society of Jesus.

    RG 11.1 Missions Offices Records, Series: Directors Records, New England Jesuit Province Archives and New England Province of the Society of Jesus.

    RG 11.1 Missions Offices Records, Series: New England Jesuit Foreign Missions--Iraq, New England Jesuit Province Archives and New England Province of the Society of Jesus.

    RG 11.1 Missions Offices Records, Series: New England Jesuit Foreign Missions--Jamaica Mission / Region, New England Jesuit Province Archives and New England Province of the Society of Jesus.

    RG 11.1 Missions Offices Records, Series: Other Missions with new England Jesuit Staff, New England Jesuit Province Archives and New England Province of the Society of Jesus.

    RG 11.1 Missions Offices Records, Series: Other Office Files, New England Jesuit Province Archives and New England Province of the Society of Jesus.

    RG 11.1 Missions Offices Records, Series: Publications Files, New England Jesuit Province Archives and New England Province of the Society of Jesus.

    RG 11.2 Campion Hall Preparatory School and Campion College, Kingston, Jamaica, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; Campion Hall Preparatory School, Kingston, Jamaica; and Campion College, Kingston, Jamaica.

    RG 11.2 Foreign Mission Records, Iraq Mission, New England Jesuit Province Archives and Iraq Mission of New England Jesuit Province.

    RG 11.2 Foreign Mission Records, Jamaica Mission / Region, New England Jesuit Province Archives and Jamaica Mission / Region of the New England Jesuit Province.

    RG 11.2 Social Action Center, Jamaica, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; and Social Action Center, Jamaica.

    RG 11.2 St. George's College and St. George's Extension School, Special Collection, New England Jesuit Province Archives; New England Province of the Society of Jesus; and St. George's College, Kingston, Jamaica.


    New weblink for the ARSI

    with very interesting new features for researchers into jesuitica. See esp. the headings Archive and Library for digital versions of books and finding aids.

    Contents of ARSI (pdf document bij R. Danieluk, Monumenta Serica (2011), number 59, pp. 417-424)

    Restoration 1814 (documents Arsi)

  • SJ-Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies
  • SJ-Curia Generalis Societas Iesu, Roma
    Portal site towards all Jesuit provinces and institutions worldwide, including universities, publications etc.
  • SJ-Europe, Jesuit Conference of European provincials

    new site (2017)

  • SJ-France, Toulouse

    Site with history of Jesuit college in Toulouse (in French)

  • SJ-French jesuits
    Interesting especially for the always updated links page (sites internet).
  • SJ-India, Jesuits in Gujarat

    Weblog: History of Jesuits in Gujarat, by Joseph Valiamangalam SJ.

  • SJ-Institute of Jesuit sources, Saint Louis, USA
    The Institute of Jesuit Sources, Saint Louis, MO; also book search
  • SJ-International Jesuit Networking
  • SJ-Ireland, Irish Jesuit Archives

    The Irish Jesuit Archives (IJA) is now online. It contains the records of the Jesuits in Ireland from 1575 onwards. The archives primary role is to preserve and protect the memory of Irish Jesuits. It acts as a bridge between past, present and future. You can find out about what the archives holds, what resources are online, how to contact us and who we are.

  • SJ-Italy, Roma, archives Gregorian Univ.

    Index of persons with shelf numbers of the respective pertinent archival documents

    Home  of the Historical archives of the Gregorian University


    Jesuit European Social Centre (Brussels)

  • SJ-Jesuit brothers
  • SJ-Jesuit cardinals
  • SJ-Jesuit Digital Network

    A global network connecting high quality academic content in the Jesuit tradition with educators and learners across institutions and regions.

  • SJ-Jesuit images
    Images of Ignatius, links, printer's devices.
  • SJ-Jesuit Social Institutes

    Subsite of Institute für Gesellschaftspolitik, München

  • SJ-Jesuits Belgique & Luxembourg

    Content of historical archives of this Province de la Belgique Méridionale et du Luxembourg (in French)

  • SJ-Jesuits Belgium & the Netherlands
  • SJ-Jesuits in Chile
  • SJ-Jesuits in Europe

    Jesuit Conference of European Provincials

  • SJ-Jesuits in science

    Jesuits in Science is an association of Jesuit scientists, priests and brothers, engaged in research, teaching, pastoral and humanitarian work in the physical and biological sciences in many countries worldwide.

  • SJ-Jesuits in Sweden
  • SJ-Jesuits in the USA
    Portalsite to Jesuits in the U.S. See especially, via the menu on the left, the following items: Resources/Jesuit history; Resources/Some Jesuits on the web; Resources/Science and technology
  • SJ-Jesuits in Vietnam/400 years

    Website dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the presence of Jesuits in Vietnam (only in Vietnamese)

  • SJ-JRS-Europe
    The Jesuit Refugee Service is an international Catholic organization. Its mission is to accompany, to serve and to plead the cause of refugees and forcibly displaced people. The JRS was set up by the Society of Jesus in 1980 and is now working over 50 countries worldwide. JRS works with all refugees but has a particular concern at present for the "forgotten" refugees who have moved out of the media spotlight.
  • SJ-Jungmann Society

    The Jungmann Society is an international professional association of Jesuits with academic training and expertise in liturgy and its allied arts. It has been founded as a response of the Society of Jesus to the Church's urgent call for a new evangelization of the world's many different cultures through worship, scholarship, and dialogue. 

  • SJ-Lumen Vitae, Brussels

    Founded in 1935 by the Society of Jesus, the Lumen Vitae Center offers training in catechetics, pastoral ministry and Christian education adapted to today's world.

  • SJ-Narrative history of the Jesuits

    A narrative account of the History of the Society of Jesus by Anton Azzopardi S.J.

    ... in five installments, thanks to the site of the Jesuits of Malta

  • SJ-Ratio studiorum exhibit, Valencia (2001-2002)

    Subsite dedicated to the exhibit held in the University of Valencia, Dec. 2001- Oct. 2002. (Catalan)

  • SJ-Restoration Jesuits 1814

    Page dedicated to the Restoration of 1814, and the events celebrating it.

  • SJ-Scribani Network
    In december 2003, a network of 15 European Jesuit centres from 11 countries was created with the aim of strengthening the European network of Jesuit centres which all work, starting from their own field of expertise, on the theme 'Europe' and 'European integration' in a social context. The participating centres and institutions share Ignatian spirituality as a common source of inspiration and they work in line with the themes put forward by the 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus: faith and justice, culture and interreligious dialogue. Its main objective is to operate as a 'think tank'.
  • SJ-Superiors general
    All Jesuit Superiors General with picture, and dates of government.
  • SJ-Switzerland, Jesuit archives

    Description (German) of the Swiss Jesuits' archives. Library of Swiss Jesuits holds many resources too.

  • SJ-text autobiography Ignatius (Spanish)

    Autobiography of St. Ignatius, as written down by Fr. Luis Gonzalves de Camara between 1553 and 1555 (PDF-file)

  • SJ-UK, Stonyhurst College libraries and collections

    More from Stonyhurst: St Omers Press

  • SJ-US, Restoration Jesuits

    Crossings and Dwellings: Restored Jesuits, Women Religious, American Experience, 1814-2014

    Site with lots of resources, leading up to the 2014 Chicago conference.

  • SJ-USA Jesuits and interreligious Dialogue
  • SJ-Vietnam, celebration 400 years

    Vietnam Province Jubilee Year website (in Vietnamese): http://loanbaotinmung.net

  • Universities (top)
  • U-**AJUS links

    Academics at Jesuit Universities and Schools (AJUS) holds important section on links related to Jesuit education

  • U-*USA, Detroit University (1877-1977)

    Herman J. Muller, The University of Detroit (1877-1977). A Centennial History. Detroit: University of Detroit, 1976.  (pp. 1-121)

    Pages 122 - 147

    Pages 148 - 137

  • U-CVPI:Pedagogia ignaciana

    "Centro Virtual de Pedagogia Ignaciana" holds a large set of links related to the Jesuit pedagogical project; includes also bibliographies and documents

  • U-direct link SJ Higher Education institutes

    Leads you to the portal for all Jesuit Higher educational institutes.

    This site will hence only retain references to University-sites that are not included in the Jesuit portal.

  • U-Ireland, Milltown institute

    Milltown Institute was established as a Pontifical Athenaeum with Faculties of Theology and Philosophy, by a group of religious institutes in 1968. The origins of the Institute however can be traced back to the 1880's when the Jesuits established a School of Philosophy and a School of Theology at Milltown. The School of Theology has had an unbroken history at Milltown ever since 1889, and became a Jesuit Pontifical Faculty in 1932. The School of Philosophy moved from Milltown in 1930 and became a Jesuit Pontifical Faculty in 1948, and returned to Milltown in 1966.

  • U-Jesuit universities in USA
    portal to U.S. Jesuit educational institutions
  • U-Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät Innsbruck

    Homepage of Theological Faculty at Innsbruck University (Austria).

  • U-Lithuania, Univ. of Vilnius (SJ: 1579-1773)

    History of the University of Lithuania, once a Jesuit institution.

    Booklet (pdf)

  • U-USA, AJCU_photos

    Digital repository of the Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities. Allows for searching and browsing. [Loyola Notre Dame Library, Baltimore MD]

  • USA, *Pieter-Jan De Smet (bibliography)

    This site, set up by KADOC on occasion of the 2016 exhibit in Gent (Belgium) lists a lot of the works of P. J. De Smet SJ (1801-1873), made available in full text version (digitized by KADOC, Leuven). Remainder of site in in Dutch only, including the blog message of the journeys in view of the preparations of the exhibit.

  • USA-**Boston College Jesuit Bibliography

    This comprehensive online bibliography [The New Sommervogel Online (NSO)] covers books, book chapters, journal articles and book reviews pertaining to the exponentially growing field of Jesuit Studies. In addition to basic bibliographic information, entries include (English) abstracts, detailed subject headings, direct links to items available in electronic format where available, and a link to an item’s WorldCat entry. Early Release Version October 2015, update April 2016.

    Use asterisk (*) in search field to get all postings, filter subsequently.

    Edited by: Robert A. Maryks, Boston College

    Subject term list (allowing the researcher to see whether any pertinent item on a particular Jesuit is available yet)


  • USA-**Republic of Letters (Kircher)

    Before email, faculty meetings, international colloquia, and professional associations, the world of scholarship relied on its own networks: networks of correspondence that stretched across countries and continents; the social networks created by scientific academies; and the physical networks brought about by travel. These networks were the lifelines of learning, from the age of Erasmus to the age of Franklin. They facilitated the dissemination -and the criticism- of ideas, the spread of political news, as well as the circulation of people and objects.

    But what did these networks actually look like? Were they as extensive as we are led to believe? How did they evolve over time? Mapping the Republic of Letters, in collaboration with international partners, seeks to answer these and other questions through the development of sophisticated, interactive visualization tools. It also aims to create a repository for metadata on early-modern scholarship, and guidelines for future data capture.

    (Stanford University in collaboration with others)




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